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posted by boltrocks2233
The name bounced around in Blu's head. Rachel. Blu then new what he was doing, he was thinking about another bird. He couldn't do that to Jewel. "Blu, what happened to tu man?" Rafiel flew up and asked. But then he saw the other blue macaw. "Oh, I see." Nico and Pedro flew up. "Blu, whats goin on?" Nico asked. Then he to saw the bird. Blu saw him whisper something to his friends, then the pair flew off. "Um, I guess I'll catch up to tu later then." Rafiel said. Then he took off.

"So beleve it o not I've been throght this before." Rachel said. "Wait you've seen this before?" Blu asked. "Eleven times as a matter of fact." Blu couldn't help it any longer, he had to make a move. "So then how does this story end?"
Blu asked. "Well usually a good hard tortazo in the face, but, I gotta admit your kinda cute. Blu's eyes widened as if he did get a tortazo in the face.
posted by maryart
rio 2 ep 1

in rio,in brazil,blu and jewel was talking,so temper.
and falls a cage into blu.jewel tryed to scape from the cage,but she tail was gotted too ,but she scaped.
now just jewel is the last adult blue spixx macaw.

sad,one día she gonna walk to try to be happy,but she can t do happy,and she got a big are a suprise are she o are he?

all this tu will see in the siguiente epsode.

bye now...

see soon

look for maryart,you wil found me.i have one club tu will like.

rio 2 amazonia scape
credits maryart and Carlos Saldanha
 is one suprise to siguiente epsode
is one suprise to next epsode
posted by WiiU123
Not long ago, a rather Valiente but un-flyable bird found out that he was the last of his kind and he had to go to Rio De Janeiro to do so, but after getting caught por bird smugglers, Blu and Jewel had to escape from the smugglers and the cockatoo Nigel, but with the help of Rafael, Nico, and Pedro, Blu was able to save Jewel and the others, and was able to learn to fly and save his kind from extinction.

But that was only the beggining, at a secret science lab on the island of Tristan de Cunha, scientists had been studing a unknown substance called "Thinner", it was so strong that objects that...
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posted by Mastodon123
Before the Moive rio 2, Blu was wounding that that he would find his parents, but he can not leave the tribe,except for them, Tocu is a new character in rio 3 (A Laplamp bunting), that tells some secret place there is to leave the tribe,But all the guards are on the amazonas, amazon and did not have the secret entrance anywhere, but when saw the bird and vicuna hunter Maurice (A mountain lion), And a Ivory billed woodpecker, that attacks the tribe and these companion animals,trying take blu at home, while edurado playing, toggle war at him, the companions let him go back to his domesticated home, He...
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posted by sxyomega
    I went to school everyday, and it begins to get dull on you. Watching the same thing over and over again; hoping that one-day your life will change. Perhaps my life will change; perhaps my life will be a best seller as it says on the roof of my school building.

    I never really enjoy this life because nothing exciting happens. When does the line come between living your life and just being another statistic? See, life in this world seems pointless, because nobody knows tu existed unless you’re written in the history libros o on their favorite...
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posted by boltrocks2233
Rio 2
Chapter 1

Blu sat feeling all alone even though he was surrounded por his friends. Jewel had been captured months hace por bird smugglers and the birdlings had all left the nest. "Come on Blu, tu need to get out of the nest and live your life, go and see the world." dicho Blu's friend Nico. "The world isn't the same without Jewel." Blu replied sadly. "Come on now Blu, let's fly out for an adventure, I won't take 'No' for an answer." dicho Rapheal. Blu didn't want to go on an adventure anytime soon as nothing had been the same since Jewel had disappeared. However, after some convincing from...
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