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>:::Mobocanian Beasts:::< (CONTEST)

Hidden deep in the jungle reserves of Supreta live the only beasts still living on the planet Mobocan. However what do these beasts look like? That’s up to you.

All tu have to do is make a small, medium, o large non-anthroporphic creature, and post it. I’ve got one diseño already in mind so I need five more. If I like the idea I’ll use it but if I don’t I won’t. Know that tu can always use it yourself if I don’t.

tu can draw a picture, describe it, o do both. Abilities can be included if tu want o even a name, but if I feel I need to I WILL be making changes to the design. However with each creature I accept, unless tu want it to have a specific name I will name the species after your username.

This contest is going to last a week only so tu have till the 17th of October

Good Luck, God Bless

Eat Pie and Prosper
I'll see what I can do...
NintendoFan364 posted hace más de un año
Count me in as well
solarsonic11 posted hace más de un año
Though if you're using a beast from your own stories that would depend on if tu want me to use it completely o make a modified version for my own stories so that it doesn't conflict with yours
TakTheFox posted hace más de un año
 TakTheFox posted hace más de un año
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