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Art Contest!

Alright, so this time, there's a bunch of choices on what tu can draw, if tu choose to participate. Okay, so the choices are:
1) Daichi the Octopus in a división, split Personality Drawing (One half of the drawing has him as a drunk guy and the other half with him as a scientist.)
Skin: Red
Eyes: (When Drunk they're yellow, when sober they're blue)
Outfit (When Sober, it's a white labcoat, and gray glasses. When drunk, it's a green T-Shirt and blue ripped jeans.)
Other details: Basically, he stands like Squidward does. His legs are fused (two tentacles per leg) but his arms are single. Also, if tu want, tu can draw sober Daichi with a pipe.

2) Athena, Zeus, and Orion (Either Mobian Form, Demigod Form, o both.)
Fur: Pink
Eyes: Blue
Outfit: (In Demigoddess, it's white armor all over her body, and in Mobian form, it's a blue Tank parte superior, arriba and a purple skirt.)
Fur: Yellow
Eyes: Blue
Outfit: (In Demigod form, it's white armor all over, and in Mobian form, it's a grey hoodie and blue jeans)
Fur: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Outfit: (In Demigod, it's the white armor all over, and in Mobian, it's a black T-Shirt and blue jean shorts.)

Hope to see some good art, and let the contest...BEGIN!
 CyberEchidna posted hace más de un año
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NintendoFan364 said:
I'll see what I can do.:3
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posted hace más de un año 
Are tu doing Daichi o the Demigods?
CyberEchidna posted hace más de un año
NintendoFan364 posted hace más de un año
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