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mechdemigod posted on May 30, 2013 at 01:13AM
Hi guys its me mech and I just started this rp

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hace más de un año mechdemigod said…
Ok here's how to make your character 4 the's mine
name :Eric shiek
age 13
Appearance. 5.6feet Blond hair green eyes slight tan impish grin black jeans orange tshirt and fingerless lime green gloves
slugs(Max 3 at start) hypno the hypnogriff nuker the grenuker and artix the speedsting(has small gold axe that it will throw at velocity
Mecha/blaster wrist rocket blasters like Dana por with small green dragon mecha
Bio born in quiet lawn cavern where he was given hypno and nuker.later in his first tournament he gained artix.after the tournament blakk threatened to goul his slugs but they got away safely.he has vowed to take down blakk and his cronnies
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hace más de un año Monmonny said…


Apperance:FullFace Mask,Black shirt,Orange Jacket,Glasses

Slugs:Volty the Voltner,Flame the Inferno,and Pendant the Hypnogriff

Mecha Blaster:Fusion Blaster

Bio:Born on the surface like Eli,he traveled to Slugterra when he heard about Erik to help him beat Black!