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xDHmadx posted on May 07, 2009 at 09:09PM
I thought it'd be good to have a forum for it as we all seem to be taking over the comments section on the picks hahaha :)

LOOOVED suliet in this episode so much! I would have loved another kiss but i really didn't mind because i thought we got better than that!

Oh and i totally agree with Courtney on the whole Juliet actually LOVING a period of her life on the island ... *sigh* I am so jealous of her ...

Anyway ... write away with your thoughts on the episode my dears :D

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hace más de un año courtney7488 said…
I agree, xDHmadx! I'm OK if we never see them kiss again- what really matters is that they are happy together. I'm gonna copy and paste the comment from the pick here so that other people know which one you're referring to:

"I just realized something that I now want to point out. When they were on the dock about to board the sub, Sawyer told Juliet, "I should have listened to you three years ago." Juliet then replies with, "I'm glad you talked me out of it." Coming from Juliet, who spent her first three years on the island trying to leave, that's saying a lot. I just thought that was really powerful- it shows how great their relationship has been up until this point. "

ahhhh, it is so nice to see Juliet in a relationship where the other person actually cares for her and only her. I just hope both her and Sawyer survive until next season, even if they're not together.
hace más de un año xDHmadx said…
Agreed ... we can always have these few episodes i guess but if neither of them are alive i think i'd have to kill myself ........

(yes okay, i dooo get i'm being melodramatic but you get my point!)

It was just SO awkward when Kate got on that sub ... DAMN YOU WOMAN!!!! I am wondering now though, who's idea out of Sawyer/Juliet it will be to go back to stop Jack erasing everything that's happened?

I really want Sawyer to see Phil again ... just to see what he'd do hahaha ...

hace más de un año courtney7488 said…
Don't worry about being melodramatic lol- I know how you feel.

As I said in another comment somewhere on here, Kate getting on the sub was really annoying. Not so much because it was Kate ruining a moment for Juliet and Sawyer (as it was not her fault), but more so because the writers just won't let this quadrangle die! I'd rather never have a scene with Sawyer and Juliet together again then have a ton of scenes with angst due to Kate.

I do hope Sawyer gets to see Phil again. I'd like to see both Sawyer and Juliet beat him and Radzinsky up lol.
hace más de un año sahour95 said…
Agree with you guys!
Although I was really hoping to see a kiss or a hug I enjoyed the scene so much. I want Sawyer to see Phil again too. I can imagine how he would beat him up just like he did with Ben back in season4.
And I'm really worried about the part that Sawyer and Juliet 'Survive". I would kill myself too if one of them died!lol!
And of course I hat Kate!!!!!!!!!!!
hace más de un año courtney7488 said…
Speaking of Ben, I wonder if Juliet will ever see him again. They haven't seen each other at all since Juliet left the Others. How is he gonna react when he finds out that Juliet has been living with Sawyer?
hace más de un año xDHmadx said…
big smile
I have my own theory on how this season will end ... obviously i'm probably very wrong because i don't usually get these things wrong but i'll share it with you all anyway!!


Right ... so somehow they'll get back to the island after kate tells them what jack is planning to do ... sh*t will happen and jack will manage to do daniel's plan ie "the incidenttt"

then BOOM next thing we'll see is jack's eye and they'll be back on the plane and they'll all remember it all and Sawyer will be kicking off because of what Jack did and the fact they're on their way to LA ...

And Juliet will wake up on the island and freak out because she's the only one (bar ben) that is on the island that knows what really went on. So she'll be confronted with Goodwin again - issues there because she's in love with James now ... i think if ben did remember everything then he'd play dumb to make Juliet seem crazy to everyone ...
She'll be fighting with him like mad to get on the sub
That's how i think season 6 will play out anyway !!! Probably not but i can dream lol!! Of course it will end with Juliet getting back to the real world and seeing james and them having a big lovely reunion and then him saying "i have a surprise for you!" and out pops rachel ... but of course i can dream if this doesnt happen lol!

hace más de un año courtney7488 said…
Interesting idea. It sucks that she would be stuck on the island under Ben's rule again, but I like the ending :-) I will be extremely disappointed if Juliet doesn't ever reunite with her sister.

You are most likely correct about Juliet, Sawyer, and Kate ending back up on the island. When Sawyer told Juliet they'd be "free", I immediately thought it sounded way too good to be true, especially with this show.
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hace más de un año sahour95 said…
big smile
I agree with courtny !!
And it's a nice way to dream about Lost!