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posted by segafan
She started to slip her fingers in his shirt, unbuttoning it one por one. Shadow pushed her onto the cama and her violeta hair bounced out of her ponytail, making it wild looking and erotic. Shadow slipped on parte superior, arriba of her and she pulled the rest of his camisa, camiseta off. Both their hearts were pounding and Mina knew that only in a matter of seconds, they would both lose thier purity. Thier innocence. But she wanted to see. The curiosity and shamefulness made her yearn for his bodys touch even more. Shadow as well wanted to explore her. He never even thought he would be so close to a female body but she...
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I amor this song. It's slow, and mysterious <3
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posted by marksmen456
Name: Kurai Kotodama (Child Form)
DoB: Unknown.
Age: Varies.
Height: Varies.
Weight: 46 lbs.
Mother: Deceased,Now adopted por Medusa.
Father: Deceased.

Ever since a child was born,That child had a shadow,This shadow was from a child named Luke,And he was Luke's Shadow,He was the son of the King and queen of Shadows,His name,Was Kurai Kotodama.

Later,Luke's life ended at the age of 6,Kurai,since his host was dead,Left him,And was stuck as a 6 año old shadows,Any shadow that had their host killed was to return to a place called "Shadow City",That's where Kurai was heading. The thing is,He...
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posted by Aimee147
Mina shivered softly as she walked down the street,prompting her boyfriend Shadow to envolver, abrigo his arm around her shoulders.

"Cold isn't it? Well,not as cold as it was on the Ark..."

Shadow's mouth turned up into an amused grin as Mina laughed lightly beside him.

"Oh haha,very funny Mr Comedienne."

She lightly flicked his nose and he snorted por the sudden gesture.Mina giggled with amusement and broke out into a sprint,Shadow following close behind her.

"Not so fast!"

The sound of his footsteps sounded out from behind her and Mina ran even faster,the front door of her house slowly coming into view.Just...
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posted by JayCee-the-Dog
"Someone help!!", JayCee screamed "I can't swim!" She thrashed in the deep water, and sinking fast. She heard the sound of fast thumping. She hoped it was someone coming to help her, and sure enough, it was.

It was Mina in her lobo form!

She must have heard JayCee screaming when HE attacked her. Thank goodness for JayCee that she has a scream that can break ears.

"JayCee, hold on, I'm coming!" Mina yelled, swimming to JayCee. "Hurry Mina! I'm drowning!" JayCee yelled sinking into the water. As Mina grabbed JayCee's arm, the rosado, rosa dog went limp.

When Mina swam to shore, it tooked like JayCee was 'sleeping'. Mina had ran as fast as she could to a hospital, however, it was too late.

JayCee was gone.

A mysterious stranger walked towards the water where JayCee had drowned and dicho "One down, three to go", and vanished.
(lolz! :3 I was gonna draw picture of this fanfic too, but that can wait xD I make this looong time hace T_T'' I am just too bored to send it but now.. well... Read it now segafan! >:3)

'Love is a sweet song
sang por dying swans.
ángeles of Heaven
fighting for dreams
they cannot save.

Far is so near
now when you're here.
Many deaths tonight
cannot save our sweet love.

So cruel
too dark.
Let my soul depart.
Don't let me die
without false hope of our love!

amor is peace between
desires and dreams.
ángeles of Hell
laughing at your feelings.

Far is so near
now when you're here
sharing the time with me.
Touch me with the flame,
make me burn like Hell.

So cruel
so sweet
my revenge shall be revealed.
Let me lay tu down
in your grave of my love.'

(I dunno what I jsut write! D': lmao!)
posted by segafan
Mina was getting closer to him but he felt uncomfortable. He grabbed her shoulder. She gasped a little and felt his fingers clutch her lightly. "I'm sorry. I'm not used to such gestures. Not many people choose to go so close to me..." The way she stood siguiente to him reminded Shadow of how he would stand siguiente to Maria, the same way, on the el espacio colony ARK. He quickly forgot the memory. Realizing he was still holding the girl, Shadow let go of her and stood back. She waved goodbye and continued on jogging, her tail swishing by. But as she took off, she tripped on her shoe-lace and skinned her...
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Death The Pimp. Oh, Kid. I'll be your hoe. <3
soul eater
death the kid
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