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Just your normal average day to day life, nothing out of the ordinary right? Same old blue birds waking you up, same old bed, same old life partner that was wonderful and loved you til their last dying breath. You read the news on your phone, your buddy Seth is talking about the conspiracy theory that every recreational drug store in the entire USA has been found by the government and they're planning on sending part of the military to each owner's house. You shake your head and smile, replying back that it was 3021 and that President Vincent Kennedy Dwane could kiss your ass, as you light a joint and get ready for the day. When you get down stairs there's a small squad of guys in swat gear in your now destroyed living room. They take your drugs and smash your bongs, pipes and bowls. Your entire house is destroyed and you don't even want to know what your shop looks like. On their way out they give you a pamphlet for one of those shitty rehab places and tell you to have a nice day.
It's like 8 pm here and I have yet to see a slice-of-life/nothing-has-changed-in-the future kind of rp or one that lets you actively be a stoner. (I am currently in one but my character only lit up once but theirs mentions of past drug use but tech has advanced and theres demons and angels and aliens and a bunch of religious shit.) But here's the thing, you don't have to be a druggie, it's a slice of life- not everybody is going to have a drug shop or a trap house. You could work at Google and be clean as a whistle without a warrant for your arrest for all I care. Be creative.
Im gonna have to tell you the rules huh? Come on you guys should know them by now!
Don't god-mod yourself.
Don't fight ooc, nobody likes that and if it gets to a point where you keep on creating drama ooc after I warned you I will ask you to leave and if you keep it up I will report you.
Don't kill any body for the love of god. I mean yes this is life, yes there are murders in the world but if you do please kill off background characters or if someone doesn't want to write for one of their characters and they ask for it ooc, then yeah, go ahead.
Don't control other people's characters! I mean I know you get excited about rping but c'mon dude, don't do it.
Leave sex to pms! Hugs, kisses and make outs are ok but c'mon nobody wants all of a sudden have like 10 inches in their face.
Character Sheet


Age/Date of Birth:

Eye Color:
Hair Color:


Do you drink or do drugs?

Characters will be down here
Zee Conners, 20, stoner
Tatum Sandali, 29, stoner

Ever Stall, 25, doctor
Jack Stall, 29, personal maintainer of the 'Care Cross Clinic
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hace más de un año 666demon said…
Name: Zee Allison Conners

Gender: cis Female

Age/Date of Birth: 20, August 2nd

Height: 5'4
Weight: 110
Eye Color: Olive with flecks of gold and lighting bolts of orange
Hair Color: Black, but dyes it crazy colors

Personality: Zee is overall a wild and untamed free spirit. She strongly believes in freedom and equality and will stand up for the underdogs. She hates discrimination of all kind, whether it be animal or human. Sometimes she doesn't know when to give up, her home could be destroyed and yet she'd continue on with her routine like nothing has happened. She trusts everyone but cops

Likes: Photography, laughter, free shit, equality, animals, music, Marvel
Dislikes: shock collars, the goverment, some spicy food, crossfit, heavy hardcore drugs, DC

Occupation?: "I co-own Shades of Green with my life partner Tatum. In there we sell Weed, bongs, bowls, pipes and vapes and lighters."
Do you drink or do drugs? "I drink, vape and I smoke Cigs and Weed."

Biography: to be later reveled

Name: Tatum Sandali

Gender: cis Male

Age/Date of Birth: 29, October 31st.

Height: 6'5
Weight: 125
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: black

Personality: Tatum is like a big soft professional goofball. He gets excited when others get excited and gets sad when others are sad. He strongly believes that everyone deserves respect and love but will down right refuse those things if he sees that person discriminate or abuse another. Unlike Zee, he knows when to step away, he knows when to call it quits on something.

Likes: Crossfit, spicy food, food in general, making people laugh, rom-coms, DC
Dislikes: cops, heavy drugs, the president, bitter food, Marvel

Occupation?: "I co-own Shades of Green with my beautiful partner Zee. We're fair on our prices as well as management and treatment of customers. We provide service to all people and hire all people."
Do you drink or do drugs? "I smoke weed and cigarettes as well as cigars. I also vape and drink."

Biography: to be announced
 Name: Zee Allison Conners Gender: cis Female Age/Date of Birth: 20, August 2nd Height: 5'4
hace más de un año 666demon said…
(Signal boosing my own shit because I can with yall 300+ views and only my replies)
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
Name: Jack Stall

Gender: Male

Age/Date of Birth:
29, 19th Feb

Height: 1.8m (5'9")
Weight: 68kg (149 pounds)
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black

Likes: the smell of Alcohol, silence or slight background noise, the cold and the Elderly.
Dislikes: Loud sounds, children, sleeping longer than 5 hours and no coffee/brandy in the morning.

Jack's job is simple: Maintain the Local Clinic.
He's the personal maintainer of the 'Care Cross Clinic', owned by his Sister.

Do you drink or do drugs?:
yes and a little.
Jack drinks a little whiskey with his coffee, and takes his medicine like a good boy.

Jack is well known to anyone who visits the Clinic more than once.
he's the cleaner, the electrician, the plumber, the assistant, the nurse, and just about every role there that isn't the Secretary or the Doctor. Jack gets along well with children, despite people knowing his dislike for them.

Outside of the Clinic, Jack can be seen moving to and from either the hardware store, or the old park.
other than that, not much else is known by anyone bar his own sister.

Ignore the Charm and Earrings.
His clothes is a usual white cotton jacket with a zip in front, his pants are his black Cargo pants and accompanying black work boots.

Jack has a Harmonica, he's quite skilled at it.

Jack is terrible with Animals, it's not that he dislikes them, it's that the animal doesn't like him.
 [b]Name:[/b] Jack Stall [b]Gender:[/b] Male [b]Age/Date of Birth:[/b] 29, 19th Feb [b]Heig
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
Name: Doctor Ever Stall

Gender: Female

Age/Date of Birth:
25, 26th June

Height: 1.6m (5'2")
Weight: 44kg (97 pounds)
Eye Color: Glazed Gray
Hair Color: White

Likes: Cured Patients, smoothe tea with Jazz, sleep.
Dislikes: Rowdy or violent patients (except those who can't help it due to medical issues), low stock, raisins, vegemite, marmite, peanut butter, honey, jam and oatmeal.

Occupation?: Doctor
Ever owns the local Clinic, 'Care Cross Clinic' and is the only Doctor there. she is also the secretary.

Do you drink or do drugs?: She does not drink Alcohol, but she does take her meds. she even has a license and permit to mix and concoct her own medicines.

Sometimes able to be seen in a wheelchair, the good Doctor is not actually chair-bound, she is perfectly physically healthy and able to move around on her legs... she is just lazy.

now, her wheelchair habit aside, she is also quite a strange doctor, her methods to many are odd, yet they work. very rarely has a patient had to return for the same ailment.

other details known about the Doctor is that, despite passing her medical college first try with amazing results, she had decided to redo the medical college 2 more times, each time outshining other students and even teaching other students more than the professor could.

it is rumoured that her personal concoctions is tested apon herself and her sibling, this rumor is linked to why she and her sibling also take medication to regulate hallucinations and even leading to herself having to take morphine sometimes, rumor is her failed concoctions had side effects apon herself and her sibling... but rumors are just baseless rumors... right?

she is sometimes referred to as 'Snow' or 'Quick Fix'.
her clinic does not provide emergency surgery, but it can provide smaller emergency services.

despite suspicion of her 'mystery concoctions' the police have never tried to investigate her, the media once did though... they got almost nothing.
 [b]Name:[/b] Doctor Ever Stall [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Age/Date of Birth:[/b] 25, 26th June
hace más de un año 666demon said…
(Awe Cute characters!)
(If you want to start we can and hopefully that will attract more people)
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
it's a weird thing really... being strapped to Morphine at 4 am, waking up at 6, having coffee and then realising you don't need to work today cause it's Sunday... the white haired lady sat down on her familiar wheelchair, quietly sipping coffee, as her sibling does the same, the smell of alcohol quite pungent from his brandy and Ristretto blend.

after a few moments of the pair quietly drinking, the brother washes his cup in the sink, placing it on the side to dry... the young woman handing her now empty cup to him, he washes it and places her cup next to his... now what to do for the day.

the man clearly already knew what he could do for the day, various repairs, upgrades or simply movement of equipment or stock was needed... the woman on the other hand had a fairly free day, and she knew she'd only get in the way of her sibling's sorting system. the man motioned his head toward the front door... the woman understanding his intent. she climbed out of her wheelchair and walked out the front door...

6:43am on sunday... it wasn't too cold outside... the woman's almost pale skin implied she was used to very cold environments... she begun to walk down the street...
hace más de un año 666demon said…
"Look at this shit!" A woman cried out in disbelief. Taking her bright teal and purple dreadlocks to put them up in a ponytail to get to work on cleaning but she had an idea. Taking her cracked iPhone she takes pictures before going live on Facebook. "So some guys in SWAT Gear broke into our house and did this. I don't fucking want to know what the fuck our store looks like." She stated as she showed the damage, moving from room to room and giving a full report of what she had witnessed. Ending up sitting on the couch with the front facing camera on her as she thought and responded to comments. "I mean I don't know what to do other than close down Shades of Green for a few months- Like we got to do that, we have to because all our fucking product is probably gone and the only thing we probably could manage to sell is our lighters but giving the state of our shit- Tatum look at this shit!" She picked up the neck of a pride flag colored bong. the entire bottom was missing when a shirtless man entered the picture. The man, Tatum, sighed as he went up behind her and took the neck and gave a kiss to his girlfriend's hair. "We'll find a way, Zee. We'll find a way. I'm gonna go see what we can cook and if we have to throw anything out ok? You hungry?" Once she nodded he smiled, giving her lips a small peck. Throwing spoiled and expired food out while throwing anything they could save in coolers. "The weird thing about it is that they gave me a thing for Hill Crest Clinic, the fuckin asylum turned rehab clinic. Like fuck that I'm not goin to fuckin shock therapy."