Slytherin What makes tu a slytherin?

11relaxing posted on May 11, 2008 at 05:49PM
Why should you be in slytherin?

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hace más de un año SG1-090 said…

Because this test says so! The traits that describe them totally suit me =]
hace más de un año slytherinfan15 said…
you can love me or hate me and i am a parsoltounge
hace más de un año ziom said…
wow!thats gonna be a long answer!!!!!!!!!!
1=i am a pureblood
2=i know parseltongue
3=i love draco
4=id love to be a deatheater
5=im cunning
6=im ambitious
7=i get what i want!!
hace más de un año LilysLittleTwin said…
1. I know some Parsletongue.
2. I'm cunning.
3. I'm sly.
4. I'm hot-headed.
5. I hate Dumbledore. (lol, but it's true)
Hmm...I can't think of anything else...
hace más de un año DiNozzosShorty said…
i want to be a slyhreru=in so bad but every quiz or sorting i do im always gryffindor but im hotheaded i ALWAYS gert wat i want and im mean wen i want to bei no parsletongue im sly iv always wanted to be a death eater and a whole bounch of other thangs
hace más de un año SnapeOWNSedward said…
I'm a Hufflepuff. I just joined this club 'cause I love Harry Potter series.
hace más de un año LifesGoodx3 said…
I'm not a Slytherin. I'M A HUFFLEPUFF. Kinda like SnapeOWNSedward right there.
hace más de un año harrypotterbest said…
Same as LG and SOE
But I'm in Gryffindor house! :D
hace más de un año Belatrix said…
I'm Gryffindor house, but I don't think I am so noble. And... I love dark creatures and dark arts! And I'm pretty cold-blodded...and so many things!
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hace más de un año Roxas1314 said…
My reasons?
I am not a Death Eater just so you know. I dislike Voldemort to the point of blind madness...
1. I am temperamental. If you know me, you should understand...
2. I am extremely cunning.
3. Parsletongue is an option. I killed Nagini with it.
4. I love the Malfoys, but not so much Draco. LUCIUS!
5. Slytherin Commonroom is the best.
6. Potions? Hell yeah, aced it.
7. We have the best Qudditch team in the world.
8. Pureblood.
9. Fuck gryffindor.
10. Harry Potthead=an asshole.
11. Green, Silver, Black. Best colors known to mankind.
12. Fuck Gryffindor. Oh I said that already? Too bad.
13. No one fuck with these persons: Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy. You'll regret it.
 My reasons? I am not a Death Eater just so tu know. I dislike Voldemort to the point of blind madne
hace más de un año FairuzBones said…
1. I love Draco Malfoy
2. I'm cunning (extremely cunning)
3. I'm temperamental
4. I'm sly
5. I always get what I want
6. I'm Pureblood (haha)
7. I'm ambitious
hace más de un año wizardgleek said…
1.I dont trust people
2.I'm temperamental
3.I'm sly
4.I'm sneaky
5.I always get revenge
6.I'm a badass
7.I'm ambitous
8.Green and Silver are awesome
9.Parselmouth, baby
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hace más de un año Darkshine said…
1. I'm (not) very trustworthy ;)
2. I'm ambitious
3. I'm badass
4. I love snakes
5. Gryffindor sucks
6. But Ravenclaw is cool
7. I'm (not) very likable
8. I WANT to be a Slytherin!
hace más de un año Tuktu said…
1. I'm cunning
2. I'm sneaky
3. I'm ambitious
4. Pretty much all the tests I take say I'm a Slytherin
5. I don't trust people that easily
6. Potions and defence against the dark arts would be my favourite classes
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hace más de un año SevSnapeForev said…
I'm seriously cunning and clever, I can slyther out of even the most difficult situations, Dumbledore annoys me, I'm facinated about how the dark Arts tick, and I'm Snape's favorite student :)
hace más de un año Pikagirl541 said…
This quiz (link) and many more have put me in Slytherin.
I also consider myself ambitious and cunning.

And while this may be irrelevant, I would like to mention that (even though she’s lost at the moment) I have a pet basilisk.
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hace más de un año kittyraven said…
big smile
because this is the house my heart is dead set on being in. Im a Slytherin.
hace más de un año Poseidon_3_PJ said…
1.I'm cunning.VERY
2.I'm likeable i admit it but i backstab and take revenge on the bitches that cross or betray me.
3.I can get people wrapped around my finger
4.I'm sarcastic.VERY
5.I'm sneaky
6.every quiz i take says so!
hace más de un año LadyEmzy16 said… blood is PURE
B.Parseltongue is my second language
C.I'm a VERY determine person.
D.I'm in love with Draco..( he's in love with me too...<3)
E.If I was a Harry Potter character my surname would be: Serpentsoul
F.Serving The Dark Lord is my honor!
G.I trust whom I trust ( I really don't trust anyone)
H.I master The dark Arts and Potions.
I. I always seek revenge
J.I may seem trustworthy but I backstab you in the end.
K.I despise of Mudbloods and Muggles
L.Dumbledore= Muggle loving fool!!
M.My Happiest Memory= Harry Potter DEAD ( Damn I wish it happened!!) Patronus charm=A Snake.
O.Black,Silver,Green are the only colors I love!
P.I LOVE causing trouble for Gryfinndors.
Q.I'm also EXTREMELY cunning.
(I would have went on till Z but I ran out of reasons lolzz)
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hace más de un año gilili said…
big smile
I'm cunning, shrewd, sly, determinate, recourceful, clever, I have respect for tradition, I tend to hesitate before making a move to think through all the options. But I'm also very nice, friendly and trustworthy. Plus, me loves them snakes!
hace más de un año 19ksmith4 said…
1 i love draco
2 i want to be evil
3 and im hot
hace más de un año bunnyhavoc said…
i want to be great
hace más de un año Slytherpuff48 said…
I totally have all the personality traits.
I love Silver and Green.
Slytherin is the best house.
Snakes are super interesting
hace más de un año Shiro_Hittori said…
1. Pride, honor, and status are everything to me
2. I ALWAYS get what i want
3. Cunning, Sly, Tricky, and Resourceful will describe my personality quite well
4. Potions is my favorite class
5. I hate Gryffindork! They always full of themselves. Calling us evil and all that. Just because your in Slytherin doesn't mean your evil. They always think they're right. They always said that they are the 'GOOD GUYS', and we are the 'BAD GUYS'. There is no good or evil only power (like money
6. Revenge is sweet
7. I respect the tradition
8. I don't go charging around like a mindless Gryffindork, plans and strategy is needed (besides who can ever wins while playing 'fair'?)
9. I want to be great
10. I don't trust people that easily
11. I don't hate Harry Potter, but i hate blood traitor Ronald Weasel! wait, scratch that. I DESPISE him! That freckled carrot needs some Cruciatus!
12. Manipulating people to do what i want is very easy for me