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What's your Zombie Apocalypse Playlist??

So basically tu put your música on shuffle, and then its self explanatory. I got:

1) Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)- The Offspring.
2) The día I Left The Womb- Escape The Fate.
3) Broken Man- Hawthorne Heights.
4) Higher Power- Boston.
5) Let The Flames Begin- Paramore.
6) Burning For You- Blue Oyster Cult.
7) Welcome to Our New War- Story Of The Year.
8) Walk On Water o Drown- Mayday Parade.
9) Never Grow Up- Taylor Swift.
10) Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide- Shinedown.
 What's your Zombie Apocalypse Playlist??
 skillet_luvr posted hace más de un año
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Shadowmarioking said:
Oh boy, this will be especially fun since my playlist is filled with pop songs XD

1. Animal por Neon Trees (XD)
2. Valentine's día por Linkin Park (okay...)
3. I Write Sins not Tragedies por Panic! at the Disco (ROFL)
4. Umbrella por rihanna (XD)
5. Bring me to Life por evanescence (okay)
6. That Green Gentleman por Panic! at the Disco (that fits XD)
7. Fireflies por Owl City (WTF LOL)
8. Thx fr th Mmrs por Fall Out Boy (okay)
9. This love, this hate por Hollywood Undead (that fits...and is the only song that fits XD)
10. Sexy Chick por David Guetta (WTF XD)

Best fucked up playlist ever.
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posted hace más de un año 
o_O At least your first song is Animal. Mine is I Gotta Feeling.
ReneeKetchum posted hace más de un año
LOL, Fireflies. Thats just like 'Why can't we all just be friends??" That's not gonna happen!
skillet_luvr posted hace más de un año
^Exactly XD
Shadowmarioking posted hace más de un año
ReneeKetchum said:
1. I Gotta Feeling- Black Eyed Peas (ROTFLOL)
2. Sandwitches- Tyler the Creator/Hodgey Beats (That's pretty swag)
3. I Know tu Want Me- Pitbull (Dale!)
4. amor The Way tu Lie- Eminem/Rihanna (Fitting)
5. Tempurature- Sean Paul (WTF)
6. Find Your Love- pato, drake (How ironic)
7. Rockstar- nickelback (LOL)
8. Poker Face- Lady Gaga (Yeah... Okay)
9. Like A G6- Far East Movement (Fun fun fun fun)
10. Hengilas- Jónsi (And now we've got a sad song)
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posted hace más de un año 
I can see I Know tu Want Me play.. Oh My Goodness, that is like the flirtest get away ever! XD
skillet_luvr posted hace más de un año
^ :P And when I kill mah first zombie... SWAG.
ReneeKetchum posted hace más de un año
MarMar_XigLux said:
1. Until the día I Die - Story of the año (eh.)
2. Zero no Chouritsu - Tsukiko Amano (what the fu---)
3. Clap Your Hands - 2ne1 (what the actual fuck???! Poor Zombies)
4. Stupify - Disturbed (oh finally! A song that fits!...Kinda XD Well at least it's not pop)
5. The Brotherhood Escapes - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Fight/Escape Soundtrack (a theme for running away from Zombies maybe?)
6. Every Time We Touch - Cascada (*triple headbrickwall* My iPod's going to get bitchslapped!)
7. Yellow Moon - Akeboshi (D: It doesn't fit even a little!)
8. Alice of Human Sacrifice - Vocaloid (...*bitchslaps iPod*)
9. Inside the fuego - Disturbed (FINALLY! >:U)
10. Without tu - Breaking Benjamin (my playlist is so pathetic XD)

Bottom Line: ZOMBIES BEWARE! Pop attack of Armageddon!!!
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posted hace más de un año 
KeelanMilla said:
1: Stylo - Gorrilaz (sweet)
2: Paralizer - Finger Eleven (sweet)
3: Fake It - Seether (doesn't fit! >:U)
4: Enter Sandman - metallica (okay)
5: Mr. Crowly (okay)
6: Alive - Pearl mermelada (fits perfectly!)
7: Before I forget - Slipnot (Awesome!)
8: Nightmare - A7x (not really fitting)
9: First of the año - Skrillex (NOT FITTING! >B( )
10: Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance (THE MOST FITTING SONG!)
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posted hace más de un año 
JudyNails said:
1.Radioactive-Imagine Dragons
2.Galaxy Mask-Digitalchord
3.Audiomachine-Helios (Thor The Dark World trailer music)(That música makes running from a horde WAY better.XD)
4.Rotten Girl,Grotesque Romance-Hatsune Miku
5.The New Kings-Popeska feat. Luciana
6.Demons-Imagine Dragons
7. I.N.C.O.G.N.I.T.O.-Rabbit Killer
8.Juri's Theme-Super calle Fighter 4
9.Nightmare Adventures-Savant
10.Honor for All-Jon Licht and Daniel Licht
I chose them por myself. >_> No shuffle was involved.

...THIS IS WHAT I WILL RUN AWAY FROM A HORDE TO!!(Clicky the video :3)
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posted hace más de un año 
RedPineapple said:
1. Dante's Theme. (Heeeeell yeah.)
2. Kick in the Teeth -Papa Roach (Yeeeah.)
3. Never Too Late -Hedley (Actually fairly fitting..)
4. Somewhere Out There -Our Lady Peace (Yep.)
5. Take My Hand -Simple Plan (Also a good fit..)
6. Holding On -Simple Plan (:'3)
7. Small Town Dead -Bleeker Ridge (Heeeeell yeah.)
8. Ready To Die -Andrew W.K. (Extremely fitting. o.o)
9. The Middle -Jimmy Eat World (Hm..that'd be at the beginning of the movie just before the impending apocalypse strikes.)
10. In the End -Linkin Park (Yaaaay.)
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posted hace más de un año 
BlueYoda said:
1. Sam and Dave - Hold On I'n Coming
2. Jakatta - American Dream (Afterlife Mix)
3. Butthole Surfers - They Came
4. Alexandru Andries - Cu toate averile, Cea Mai Urata
5. Buraka Som Sistema - Tira O Pe
6. Allman Brothers Band - Midnight Rider
7. Massive Attack - Unfinished Simpathy
8. Johny Lee Hooker - Boom Boom
9. Avant'n'Gard - Nucile ceapa si usturoiul
10.Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl

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posted hace más de un año 
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