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On the planet crom, a bloody war has been waged for 3 centuries. The warring sides are the ninja and the imperials
The ninja are losing this war. However, the ninja strongly believe that a warrior from another world made almost entirely of metal will come to defeat the imperials and bring about peace.
Meanwhile, on Earth, the año is 2277, it's basically a utopia and a young high school student is about to learn of his destiny as the Fullmetal ninja on crom. He had been in an accident 3 years replaceing his right arm and his corazón with metal.
What happens siguiente is entirely up to how the rp goes
Will accept 6 characters (excluding mine) max
For now, post their profiles and I'll put the perfil format and the characters I've already chosen in the describtion
posted by Persona
    What do tu do when tu wake up? That's a very good question! What do I do? Of course, I wash my face then brush my teeth. "I wash my face 'BEFORE' I brush my teeth, not 'AFTER'." What's the difference?
    Some people brush their teeth 'Before' they wash their face. That's wrong, well, at least I heard it's wrong.
    Teeth have to stay in our mouth all night. Wait.. it's not surprising since teeth always have to stay in the mouth.. ahh.. nevermind.
    Because of teeth have to stay in our mouth all night, when...
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Naomi looked at them, with a surprise look. "Is it really Kaito?" She thought to herself.
    She was transferred to this school just about a week ago. The class president, Kaito helped her a lot. She always thought he was nice and kind. But now...
    She stared at him. Kaito was glaring at a girl, who's a friend of hers, Hikari.

--------a few minutos ago-------

    "Hey, Hikari, is there anyone in this school that tu like?" Naomi asked. "Well.... there is one...," Hikari dicho as she blushed. "Who?" Naomi asked again. "Umm..." Hikari...
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posted by vampyrechick
1. No personal attacks.

2. No fighting off of the RPs.

3. No picks made about other people.

4. In an RP, tu may not make decisions for other characters.

5. In an RP, tu may not kill, hurt, o heal, another character without their permission(either ask in OOC o attempt the action and let them respond accordingly)

6. in an RP, tu may not put mythical charaters in a "normal" RP.

7. in an RP, unless tu created the RP tu may not progress farther in the set storyline unless it is por a very small measure.(see The Water Glows Red for an example).

Please respect these rules to keep this spot from turning out like "role-playing with others" did.. i'm sure ToastedRabbits was not happy with the result of all our actions there, and i don't want my spot to end up the same way.

EDIT: originally i typed "molting cracks" for some reason when i meant "The Water Glows Red" no idea where my head was lol.
    Kaito walked out of the gym door. "I thought I told tu that I don't want to see her cry. And it's not just me, all of us don't want to see her cry. But why do tu keep hurting her?" someone dicho to him.
    Kaito didn't give an answer, he just stared at him. "Let's talk, Kaito," he said. "I'm not in a mood to talk, Yahiko," Kaito dicho as he started walking. Yahiko walked, following Kaito. "What? Maybe Hikari's confession affect tu in someway?" Yahiko said. Kaito stopped walking and signed. He leaned on the wall, "What did tu want to talk about,...
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    "You've done a great job today, Kaito," Mizuka dicho to Kaito as they walk through the girls' dorm hall. She checked the bedrooms, one por one. Mizuka is the headmistress but she also teach maths. "Ah... I've got a headache since this morning. This is the segundo last room. So I'll leave the last room to tu since I know tu won't do anything.....well, silly. I really need to go to cama now," she said. "Yes, ma'am," Kaito dicho and Mizuka left.
    Kaito walked to the last room. He took a deep breath and open the door. He checked the...
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    "Please.... why can't the campana just ring?!?!" Fuka thought. The campana rang and Mizuka went out. Saki, Fuka, Takuma, Yahiko and even Kaito stood beside Naomi as she opened the envelope. There was a letter inside. Naomi read out loud.
    "I'm sorry, guys. I hope tu can forgive me. I had to lie to you. I'm feel ashamed trying to run away instead of facing it. But I guess it's just me. Anyway, Saki, tu are a great friend. tu helped me a lot and I appreciate that. Fuka, I really like tu because tu call a spade,a spade. People says that you're a hard-head,...
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