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♒☠The Witch☠♒

Your character was hanging out with some friends at their house when the news broke through your favorito! episode of your favorito! TV show. Your friends looked at your character with a confused look as if tu were the one that changed the channel but tu had informed them that the remote was sitting on the mesa, tabla on the other side of the sofá and way out of your reach. tu all looked towards your TV as your heard the male news reporter speak.

Male: Sorry for the current interuption, but there has been serious damage in the south side of the town. The damage so far has not been determined on what caused it but police and investigators are on the scene to find some evidence on who caused this. We suggest everyone to stay indoors because this person is very dangerous and is willing to cause destruction in whatever it comes in contact with.

Your friends start to freak out and look at tu and ask tu what they should do to stay safe. Just as your character opens his/her mouth to speak a sudden explosion comes from right outside. One of your más terrified friends start to flip out even más and the others just sit there with terrified looks as your character peeks out the window and sees a figure standing outside your house wearing a long black, long sleeve hooded cloak. The capucha, campana was covering their face but suddenly their hands reached towards their capucha, campana and they pulled the capucha, campana off. Wearing the capa was a white cat with glowing purplish redish eyes with a scar on her left eye and her right cheek. She wore a creepy grin as she looked towards your characters house. Her eyes turned pure white and black orbs of mist surrounded her hands as she raised them and aimed towards your house.

Your characters eyes widen as he/she glances towards your friends and shouts" "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!"

Your character and his/her friends dash out the back door of the house just as the white female cat shoots a black beam towards it, causing the house to demolish into dust with a
The rest of the descripción got cut off. tu can paste it here though.
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