Ruki About Reita's fashion...

VKei_Addict posted on Dec 23, 2011 at 12:14PM
-- Everyone says he wears his pants low.

Aoi: About the low pants thing, it's like, even if you say he's already a good grown up...

Ruki: He's always been like that but, well it's not that I want him to change it or anything. It's just, it's embarrassing just being with him, and the way he walks is so gangster like!
-- AHAHAHA! The way he walks!

Uruha: and his pants are tacky!

Ruki: On top of that, he wears these satin varsity jackets!
-- As in he just drapes it over his shoulders? But not actually wearing it?

Ruki: Yeah and then he walks like a gangster!

Uruha: and he has horrible fashion sense

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