shadow el erizo If U Hate Barney The Dinosaur, Then Read This.

ShadowFangrl posted on Aug 07, 2010 at 07:01PM
the dinosaur extinction was not an accident.... barney came and they all commited suicide. but then shadow came and killed barney :D
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hace más de un año ShadowFangrl said…
hace más de un año silvergurl3 said…
Yay no more purple dinosaur!!!
*the song walking on sunshine randomly plays*
hace más de un año Ambershine said…
hace más de un año segarainbow said…
no moa ugleh dinosaur dat sings!!! t-rex! go kill dat beest!!!
hace más de un año MephilesTheDark said…
*strums a guitar and sings*

Happened one day in the studio,
Dancing around in a do-si-do ,
The purple monstrosity was waving his arms,
We were falling victim to his evil charms,
He brushed against a candle and he started to smoke,
And now we're all laughing at the dinosaur joke...

Oh boy, Barney's on fire!
It's what we've always desired!
We'll watch the flames get higher!
Just don't try to put him out!

*kids sayin "kill him" in the background*
Purple fur was flying ashes everywhere,
And all of the kids just continued to stare,
The guy inside the suit, he started to yell,
We probably should've helped him but what the hell,
He threw himself violently against the wall,
He fell to his knees and he tried to crawl away...

Oh Boy, Barney's on fire!
This is our secret desire!
We'll help the flames burn higher!
Just don't try to put him out!

("break it down for me fellas!")

Barney: I love love me

Barney: *screaming*

Oh boy, Barney's on fire!
This is what we've always desired!
Want your help but stand the flames higher!
And you better not try to put him out!

Barney's no longer ignited,
We're feeling somewhat slighted,
He's laying in a heap on the floor,
We poked him with a stick cause we had to be sure
He was dead!

hace más de un año ShadowFangrl said…
omg :D
hace más de un año MephilesTheDark said…
Best song ever, huh? xDDDDD
hace más de un año malleo36 said…
woot! he's dead!
hace más de un año keirathewolf said…
I hate you,you hate me let's all play with barney with a bassball bat and 4by4 no more purple dinosaur
hace más de un año Lunakitty said…
die barney!!!
hace más de un año catgirl140 said…
big smile
Woot! Go Shadow!
hace más de un año ShadowFangrl said…
:D yay!
hace más de un año catgirl140 said…
OMFG! A Purple Dinosaur lover!
hace más de un año ShadowFangrl said…
O_O ............ O.......M........M.........F.......G
hace más de un año segafan said…
@Owslaleader1: You know what? The forum read "If you hate Barney come here". And you "LOVE" Barney. What's up with that? :S

And, I will not fuck a chicken. And we aren't bitches. So how about you just go play with your Barney toys and leave us alone?

... God. >_> I always have to point the truth out. XD



Wow. Owlsleader deleted her comment. XD
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hace más de un año nickman12 said…
Barney is a dead mother fucker! let us take a moment ....... beat his ass! get a flamethrower!
hace más de un año nickman12 said…
T-rex was afraid of the singing monstrosity
Hey, can u blame him ?
hace más de un año IntrepidKeris said…
Shoot Barney, Shadow, shoot him! We can have him for a late Thanksgiving dinner! Wait...I hate dinosaur. Kill him anyway! *evil grin*
hace más de un año ShadowFangrl said…