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shugo chara doki was the 2 season for it. many people in japón werent a fan of it either. it lost so many veiwers that it was cancelled.

1)the real life action moments.
i dont like this part because it took up about half of the episode. also the cosplayers werent the same age as they are in the mostrar and didnt even have the same hair colour!!!!

2) the girl with the x eggs.
i hate this because the little girl is so annoying. also she has like 100 x eggs and dosent tell them when she know its wrong. and she isnt even in the manga.

3) ikuto.
ikuto was barely in the season that was a bad idea from the start because the fangirls. he has too many fans to just go on a trip and barely show.

4) the chara shorts.
they also took too much time.
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I inhaled a deep breath and walked through the doors of my new school. New faces, new names, new surroundings. This is gonna be one long year. I glanced at my schedule, Room 12 first period.i walked slowly down a hall carrying my heavy binder. 10,11,12. I peered in a room filled with people standing up talking,hugging there was even a couple in the back making out.I walked in and sat down at an empty seat. "Okay class,please take your seats."I took out my pencil pouch and grabbed a pen, sneaking a peek at the egg that i found on my escritorio two nights ago. It is oro with a strange lacy design...
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