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This 15 año old girl used to maintain a common diary with her 13 año old best friend in which they wrote how they felt about each other and their friendship. When she discovered that her friend who had been a patient of clinical depression had tried to kill herself, she wrote this in the diary and it brought her best friend to tears...
The names have been changed as per author's request...

November 13

Dear Amira,

K so... without going on about any trivial stuff this time, tu should know that I've más than you'd expect to say about stuff I usually don't go on about on phone o in person......
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1-It's considered rude to write in red ink in Portugal.
2-Although the bobcat is rarely seen, it is the most common wildcat in North America.
3-The Chinese giant salamandra can grow to be 6 feet (1.8 m) long, making it the largest salamandra in the world.

4-Because the speed of Earth's rotation changes over time, a día in the age of dinosaurios was just 23 hours long.

5-There are más than 1,200 water parks in North America.

6-It would take 100 Earths, lined up end-to-end, to stretch across the face of the sun.

7-The highest wave ever surfed was as tall as a 10-story building.

8-Some apples can weigh...
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