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This Jugar a ser Alguien Aleatório arte de los fans might contain animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados.

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The once beautiful land was dying. Most of the good hadas went bad as a full red moon was in place. The moon appear a mes hace and thing went bad. Doves went black, the fairy queen die as so the king did too, werewolf are seen más as so are vampiros and mermaids. Most of the still good hadas didn’t want to believe it but darkness was taking over again. There is a group that is making trouble. Can a group of hadas save the world? (I will post who is who)


Thorn: A fairly girl that was the first fairy to go bad, is the leader of the group that causing trouble. Pet is a amber...
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A female warrior from an afar off land, in her land, Women weren't equal at all, any rebellion attempt was stamped out, any cry for equal treatment as men was ignored o destroyed, and Pauft would have this not.

she took wing under a Blacksmith of her lands, an old man apon a colina outside of her hometown, the Old Man was angry, crotchety, Old and senile.... but he was Wise and Patient, he did not judge others por their gender, race nor circumstance, he judged them por their spirit.

Pauft was determined not to have her future chosen por others, she would not be forced to marry a man she did not...
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For those who are role playing with magical powers, tu know an instrument for using your magic is essential. Wands are some of the most common out there, mainly because they are personal, cheap, and concealable. I have made a anterior articulo explaining the Celtic wand calendar, plus my own systems for their cores and size. This is a great tool which I call link but being an antiquated system, it does not include all the different types of wand woods, cores, etc.

This articulo is a compiled lista of know magic woods and cores, some divided por region in which they are found.


American Wand...
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