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posted by Kanji
tu turned to see a figure holding your friends lifeless body. tu screamed and the figure saw tu and dissappered in the shadowy trees."Hey" tu screamed run to were the figure once was.you stopped and leaned over your friends lifeless body tu started to cry and everything got blurry.you jumped as someone touched your shoulder.you spun around to see a guy a little older then tu with red eyes.you backed up and bumped into something else tu turned around to see your friend with the same red hungry eyes,smiling evilly."what the" tu murmured to your self backing up,the guy took tu por your wast as tu backed up into him and stopped tu from moving."you know it's a waste that i want to keep tu human" he spoke slowly but clearly "sadly tu should be happy im not going to turn you...yet" he chucked and lay his head on your shoulder.you couldn't speak too afraid of what was happening then tu felt a pain in your neck and screamed then soon blacked out.You woke up and looked around you.The place looked like a abandon hotel,the windows were boarded up but tu could see sun light getting through.You went over to the door and walked into the hallway the lights in the hall were flickering.You turned and walked around the corner tu looked up and saw your friend.Her eyes were back to normal, but blood was on her face and tu backed way from her."Your awake!"she announced happily and walked toward you.You backed into the muro and then she stopped 15 feet away from tu "oh no, im hungry again" she dicho sadly looking at the ground.When she looked up again her eyes were red,she ran towards tu and pinned tu to the muro "Can I eat you?"she asked grimly she got closer to tu and tu screamed shuting your eyes.When tu looked again the man from before was holding her away from you."_Are tu ok?" he asked.You stared a him "how do tu know my name?" tu asked "I told him" your friend dicho with her eyes back to normal.He laughed "im Felix" he said.
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posted by flippy_fan210
yes, this is ripping off cupcakes. do not read of tu don't like blood and gore. for those who don't know the characters, cadence and shining armor are at the bottom.

chapter 1: Cadence

Cadence was walking to Derpy's new bakery with Shining armor. Derpy dicho she had something extra special planned for the three of them. “where is the bakery anyways?” Cadence asked. “i think it's the one with the huge mollete, muffin on top.” Shining armor replied. “yeah, that's gotta be it.” Cadence said, walking towards it. Shining armor followed her. They walked into the bakery, at first it looked as if...
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posted by flippy_fan210
life alert:
a guy is lying on the ground.
the guy:help, I've fallen an i can't get up! *stands up* i can't get up! *walks around* i can't get up! *runs around* i can't get up! *looks at the camera and talks in an angry voice* i can't get up! i can't get up! buy this crap so they'll pay me! *walks away*
a guy is at a beach.
the guy:this place if awesome! all the kids amor it!
(a kid drags himself towards the guy, covered in blood)
kid:i wanna go home. my everything hurts.
the guy:shut your mouth! *kicks the kid and walks away* we have the best refreshments.
(a woman in the background walks up to him)
woman:excuse me, there was a bone in my smoothie. also my husband died from poison in the beer.
the guy:NO REFUNDS! *pushes the woman down* anyways come here today.
(the whole place is blown up por a nuke and a guy in a toxic suit comes in) now less people will die.
Important Note for: readers of “Cabin for the Summer”

Hi guys! It’s me, the writer and creator of Cabin for the summer moolah. I have some HORIBLE news guys! And I am sooooooo sorry to spring this on you guys.

Don’t worry, everything is fine between me and my boyfriend, “Laken” but unfortunately my friend, “Chelsea” broke up her boyfriend, “James”. This sprung upon me and I am really upset because now I can’t bring you the marvelous adventures of them. BUMMER!! :’[. Also “Ella” is thinking about breaking up with her boyfriend, “Zack”. I don’t...
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