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posted by dolphin4710
Selena's favorito! things

1. favorito! song rockstar
2. favorito! color green
3. favorito! store hollister
4. favorito! scent baby powder
5. favorito! cereal cacao pebbles
6. favorito! dulces snickers
7. favorito! comida pickels
8. favorito! movie wizard of oz
9. favorito! mostrar reportedly
10. favorito! holiday halloween
11. favorito! mes july
12. favorito! cartoon kim possible
13. favorito! sport basketball
14. favorito! animal tiger
How tu choose to express yourself
It's all your own and I can tell
It comes naturally, it comes naturally

You follow what tu feel inside
It's intuitive, tu don't have to try
It comes naturally, mmmm it comes naturally

And it takes my breath away
What tu do, so naturally

You are the thunder and I am the lightning
And I amor the way tu know who tu are
And to me it's exciting
When tu know it's meant to be
Everything comes naturally, it comes naturally
When you're with me, baby

Everything comes naturally, it comes naturally
Bay bahía baby

You have a way of moving me
A force of nature, your energy
It comes naturally...
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1 Selena Gomez silver dress in celebrates opening night of her Revival Tour. Plunging and side slit sexy silver celebrity prom dress.
2 Selena Gomez in a casual red satin dress when out in NYC celebrating National Donut Day. Selena Gomez red silky satin long dress featuring column silhouette, espaguetis, espagueti straps and v-neckline.
3 Selena Gomez in a sexy black long prom dress when performing SNL Night Live. Sleeveless plunging neckline with cutouts design, Selena Gomez black dress flashed most of her midriff and her entire left leg with its thigh-high slit.
4 Selena Gomez in a elegant burgundy evening...
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Selena Gomez Pregnant With The Weeknd’s Baby & Racing to Marry? — Report

Selena Gomez Pregnant With The Weeknd’s Baby & Racing to Marry? — Report

In an reciente interview Selena Gomez Spilled that She is of course pregnent with The Weeknd's baby. But everybody thinks that Selena Gomez dicho No it is not True but she dicho that she didn't want their exes to know so she tried to hide it and dicho it was all True. When she came in for an interview talking about her upcoming música and her *New* hit song It Ain't Me. Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are moving fast, and a shocking Jan. 31 report...
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Turn my back to the door
Feel so much better now
Don't even try anymore
Nothing left to lose
There's a voice that's in the air
Saying don't look back nowhere
There's a voice that's always there

And I'll never be
Quite the same as I was before
This part of tu still remains
Though it's out of focus
You're just somewhere that I've been
And I won't go back again
You're just somewhere that I've been

I'm breathing in, breathing out
Ain't that what it's all about
Living life crazy loud
Like I have the right to
No más words in my mouth
Nothing left to figure out, but
I don't think I'll ever break through
The ghost of...
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posted by allen101
Oh, oh, oh, it's magic, tu know
Never believe it's not so
It's magic, tu know
Never believe it's not so

I never been awake, I never seen a día break
Leaning on my almohada in the morning
A lazy día in bed, música in my head
Crazy música playing in the morning light

Oh, oh, oh, it's magic, tu know
Never believe it's not so
It's magic, tu know
Never believe it's not so

Another sunny day, and dreamin' far away
Dreaming on my almohada in the morning
Never been awake, I never seen a día break
Leaning on my almohada in the morning light

Oh, oh, oh, it's magic, tu know
Never believe it's not so
It's magic, tu know
Never believe it's not so

Oh, oh, oh, it's magic, tu know
Never believe it's not so
It's magic, tu know
Never believe it's not so
Never believe
Artists need a multi-tiered Spotify promotion campaign that includes but is not limited to guaranteed Spotify playlist placements - not a single tactic (“Playlist Pitching”). They also need to make sure the firm is legitimate (not buying streams and placements that go against the T&C’s); and preferably a Firm that has been in the música marketing business for más than just a few years. Finding a campaign that works both B2B and B2C; and has “legs”, are key factors to success in this challenging marketplace.

One company that stands out -- link -- offers extensive 12 week B2B &...
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posted by lizzybennett
Devoted fans of Selena Gomez may relax, her squeaky clean image remains intact despite all the buzz surrounding her turn in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, in theaters today. Faith (Selena Gomez) joins three of her college friends on a trip to Florida during spring break. This is after her three friends decided to rob a local cena, comedor in order to fund their vacation. Yes, because that’s how most college students decide to make money. (But that would be assuming this movie is trying to be realistic and let’s hope it isn’t). Faith has longed for such an escape and while we hear her voice...
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 Who Says Photoshoot
Who Says Photoshoot
This is the first single from the dance-pop act Selena Gomez & The Scene's third album. The song was debuted on the March 10, 2011 On Air with Ryan Seacrest mostrar on 102.7 KIIS FM. The digital single was made available four days later on March 14th.

The up-tempo paean of self-empowerment was co-written por Priscilla Renea (Cheryl Cole, Rihanna) and produced por Eman (Whitney Houston, Celine Dion).

Chris Applebaum, who has directed videos for Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Mariah Carey, helmed this song's música video.

Selena explained the song's meaning during its vista previa on Ryan Seacrest's show....
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posted by keninv
Uh oh (x9)
You walk and talk like tu some
New sensation
You mover in circles tu don’t need
An invitation
You spend tu money tu cant
Get no satisfaction
You play if right so tu can get the
Right reaction

It wont be long my darling
Pick up the phone nobodies on it!
Where are your friends now baby?
Hol are the ones supposed to be
There for…

When your falling down the world slarls
Spinning now
When your falling down no its not all
When your falling down you
Know i´ll be around
When your falling down
(When your falling down)

Looks out of place when tu look
Into the mirror
The truth...
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In case tu didn’t read last week’s edition of Celeb Friendz 4 Eva, then tu should know that Selena Gomez and Taylor rápido, swift are total besties. As in they paint each other’s toenails while chit-chattin’ about all the latest gossip. Also, sometimes, after T.Swift’s mom makes them turn the lights out, they talk about boy stuff. And girl body party stuff. Turns out they both have this thing once a mes where they bleed from their she-who-must-not-be-named-in-polite-company.

So anyway, Taylor rápido, swift was in France last week for the NRJ awards and someone asked her about what she and Selena...
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 Brian Teefey, was in the BOP and Tiger Beat office today with Christina Grimmie, who stopped por for a special interview and performance (but más on THAT later this week…).
Brian Teefey, was in the BOP and Tiger Beat office today with Christina Grimmie, who stopped by for a special interview and performance (but more on THAT later this week…).
Selena Gomez‘s stepdad, Brian Teefey, was in the BOP and Tiger Beat office today with Christina Grimmie, who stopped por for a special interview and performance (but más on THAT later this week…). Since Sel’s new video for “Hit the Lights” premiered today, we naturally had to tell

Brian how much everyone at BOP and Tiger Beat loves the video – and he spilled to us that he totally loves it too! He even shared his favorito! scene: The one where Selena is dancing with all of the rosado, rosa balloons!
 This Is His Fav Scene!
This Is His Fav Scene!
Selena Gomez and Rebecca Black: 5 reasons for which are the same!
Selena Gomez is the same as Rebecca Black ... Why? Read 5 reasons why the two stars are identical!

June 18, 2011
What they have in common Selena Gomez and Rebecca Black? Much más than tu think ... here's 5 reasons why we can say that Selena and Rebecca are the same ...! Browse the gallery and read all the things that these two stars have in common!

Do tu agree with this comparison? Selena Gomez found that Black and Rebecca have much in common?
Preacher man walked into the club and he said
He said, hola girl can't tu walk and not stray?
Father I'm torn and I'm selling my soul to the
Rhythm, the beat and the bass
Cause I can't confess my rock and roll ways
Cause I'm so possessed with the music
The música he plays

I can't stop my feet from dancing
To the sound of his drum
Oh no, I fell in amor with my rock god
I can't keep my hips from swaying
To his sweet melody, tu see
I fell in amor with my rock, rock god

Preacher man took my hand and looked in my eyes
He said, hola girl can't tu live your life right
Father things aren't always so black and white...
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Selena Gomez "Heart Wants What It Wants" lyrics

Intro :
"When I was on stage and I was thinking of.. I felt like I know him though.. And I know his heart..
I know he that wouldn't do to hurt me
But I didn't realize that I'm feeling so confident and feeling so great around myself and then it just be completely shatter por one thing, por something so stupid.
But then he made me feel crazy and made me feel like it was my fault.
I was in pain"

You got me sippin' on something
I can't compare to nothing
I've ever known, I'm hoping
That after this fever I'll survive
I know I'm actuación a bit crazy
Strung out, a...
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posted by selgomez4evr
kiss the moon goodbye
But don't close your eyes, your eyes
It's the end of the night but the beginning of time for tu and I
I, I can't believe that my bodies' still moving
I, it makes me feel like we're doing something right

Baby when the night starts slipping
When the night starts slipping
When the night starts slipping away
Boy tu keep my heartbeat skipping when tu touch me
Even though the time is ticking away

Just tell me it's not over, and we'll never reach the end
But when the night starts slipping away
Save the día

De-De-De-De-De-De day
De-De-De-De-De-De día
De-De-De-De-De-De día oh, save the...
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posted by SelGomez01fan
 Fake Selena
Fake Selena
hola guys!
There are alot of posers out there But!!! I am going to help tu about whos real? Whos not? Ok lets start off with Selena_Gomezz
100% FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the imágenes of Selena_Gomezz "She" is trying to get your phone number!! Remember NOT TO add her o anything!!!!!!!! Ok???????????? Selena_Gomezz is not Selena, Not the 14 año old girl tu think but is someone else!!!!!!! Never give any personal information to anyone!!!!!! Even if tu think it is the real celebrity!!!!!!! Thanks for listening...

posted by CutieAngie
I wouldn't wanna be anybody else.
tu made me insecure
Told me I wasn't good enough
But who are tu to judge
When you're a diamond in the rough
I'm sure tu got some things
You'd like to change about yourself
But when it comes to me
I wouldn't want to be anybody else
Na na na
Na na na
Na na na
Na na na
I'm no beauty queen
I'm just beautiful me
Na na na
Na na na
You've got every right
To a beautiful life
Who says
Who says you're not perfect
Who says you're not worth it
Who says you're the only one that's hurting
Trust me
That's the price of beauty
Who says you're not pretty
Who says you're not beautiful
Who says
It's such a funny thing
How nothing's funny when it's you
tu tell 'em what tu mean
But they keep whiting out the truth
It's like a work of art
That never…
In Bang Bang Bang Selena Gomez is a hidden message for Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber: why? Read!

June 8, 2011
Who has had the opportunity to read the text of the new single from Selena Gomez came to the conclusion that the lines between the estrella wanted to convey a message of "revenge" to her ex Nick Jonas: "His amor is deeper than yours. My new guy has más style than you. I do not keep hidden. He shows me everywhere I go ... "reads a fragment of" Bang Bang Bang. "

Thus it seems that Selena is very happy with his amor story with Justin Bieber and instead blame Nick Jonas did not have the courage...
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Selena Gomez is absolutely stunning at age 18, and while tu may think that she is particular about her makeup, the truth is that she doesn't mind going natural! That's not really a typical 18-year-old outlook now is it?

"Obviously I wouldn't go to an event without any make-up on. But I don't actually mind photographers taking pictures of me when I haven't got any on, either," the disney estrella said. Obviously she is very young, and she doesn't have to worry about the wrinkles and baggy eyes that older folks experience!

Gomez is naturally pretty anyway, so it's really not surprising that she doesn't...
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