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posted by Fangirl99
The sun is up in the sky
i watch it in the big blue ksky
And i ask myslef,"why?"

i stare at the ceiling.
then i get a strange felling.
and this felling is still being.
and then i ask,"why?"

What do i see in those eyes?
what do i see in you?
even thought i still despise.
i always ask myslef,"why?"

ask me that question,"why?"
i say i dont know
they tell me dont lie

so then i speak th truth.
i know that in my heart
i will always amor you

your eyes that shine like he sun
being with tu is always fun
one día i will tell you,hun
that tu are the only one

sorry,not all the words rhyme.im not the best at making poems,but i wanted to share it with tu anyways
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