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Best song ever! It's from the newer 40th season but I think it is the best song ever made for this time!
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Grover was so happy.
He was going to spend two weeks with his cousins Rosie and Frank.
He kissed his mother good-bye.
Then he got into Uncle Jed’s car.

Uncle Jed drove out of the city and into the country.
Soon Uncle Jed said, “Here we are!”
Everyone was happy to see Grover.

Aunt Edna made a picnic lunch to welcome Grover.
After lunch Rosie said, “Let’s go bike riding, Grover!”
She ran to get her bike.
“But, Rosie,” dicho Grover, “I do not have a bike.”

“We have an extra bike,” dicho Rosie happily.
“Frank got a big new bike for his birthday. tu can ride his little old one.”
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Wangity wang, wangity wang, I'm a little airplane, neow!
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cookie monster
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Big Bird was looking for someone to play with.
“Here comes Bert,” dicho Big Bird. “I bet he will play catch with me.”

“Hi, Bert!” dicho Big Bird. “Let’s play catch.”

Bert kept on walking.
“Not today,” dicho Bert. “Ernie is waiting for me.”
Big Bird looked surprised.
“Oh,” he said.

Just then Grover ran out of his house.
He had a shiny new truck.
“Hi, Grover!” dicho Big Bird. “That’s a nice truck. Let’s play with it.”
Grover kept on running.
“I am sorry, Big Bird, but I am giving it to Ernie,” dicho Grover.
Big Bird looked sad.
“Oh,” he said.

Then Big Bird saw Cookie...
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