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DrDevience posted on Mar 20, 2008 at 10:15AM
I have been trying for almost a week to get Skype to download so I can use it. I already laid out about €40 for a cool headset dealie...

But every single time I try to download it, I get a message that the website is not loading.

I am on a Mac, so that is the version I am trying to get. I have tried with both Safari and with Firefox for Mac. Same problem every time.

AND... I do not see anywhere I can send an email or anything to Skype asking for help.

Does anyone have a customer service address for them? Or anyone on a Mac that had similar problems and can tell me how to get around this?

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hace más de un año LisaS said…
Support request:
Mac OS info:

Sorry if you've already seen these and they were of no help to you.

Not sure if you get the same problem I just did when I clicked the Support Request link, but if it shows a blank page, copy and paste it instead.
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hace más de un año DrDevience said…
Thank you! I have emailed tham for help... got the standard form: it can sometimes take us up to 48 hours to respond

Hopefully someone sane responds and can clear this up for me. I'm incredibly frustrated at the moment;)