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joose32 posted on Oct 19, 2015 at 03:12AM
Here's a list of the cast and crew's twitter accounts for those of you who have a twitter and would like to follow them

Feel free to tell me if I've missed some so I can add it to the list

And also feel free to add your own twitter accounts if you want :D

Cassandra Clare ~ link

Shadowhunters TV ~ link
Shadowhunter Writers ~ link
Ed Dector ~ link
McG ~ link

Katherine McNamara {Clary Fray} ~ link
Dominic Sherwood {Jace Wayland} ~ link
Matthew Daddario {Alec Lightwood} ~ link
Emeraude Toubia {Isabelle Lightwood} ~ link
Alberto Rosende {Simon Lewis} ~ link
Harry Shum Jr {Magnus Bane} ~ link
Isaiah Mustafa {Luke Garroway} ~ link
Maxim Roy {Jocelyn Fray} ~ link
Alan Van Sprang {Valentine Morgenstern} ~ link
David Castro {Raphael Santiago} ~ link
Jon Cor {Hodge Starweather} ~ link
Jade Hassoune {Meliorn} ~ link
Kaitlyn Leeb {Camille Belcourt} ~ link
Stephanie Bennett [Lydia Branwell]: link
Sofia Wells [Young Clary]: ~ link
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hace más de un año sherlocked88 said…
Stephanie Bennett [Lydia Branwell]: @StephBennett89
Sofia Wells [Young Clary]: @SofiaEWells
hace más de un año sherlocked88 said…
Curtis Morgan [Pangborn]: @SexyblckSugaBts
Jordan Hudyma [Blackwell]: @TheJordanHudyma
hace más de un año sherlocked88 said…
Joel Labelle [Alaric]: @labelle1257
Adam Kenneth Wilson [Ragnor]: @AdamKWilson
hace más de un año sherlocked88 said…
Vanessa Matsui [Dot]: @VanessaMatsui
hace más de un año sherlocked88 said…
Lisa Marcos [Captain Vargas]: @lisamarcos