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the Virginia convention?

i need help with a few preguntas if anyone's read "speech in Virginia convention"

1. which of the following best describes Henry's tone in this speech?
A. fiery
B. smug
C. doubtful
D. quietly confident Henry, the situation of the colonies calls for the convention to
A. take rápido, swift action
B. engage in lengthy debate
C. consult with other authorities

3. at the beginning of the speech, Henry treats the members of the convention whose position he opposes as
B. traitors
C. patriots
D. inferior

4. which of the following is not something that Henry believes will aid he colonial cause against the British?
A. a sense of unity
B. a sense of justice
C. a desire for piece
D. strength in numbers

5. Henry's use of rhetorical preguntas in this speech is mainly intended to make the decision facing the convention seem
A. trivial
B. complex
C. clear-cut
D. impossible to make

i'd be really thankful to anyone who can help.....
 sasuhia4ever posted hace más de un año
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jlary215 said:
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