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Erin's P.O.V

Hi!!! Im Erin Devlin! Im 17 1/2 and i go to Domino City. "Erin! What cake are we making?" té asked me

"Uh..chocolate!" I suggested

"I want Vanila!" Tristan said

"Its not for you!" té said

"Yeah..tristan! Its not for you..its for me!" Joey Smirked

"Its not for tu either..joe!" Yugi said

"Yeah..its for the school!" Bakura shouted

"Guys......Chocolate it is!" I dicho and me and Joey went to the sotre and got the stuff.School's having a dance party so me and Kaiba are in charge. While we were there,Joey just asked me out to the dance.

"Ill think about it." I blushed

He then just kissed me!...
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Dear Diary,February 12,2216

I really don't have anything to write about but;

Top 10 reasons why I amor Japan:

10. I amor the name and how tu spell it in Japanese.

9.I'm really into that whole exotic-islander-Asian thing.

8. The land is beautiful. I really want to see the view from one of the mountains!

7.A lot of famous people are from there.

6. I amor how the cereza, cerezo árbol leaves fall in the Spring! It's like gently falling rosado, rosa snow. I bet it smells really good!

5. Food! Sushi is my favorite! I'm so all about exotic foods!

4.The people there have the coolest hair in the known universe! (Example: Yugi...
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This is a story I'm doing on Here is only the first part. If tu are interested in more, I recommend going here: link

Chapter 1: Introductions

Joan stepped off Caltrain with her phone in hand, waiting for the siguiente communication from her boyfriend. It was their fifth fecha and he had invited her to meet him at work, telling her to wear something cute. Not one for frills and ruffles, Joan opted for a knee-length navy blue dress with a white floral pattern. The neckline plunged low enough to attract attention without being dangerous.

Joan didn't have to wait long for Marc. The tall,...
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 Miria in her usual clothes and symbol
Miria in her usual clothes and symbol
I woke up, great, Miria was gone, probily making breakfast for us. Mokuba, and I that is. She'd rarely be making it for herself since she hardly needed to eat. She managed a few mouthfulls each meal as it was. Lately though her apitite had increased, she was eating as much as Mokuba.
Yet something was erking me, like there was someone o something I had to remember, yet I couldn't.

As I walked along the corridor I saw Miria, as busy as ever, making breakfast since it was the servants morning off. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, once I actually looked at her (properly), oh, right, the doctors...
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 Kaiba: Behind Blue Eyes
Kaiba: Behind Blue Eyes
I just remembered something told to me in my dreams by, of all people, Seto Kaiba. In the beginning of the Season 2 episode The Master of Magicians Part 1, he tells a duelist who’s picking on another duelist that when he speaks to Kaiba’s little bro Mokuba in a mean way, “you dishonor me and the Battle City tournament. And besides, I have very little patience for bullies”.

I have agreed with him on that ever since. That got me to wondering about how Kaiba would usually deal with mean girls, aka queen Bees...?

What do tu think?

Also, I’ve read this sonnet that reminds me of Kaiba on...
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A tall man about 6' 8'', with a long white gravity defying trench capa that has a red velvet part inside. I noticed he had big-ish ears, soft brown hair, and the coldest blue eyes I've ever seen!He is soooo cute!!!

"Hey isn't that Seto Kaiba?" I said, even though I knew who he was, I have the biggest crush on him! "Yep," my dad dicho " But, I don't want tu around him. As tu probably know, he's the CEO of Kaiba corp., Salinc Inc.'s competition." he explained.

I understood his reasoning, but what happened siguiente wasn't my fault... Seto walked right up to me, my dad staring at him, and said, " What's...
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