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posted by ladylyric_812
"Look... I don't know how you're the only one alive here and how tu managed to follow me but it tu don't get me out these cuffs, I will..."
"You'll what?" Leon dicho putting his gun away.
"You know what? I don't know who the hell tu are, and tu don't either. Now if you'll let me go tu don't have to worry about me and I sure won't give two loads of crap for me okay?" I Debated.
He didn't say anything after that. He just kept stringing me along with him. I started to get más upset with because the más he directed me, the he kept tearing Nickole and I away from each other. Then we came across...
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posted by ladylyric_812
As I awaken in the hallway, I start to regain part of my memory. I looked up to see blood splattered on the walls and glass lying on floor beside me while there aren't any patients to be found. I brushed my myself off as I sat up and layded against the with weak legs. I slightly turned my head hesitantly to the left and Nothing couldn't be más sickening.
"Oh my lord!" I shreiked as I scooted back to the other wall. It was the corpse of the doctor that I saw when I searched for Nickole. He reeked of dried blood, his shoulder blade was chewed up and drenched in blood. It made me sick to stomach....
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posted by ladylyric_812
"This is Rena Rodriguez reporting from Oscar J. Harlington Science meuseum in Blank City. There has been mysterious where abouts of this quiet, historic attraction. ! person seemed to have started some sort of riot which lead to the victoms coming up missing! I am here with the mayor to discuss this situation." The reporter says as I'm listening to the t.v. as I wash my face in the bathroom.

My name is Katherine Herison. I moved to Blank city a few weeks hace for my new job for the FBI. There has been mysterious happenings in a city near por so they put this voodoo crap all on me. I think my...
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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness | Character Trailer | Netflix
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RESIDENT EVIL 8 Official Trailer (2021) Resident Evil Village Game HD © 2020 - Capcom
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