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totolove posted on Dec 19, 2012 at 02:24PM
Ok so here is wat u do ( here is mine )
Name : ( it can be made up ) Cupid
Gender : female
Home : Eiffel Tower
Do people believe in him/her ?: kinda
Original name : Juliet
Skill : archery, singin and cooking ( she makes great valentine chocolates )
Wat is their center : happiness
Age : two years younger than jack sooooo . . . Looks 15 but is about 280 years old

Story about their life as a guardian :
Cupid woke up in a rose field with her bow, arrows and love potion ( she puts the potion on the arrows ) . A few years later she was still doing her job which everyone knows well when one night around valentines day she saw the guardians jack and sandy doing a look about in france and they were carrying her love potion . She looked around in her jacket pockets wondering how they got it . She found a piece of paper and a pen then wrote a note saying to please put the love potion on a table outside the louvé . Cupid tied it onto one of her arrows and shot it right in front of jacks face almost hitting him ( Cupid hit her head on a post for almost hitting him ) . Jack looked around and unwrapped the note and read it to sandy . A few minutes later jack and sandy put the love potion exactly where she told them to and waited for them to leave . She looked around then snuck over to the table . She was just about to grab it when she saw that jack had covered ice over her feet . " alright pitch we got- " jack stopped when he looked at her " you ? " . Sandy shook his head in embarrassment . Cupid got her arrow and started stabbing the ice on her feet trying to break free . Jack cracked the ice so quickly that Cupid accidentally stabbed herself ( she is soooo lucky it didn't have the potion on it ) . She got so angry that she kicked jack in the kneecap and grabbed the potion . Then pitch appeared in front of Cupid planning to kidnap her " got you ! " said pitch with a smile that didn't last long . He looked down at Cupid who had a murderous look on her face . " I AM TIRED OF ALL THESE IDIOTS TRYING TO TRAP ME !!! " Cupid shouted while kicking pitch repeatedly in the groin and face . Jack and sandy were looking at her in fear and horror . After twenty minutes Cupid left with a smile, left left pitch quivering on the ground and left jack and sandy turning white .

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I love the last bits lol
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oh you can also do second ones
hace más de un año SqueakeeBee25 said…
Name: Bailey Krats
Age: 19 (been 19 for the past 190 years)
Gender: Female
E/C: Light Blue
H/C: Golden Blond w/t black highlights (like my avatar but in the non color version)
Skin: White
Height: 5'5" (short XD)
Guardian of: Fire
Center: Passion
Do people believe: Not a lot of them, some do
Home: The volcano in Yosemite Park

Appearance: Spiked short hair that put up in a pony tail

Personality: stubborn, mischievous, hot-head at times, is a prankster, humorous, and cares for the people close to her, somewhat of a loner at times, won't back away from a fight no matter how things are going, will stand by her friends

Facts or Power: Has dragon wings and tail, breath and can control fire, teeth are sharpened, nails grow into claws, eyes are like a dragons the pupils become slits if angry and become huge if happy, and can morph into a dragon (Night Fury XD) when she wants to. Not really a guardian, like Jack in the beginning, but is a spirit of fire.

Crush: Sandy

Death: (Still coming up with how she died ^_^;)
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Ha ! My friend has a crush on sandy too hace más de un año
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Nice XD, I mean how could tu not. He is just so cute ^w^ hace más de un año
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Yay !
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woohoo !
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big smile
Name : Joker ( Mainly Catarina though )
Gender : female
Home : In Italy
Do people believe in him/her ?: nope not really that many
Original name : Catarina
Skill : throwing parties, having a blast and jumping really high !
What is their center : Cheer
Age : looks 16 but is 290 years old

Story about their life as a guardian : Catarina walks around aimlessly looking for a source of amusement " Snowday ! " she hears Jack Frost call out . A snowball flew right into her face and knocked her over . She shivered, she really didn't like the cold that much . She looked up at Jack who stared at her ... " Payback ! " she shoved snow right into his face " Hey ! " he fell back and looked at her as she giggled then sneezed and held her chest for a second . " Are you o- " Jack started saying until she hopped away . A few days later she went to a small cabin and looked inside then stopped as sh heard the jingle of a bell coming closer " shh ! She'll hear you ! " that was North " Really mate, this Sheila by the sound of it won't even impress me ! " That was bunny . Catarina hopped to the door silently and stared through the crack . All the guardians were there . What were they doing here ? Catarina hid at the top of the cabin roof, her ribbons hung down a bit . The guardians entered the cabin slowly " Where has she gone ? " asked tooth . Catarina panicked, tooth would look up any second now then, there it was ! A back window which was open ! Catarina slipped through and started to jump but got stopped by Jack " Found you ! " Catarina stared at him, her eyes started watering a bit and her chest hurt . " Woah ! " Jack caught her as she fell to the ground . Tooth looked out through the window " Oh my ! " she fluttered over " hmm, I thought so ... " Jack looked at her " What ? Is she related to Cupid or something ?! " Catarina coughed a bit " No, she had an asthma attack before she became like us and she doesn't remember a thing so until she remembers this is going to happen when she gets cold or tired out . " Jack stared at her " how do you know this ? " Tooth sighed " I know because I see the memories before I put them in the box" Tooth got out a box and gave it to Catarina
Catarina spun around at a carnival with an older boy following her .
She was in a garden on the boy's lap laying down " You've tired yourself out now haven't you ? "
" Dario, does it annoy you that I'm your sister ? "
" No, not at all . "
She and Dario were at Carnivale . " keep going ! " she helped her brother out of the fire " as long as I'm her cheering you on you can not stop ! Go ! Go ! " they were near the exit when a huge plank of wood started coming down " GO ! " she pushed Dario out of the tent before the wood came down and fell on top of her . She stared up at the moon and cried and coughed then put her head down . She asked why her disease acted up then realized that she had gotten a bit of a cold . " at least... He's ... Safe . "
Catarina looked up and stopped coughing and stared at Tooth and Jack " bye ! " jumps away . She hopped past Sandy, bunny and North " ... found her ... " Bunny said .
hace más de un año totolove said…
Name : Conscience (Lapis)
Gender : female
Home : In Egypt
Do people believe in him/her ?: nope not really that many
Original name : Lapis
Skill : Helping people choose the right path (conscience)
What is their center : Intuition
Age : looks 14 but is older than EVERYTHING !

Story about their life as a guardian : It feels weird ... ya know not being like almost everyone who wasn't created out of dust . I would always stare at the sky, at the moon . I always watch the other guardians and never take action, just sit with my jackal Anubis. "Anubis," the jackal stared up at me,"Why do I feel like something out of a fairytale, like a character in the background, like ... I'm just a jelly bean in a jar but the only one that hasn't been eaten for decades ... ?" Anubis rubbed his head on me and I smiled, "I feel that you understand me more than anyone don'tcha boy ?" Suddenly Anubis got up and ran through a sand portal that came from nowhere,"Anubis !" I pursued him not realizing my surroundings until I caught up with him and he stopped running, "you *huff* ... finally *huff* ... stopped !" I picked up Anubis "Isn't that sweet but who're you ?" I looked around I wasn't in Egypt and I noticed there was ... Jack Overland Frost "Hello Jackson Overland Frost . Nice for you to meet me in person but I don't take particular interest in meeting people face to face, especially those of the opposite sex ." He looked at me confused "That's one way to answer half of my question ... now if you could answer the other ha-"
"Sorry but I would very much dislike revealing my current identity . Now here is my question, did you open that portal that Anubis here ran through causing me to follow him here ? "
" ... Yeah ... I was playing around with Jamie and accidentally knocked my staff into a pole which had a few loose cables and then 'BOOM' that portal which has closed appeared ..."
He leaned back with his hands in front of him for innocence . "*sigh* I-I'm sorry, that was uncalled for ... it's just that I never usually communicate with people s-so ... good day !" I stopped somewhere "Nekhbet !" A vulture swooped down and let me jump on it's back with Anubis ... Jack Frost ... the first being I've communicated with for a long time.
 Name : Conscience (Lapis) Gender : female inicial : In Egypt Do people believe in him/her ?: nope n
hace más de un año Winxclubgirl202 said…
Name: Trinity Frost
Gender: female
Home: Burgess
Do people believe in him or her: yes
Original Name: Anna Nicole
Skill: giving hope and peace to children and adults
What is their center: hope
Age: looks 13 but really is 16

Story about their life as a guardian: She found her brother was Jack Frost not too long ago, Trinity loves to help people when she can. When she was a human Trinity was known as Anna, she met the guardians when she was about 12 then at 13 she died but became a guardian. After meeting her brother for the first time the two became close friends as well as siblings.
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coolio hace más de un año
hace más de un año Spottedpool said…
Name: Spottedpool
Age: same as Jack... They grew up together... Looks 18
Gender: female
Center: imagination
Home: Burgess
Do people believe in her: not really but more imaginative people can see her
Power: anything that normal adults deem impossible is something she can do.
Appearance: long black hair with white spots, blue eyes, and an infectious smile. She usually wears her sunset design t shirt with a pair of jeans.

Other: she did not die to become a guardian. Manny spoke with her about it and she agreed to become one on one condition... Her best friend was also to become a guardian.

Best friend: Jack Frost
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cool ! hace más de un año
hace más de un año Nya-sezumi2347 said…
*EDIT: My OC's kinda shitty so I changed her a bit... okay, I changed her a lot.
Name: Urduja
Age: 10 (ca. 1350-1360 AD, though the original is 1350 to 1400 AD), real age is 652.
Gender: Female
Home: Tawalisi aka Modern day Pangasinan, Philippines
Do people believe in her?: Meh.
Original Name: Urduja, though she is also known as Deboxah(pronounced as Debuca)in Ibaloi.
Power: Still unknown
Skill(s): Still unknown
Center: She's not a Guardian, so she doesn't have a center.
Appearance: Uh, you might wanna research the many clothings of women back then in the prehistory of the Philippines ^^; though she does wear a lot of gold accessories.

Personality: Still unknown, though she is often described as aggressive.
Story about their life as a Guardian: Still unknown(again), her backstory has hints of her death was a result from a massacre.
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