Shiver:The lobos of Mercy Falls Thoughts on linger?!

Austen_Obsesser posted on Aug 11, 2010 at 04:58PM
what did you think of the squeal?
good? bad? better than the first?

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hace más de un año POPclogger216 said…
My origional thought: "I should have left it at Shiver, then it would have made more sense, they would both be together, I wouldn't have my heart in a thousand and one pieces scattered inbetween the pages..."
Now: "Praise the Lord I read that, because without it, I would have never understood Forever! <3<3<3"
hace más de un año Sholoh said…
Shiver was a really good love story, not too complex. Linger was a little more complex, since Cole came in. There are lots of problems. But I guess that adds to the story. I am re-reading Shiver and Linger before I start Forever.
My overall thought was that it was a really good sequel to Shiver, and I can't wait until the movie
hace más de un año semicat said…
Shiver better than Linger, imho.
Shiver is fairy tale, shiver is the best love story