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Is this weird? Please answer !

Ok so I have a crush on my science teacher , who is 24 (she told us how old she is ) and I feel like a freak for it . Especially cause also a girl
 PinkyoshiIS posted hace más de un año
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TARDIS-Granger said:
First off it's completely cool if tu have a crush on an older person. That's so normal. And if tu are a girl who likes a girl tu might be a lesbian. Which is confusing I know. But a lot of people are and that is ok. A pregunta to ask yourself is have tu had a crush on another girl? Because if tu just llike this one teacher tu might not be gay at all, a lot of people have a crush on someone of the same gender without being gay. Another pregunta to ask yourself is have tu ever liked a boy? tu might be bisexual to.wich means tu like both genders.
I hope this helped tu :)
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posted hace más de un año 
I had about 4 female crushes and i used to like guys but...i dont have any intrest in them anymore....
PinkyoshiIS posted hace más de un año
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