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Rigby demonstrates how hamboning can save your life (from "The Power").
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the power
tu know who else likes Muscle Man's compilations?...MY MOM!
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muscle man
my mom
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M=Mordecai R=Rigby P=Pops Be=Benson etc.
M:Dude,we should write a hit song.
??:It's summertime and tu know what that means,gonna head down to the playa gonna do some beachy things!
Be:What are tu too doing!Get back to work!!Or you're fired!!!*walks away*
M:This bites.Lets go to the house and get some foooood!
MM:-My mom!What do tu want,losers?
R:We want to go-
M:Dude,move out of the way,we're trying to go in.
MW:*comes over and picks up Muscle Man and moves him out of the way.*
B:Come on,any ideas?
M:What's going on?
MM:I'm having a party,at my place!!
R:How did tu get back in?
MM:*Mad face*My mom.
B:Come on!!We need movie ideas!
MM:It's a Movie party!!
P:Ha ha ha!Yay!
S:Everyone is supposed to make a movie and bring it to the party.
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"Alright then,prove it.",Mordecai said."What do tu mean por that?",Rigby asked cautiously."I mean talk to her.",Mordecai answered."Okay,whatever.",Riggby dicho carelessly."RIGHT NOW.",Mordecai specified,causing Rigby to freeze and gulp loudly."Come on dude,prove it.Prove it.",Mordecai said.rigby started shaking a bit and he started to sweat."Dude,come on-"Mordecai was interrupted when Rigby passed out and fell out of his chair."RIGBY!"Margaret came rushing over."What happened?"Margaret asked worriedly."Ugh..I don't know what his problem is.He's just faking it,I KNOW he is!",Mordecai said.A canary...
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I got this idea during one the montages of the show. I'm curious on what band the two would like, o just what each of them like? Like it seems they both enjoy rock, but just as well enjoy rap and pop songs.

From what I've seen of the show, Rigby seems to have a bad taste in music. like with that episode with party Pete, and the living in summer time episode. I'm not sure about Mordecai, though if i had to guess he's más of a rock guy o más accurately indie rock.

I honestly cant think of any bands off the parte superior, arriba of my head, but if tu guys have any of a band they would be into, don't be afraid to throw a name out there.
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"Oh no! Are tu serious!?" HFG dicho in shock. "Uh huh. It gets cut of tomorrow." Ginger dicho with a sigh. "So... Your getting your whole tail cut of?" MM asked. "No. It's just the part that's infected. Not my whole tail." Ginger replied sadly. "Oh... Are tu scared?" MM asked. "More like sad." Ginger said, her eyes watering. HFG held Ginger's hand. "It's okay. I'll be there for you." HFG dicho with a smile. "You will?" Ginger said, her tail wagging softly. "I'll totally be there! Anything for you! I won't let tu down! I promise!" "Ooooooooooooo!!! Look who's in luvy duvy city over here!" MM...
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