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19 years have passed since the original events of the first chapter. The city has been rebuilt, the world has been united and most people have healed, save for some few who cling to their horrible and scarred pasts. There are some though, willing to disrupt this society's peace and order for selfish goals...Will you fight with the revolutionaries for a society ruled with the iron fist of their queen, or will you fight to uphold the order and peace that has been preserved for nearly 20 years?

The way of the government, education system and military.

The Government
After the 2019 incident with Hotaka Nagachika, the governments of Cantenseel were finally able to reach a compromise with each other. The Kanshinin councilors would act as a congress for Rex, who would be some sort of figure head, like the president. While he had power, he would have to present it to the councilors, who would either approve or disapprove of the proposal. Rex would have veto power, but it would only work for so much. The councilors and The president all choose a successor when they choose to retire.

The Education System
In Cantenseel, after the borders fell, they decided to merge the new generation with each other to make sure that pride from being from a certain area would not exist, the easiest way of course, was school. In the middle of Cantenseel where all four borders used to connect, a super school was created. It was three campuses. The elementary campus for K-5th Grade. The middle campus for 6-8th and the High/College campus for 9th-12+. This means that within the school, there are people who are in their mid twenties along with fifteen yearolds in the same campus.

The Military
In the 19 years that had passed, the military had became rather lax because of the peace. Most people who joined only abused it so they could one, have an easy job or two, so they could use it for their resume. Only few actually join it because they want to make a difference.

24 years ago, an assassin named Tiras Elbinorune was sent on a mission to murder a woman named Felicia Stadner, who was the heiress to a very rich family. Tiras, mesmerized by the woman, was unable to pull the trigger. After an instant spark between the two, he joined the military for her to win a war that was over the horizon. After a series of trials and after impregnating Felicia, Tiras went beserk and nearly destroyed the world. 5 years later, he came back after his current wife had been murdered. After a brutal beating by the angry people of Cantenseel, a man named Hotaka Nagachika who had orchestrated most of the events in the story came and launched his attack. Soon, he overwhelmed the city with ghouls, which were man eating creatures that were seemingly invincible. While the prince of Hell, Belial, a powerful vampire named Joseph, a beast tamer named Renald, a Draki named Kierra and the son of Hotaka himself, Hei, fought against the other ghouls while Rex and Tiras fought against Hotaka, who had turned into a horrific monster the size of a skyscraper. After a long and hard battle, Hotaka was defeated. But at a cost. Tiras had been mortally wounded and died in front of his love, Felicia.

{Character Sheet}


[Faction](Revolutionary, Military, student etc.




[Power] (this is whether you use Magical Abilities or Scientific powers, whether it be via machines or simply some sort of scientific method, you can choose whether to explain how it works or not)


[Relationship](this would be your Spouse, Siblings and Friends, completely optional)


Louisa Stadner. Age 24 (Page 1)
Virgil Elbinorune. Age 24 (Page 1)
Hei Nagachika. Age 43 (Page 1)
Raiden Lancaster. Age 27 (Page 1)
Mina Zhang. Age 41 (Page 1)
Ivanka Silvius. Age 40 (Page 1)
Irisviel Romanov. Age 38 (Page 1)
Eva Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Seth Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Joseph Bordeaux. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akira Cruz. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akiro Liang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Chidori Liang. Age 37 (Page 1)
Zhu Liang. Age 42 (Page 1)
Daniel Tren. Age 17 (Page 1)
Mei Zhang. Age 16 (Page 1)
Leia Feng. Age 24. (Page 1)
Gilford Silvius. Age 16. (Page 1)
Valeryia Silvius. Age 24. (Page 1)
Remi Elbinorune. Age 23 (Page 1)
Shiomi Devonshire. Age 23 (Page 1)
Belial Devonshire. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Alexander Bordeaux. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Vasilia Romanov. Age 61. (Page 1)
Takao Sesshoumaru. Age 32. (Page 6)
Yurichi Mizushima. Age 19. (Page 9)
Lucifer Devonshire. Unknown (Page 10)
Yamato Kirugi. Age over 100.
Adelger Kiesenger von Elbinorune the II. Age 17 (Page 22)
Karlen Von Jager. Age 116 (Page 29)
Karla Von Jager. Age 27 (Page 29)
Raul Espinoza. Age 25(Page 32)
Ramses the III. Age 30(Page 32)
Thutmose III. Unknown. (Page 34)
Jannik Haas. (Page 34)
Catriona Haas. (Page 36)
Praxilla Metz. 32. (Page 44)
Adalica Von Elbinorune(Page 36)
Aiymil Elbinonrune (Page 46)
Cynfael Bordeaux. (Page 42)
Ollie Silvius. (Page 44)
Akllah Folami. (Page 46)
Raymil Emeria. (Page 49)
Lanying Zhang. (Page 49)
Revala Emeria. (Page 49)
Raymil Emeria) (Page 49)
Reina Emeria. (Page 50)
Yang Min. (Page 51)
Miles Prise. (Page 52)
Chronov. (Page 54)
Cassius Prise(Page 55)
Saigon Derivil(Page 56)

Felicia Tenshin. Age 48 (Page 1)
Sora Cruz. Age 41 (Page 1)
Yumi. Age 23 (Page 1)
Kierra Nagachika. Age 42 (Page 1)
Rex Ellington. Age 48 (Page 1) (President of Cantenseel)
Renald Silvius. Age 51 (Page 1)
Eadlyn Bordeaux. Age 24 (Page 1)
Souji Zhang. Age N/A (Page 1)
Ichirou Nagachika. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fayline Bordeaux. Age 46 (Page 1)
Cecilia Devonshire. Age N/A (Page 1)
Kane Tenshin. Age 50 (Page 1)
Ella Stadner. Age 31 (Page 1)
Dequan Zhang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fillian. Age N/A (Page 1)
Annelise Florence. Age 22 (Page 1)
Lizana Janssen. Age 18 (Page 1)
Moira Prise. Age 17 (Page 1)
Gideon Narine. Age 20 (Page 1)
Riza Hannaka. Age 19 (Page 6)
Tomoe Mikage . Age unknown (Page 10)
Daliyah. Age N/A (Page 11)
Jeptha Veers. Age 22(Page 22)
Elvyne Silvius. Age 19 (Page 29)
Hideaki Ranshin. Age 43 (Page 32)
Tsuyoshi Hajime. Age 27 (Page 32)
Basile Allard. Age 25 (Page 32)
Mamoru Hidari. Age 25 (Page 32)
Calix Shreave. Age 47 (Page 32)
Willem the V of Nassau. Age 34. (Page 32)
Nori Rin. Age 15 (Page 32)
Kiyoshi Rin. Age 28 (Page 32)
Callum Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Connall Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Baldrik Haas. (Page 34)
Sauri Devonshire. (Page 44)
Lerida Devonshire. (Page 44)
Kuro Kaze Devonshire. (Page 44)
Tarquin Silvius. (Page 44)
Terryal. (Page 49).
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hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Good, good. I forgive you." Valeriya said with a smile, nodding her head before reaching over and patting his back twice. "Now come on, we have to get you to the shower and I have to shop for flea medicine. You may be a spirit, but ticks and flees like to go into any type of fur." Valeriya said while walking a bit. "Oh and what are fox diets? Don't you guys eat birds?" She asked with a slight hint of confusion in her voice.

"Hm? Alright." Bertholdt said in an attempt to make her not get flustered as he raised his juice up, sipping it as he tried to hide the smirk growing across his face. "What do you think they'll even be doing with the money?" He asked her before going towards to food to eat.

Akiro widened his eyes in surprise, kissing Moira back before pushing her off a bit, shaking his head. "It pisses me off though. All of it. It's like he's trying to steal you away." Akiro whispered to her with almost a hiss in his voice. "I don't trust him at all. He doesn't respect our relationship."

Adelger clapped his hands at Rex, grinning. "Oooh. How nice. A tele! Quick to call whenever needed." He said before standing up, looking out the window, seeing the view that stretched across a large part of the northern territory of the city. "In Germany, we're not all...metal. Not all glass. We have history. We have stone, and castles. It's so boring here." He commented out before hearing a commotion on his radio that he hand. "Hmm?"

"We have an issue. There's a woman that claims to be Felicia Stadner here. Do we initiate combat or do we let her in?" The commanding officer asked, having his rifle pointed at Felicia.

"Let her wait. I will come down." Adelger ordered before heading to the elevator, letting it go down to the first floor before he stepped out, clapping his hands twice. The soldiers sheathed and put away their arms, all then turning and taking a kneel to Adelger, who nodded his head before having them commence their threatening of the national defense soldiers who were stunned at the odd actions of the Germans. "Hello Ms. Stadner I apologize for the actions of my men, they are quite jumpy. I have a question. Do you know who I am? Or what family I belong to?" He asked as his yellow eye glowed a bit. His eye condition, heterochromia, was something distinctive that mainly belonged to the Elbinorune family.
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hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien normally would have been very offended by the shower, flea and food comments but it just came out so cutely, so innocently, that he couldn't even get annoyed. It was obvious she was simply clueless and not trying to push his buttons. "A shower sounds rather good though i do not need flea medicine. I can assure you that. And we eat normal food. Meat. Rice. Vegetables. Sweets. I am still only part fox." He says with a chuckle.

Riza narrows her eyes slightly, still noticing his smirk, but he managed to bring her thoughts elsewhere. It was a rather good question. She shrugs. "I have no clue what they would need so much money for..." If the Yakuza needed money it was for weapons and stuff but she doubted that was what they were going to buy. Or perhaps... She just shrugs again. Just being glad the robbery was over and she wouldn't have to think about it again.

In Moira's eyes, Jeptha has done nothing major yet to disrespect their relationship though he was honest of being a bit skeptical. But still he was giving it a chance. But apparently Akiro wasn't seeing it like that. She kisses the top of his nose as she gently runs her hand over his hair. "I can assure you he is not trying to steal me away. Me and him don't have that kind of bond together. Not like we have. He could be considered family. Nothing more. And I am very certain he feels the same way."

Rex made the wise decision not to comment back on anything this King said. In this situation it was best to keep his mouth shut for now. Atleast untill he knew better how this King worked and how to make agreements with him. Though he was sure Felicia wasn't to be this calm... Rex wanted to follow the King but seeing he was going alone to Felicia he knew that he wanted to talk to her alone.

Felicia raises one eyebrow as all the guards seemed to kneel and when she looked up she understood why. The aura of this man screamed Royalty. But when she looked at the man, or more like teenager judging by how young he looked, her heart stopped for a second. Those eyes. Unmistakable. No one had eyes like that. Except for Tiras. "Who are you..." She should have known, probably would have known her mind wasn't all mixed up by simply seeing this man's eyes.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeriya widened her eyes a bit, seeming to have a bit of an ephiphany at this new information, nodding her head. "Oh well that makes things easier then. No birds. Good." She said as she looked up at a crow flying by, almost sighing in relief now that she knew she didn't have to hurt it. "I can...well. My cooking kinda sucks, but it tastes pretty good compared to my mom or brothers cooking. I promise. It's decent." Valeriya said with a small smile while dusting off her parasol a bit.

"Well.." Bertholdt looked down, shaking his head. "It's for a good cause Riza, you know. Their ideas, they are good. A revolution against this government. The government here is evil, it is corrupt and it is weak. Cantenseel bends itself for any country that needs aid, exploiting the tax money of the people for not the country, but for others. Louisa is smart. A united world, ran under one monarchy where you have no questions as to who has the power...it sounds beautiful." Bertholdt said as he tried to convince her to see what he saw before shaking his head, smiling. "Nevermind that though. The only thing that I'm thinking about right now is you." He said with a cutesy voice at the end, kissing her cheek. "And how today all I'm gonna do is take care of you." He said with a big smile, ignoring the fact that his arm wouldn't let him do anything.

Akiro growled a bit, shaking his head before looking to the side, huffing and puffing as he reached over and drank some more sake, then looking over at Moira, sighing. "Go talk to him then Moira. I'm tired, I don't wanna go back out there and see it. Seriously, go catch up with him." Akiro said before giving her a kiss, then laying his head on his pillow. "I love you, Moira." He grumbled out drunkenly. "Don't ever leave me please."

Adelger raised up his hands almost in a messianic way, looking down at Felicia with a grin as he let her bask in his royal presence for a moment before letting his hands down. "I am Adelger Kiesenger von Elbinorune the II of Germany, first born of Adelger the First and Susanna of Saxony, and the true king of the Germanic states." He said before breathing out bit, the full title being a mouth full. "I am the last living Elbinorune save for your son, the chaos mage and his sisters. We have much to discuss. Come. Come." He said while taking Felicia's hands, bringing her into the elevator and taking her to the top floor. "Rex! Thank you for calling her here, it makes this conversation much easier!" He said with a small laugh. "Felicia, come. Rex, I think I shall have you explain, since your well...she'll like it better from your mouth I imagine, and I will explain and put my reasoning into it? Okay?" He said with a smile. "Then after we can discuss having a new and improved version of the defense pact between our two countries, alright?"
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hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien raises one eyebrow as he grins at her and pulls her a bit closer to him as they walked with his arm around her waist. "So that mean you'll be cooking for me? Sounds lovely." He says, though he prayed whatever she made was edible. He was kinda a picky eater since Tomoe was a true genius in the kitchen and he was used to being fed by him.

Riza was a bit suprised at how paasionate Berthold was talking about a revolution. True the governement wasn't ideal but she had no strong desire for change. Especially not if it meant war. She was simply content living in this country like this, with the Yakuza. So she had never even thought of the possibility of a revolution. Man, the war just ended some years ago and everyone knows in what kind of state their devided country was. In her eyes, their was no need to divide it again. She was pulled out of her thoughts by him kissing her cheek. "You are going to rest. You have strained your arm more than enough honey." She says a bit sternly since she didn't want him to hurt himself.

Moira wasn't very comfortable leaving Akiro alone in a state like this. But it was clear that he just wanted to be alone for now. "I won't ever leave you." She says as she kisses his forhead and leaves the room to rejoin Jeptha at the dining table, his steak now gone.

The King of the Germanic states. It was obvious now that Felicia looked at him. Her eyes widened a bit as he grabbed her hands and pulled her to the elevator. She did not like him touching her. Especially since she had no clue why he was being this... Friendly and enthousiastic. Something big was up. She looks at Rex questionally. "Explain me what?"

Rex hated the fact this man was putting this burden on him. He didn't want to tell Felicia. Hell, he didn't even want to think about this propesition. But now the King was also opening the doors to discussing a new defense pack. And they needed that.... "The King has seen Cantenseel in one of his visions. Cantenseel in ruins. But he thinks he has a way to prevent all of that. And we need an unanemous vote on this. He wants to...." He hesititated a bit, not sure how she would react to this news. "He wants Virgil. He wants to take him with him and train him as a chaos mage."

Felicia could not believe her ears. She must have been hearing it wrong or they must be joking. But the look in Rex's eyes said enough. She slowly looked at the King. "You want.... What?" She asks calmly.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeriya yelped in surprise at the arm wrap and squirmed a bit before giving up, letting Lucien have his arm around her as they walked. She reached up, fidgeting with her hair a bit as she walked with him. "I..I'll try my best to cook. I'm just warning that it's not the best." Valeriya said quietly as she twirled her fingers in her hair.

"B-But..." Bertholdt looked down, pouting bit as he looked down. "Resting is such a waste of time for something like this.." He grumbled out, then sighing deeply. "Mother always said the woman was right." He said, almost seeming to imitate his mothers voice while saying that. "What are you gonna do while I'm resting?" He asked curiously.

Adelger nodded his head, putting his hand on the hilt of his sword since he sensed danger towards him from the future. "The Order of Chaos, the group of Elbinorune mages the decided the kings of Germany and who trained the 'Chaos master', the person who could unite all the magic to keep the world in balance. I see great danger in the immediate future. Your..well, you two were never married, but you ex I suppose, ran away from the destiny, as his father did. And they let the order fall into shambles. The world has been safe yes, but what about when it is not? What about when Virgil freaks out and cannot control his magic? Will he do what his father did and nearly destroy the world?" Adelger asked with a raised eyebrow. "Allow me to train him, so the order can rise from its ashes like a phoenix. So the Elbinorune family can rise from the ashes. I am the last living member of the clan in Germany, and your son is the last living chaos mage. Without this training, chaos mages, running amuck, is a very strong possibility." He said while shaking his head. "He was always fit for this destiny, Felicia. When you gave birth to a chaos mage, to an Elbinorune, you already had sent him down this path. Why send him down a path of destruction, when with me, we can send the whole world towards a golden era?"
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien grins a bit as she yelped, liking the adorable sounds she could make. But he also took a deep breath to reel in his hormones again. "I am sure it's fine. Or else I'll learn to live with it." Or not eat at all. It wasn't neccesary for spirits to eat. When she starts to twirl her hair he gently swats her hand away from it. "Don't do that. It looks too cute. Makes me want to ravish you." He said it plainly but it was true.

Riza poked his nose. "No 'buts'. I am saying you are resting and that is final. And it sound like your mother sounds like a wise woman." She says with a light chuckle before shrugging at his question. "I don't know. I should probably go to Takao and report to him." Remembering her duties as a Yakuza woman and his right hand.

Felicia was quiet. Shocked. Flabbergasted at his words. Before her silence turned into rage. Her hands balled into fists as anger she hasn't felt in a very long time radiated off of her. If looks could kill, his whole country would be dead in the blink of an eye. "You are talking about my son here. You are not talking about a pawn on a chessboard! And don't even dare dirty Tiras's name with your bullshit words." Oh yeah, her courtesy as a counselman was completely gone now, "I will not allow you to use my son as your goddamn tool. War or no war, I don't give a damn. I gave birth to him out of love. Not so that you could put him on some delusional 'destiny' path. Nomatter how much you sweeten your words, Virgil is mine. MY son. Not your warrior. He came out of MY womb. And I don't care if he has even a single drop of blood of the Elbinorune family, you have no fucking claim on him." She spat out, not caring what might happen afterwards. She was gonna make this bastard clear he was not getting her boy.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"No ravishing shall be occurring, Lucien." Valeriya said while taking her hand down, twiddling her thumbs a bit. "Hey Lucien, can you smell Shiomi from here?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. "Like do you foxes know where each-other is at always? Or do you guys just kinda guess?"

Bertholdt held in a sneeze a bit, smiling up at Riza and nodding his head. "The wisest." He said with a small laugh before standing up and nodding. "Tell boss I said hello." Bertholdt commented out while stretching, then giving Riza a kiss. "Time for the bed." He said as he walked over to their room, plopping down and making the springs creak a bit.

Takao stood up, hands behind his back, looking at his television screen. The civilian death toll was in the sixties. He looked over at his phone, seeing several missed messages and calls from Eadlyn. He picked up the phone, sending her a text telling her that he loved her and that work was rather busy today. He set his phone down, rubbing his face before pulling out a cigar from his desk, lighting it and inhaling it quietly. "Fuck.." He said quietly while shaking his head, sighing out deeply. He felt responsible for this, giving those weapons to those people. He gritted his fist, shaking his head as he looked over at his katana, debating on whether or not to kill them.

Adelger looked down at Felicia, grinned in the face of her rage, cackling the whole time. He raised an eyebrow, booping her nose before sighing. "And is that your final answer?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. "Will you send your son to a fate worse than his fathers?"
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien smiles slightly before sticking his nose up in the air and smelling. "Faintly. I don't regonize her scent very well yet. And no, we don't always know. When it comes to close family we can most of the time feel it but it is still a bit of guessing. Though when the scent is clear and strong it is easy to pinpoint ones location." He explains. She really was a curious girl.

Riza smiles softly as Bertdoldt luckily decided to rest. "I will. Rest well." She says before leaving the house, ofcourse first putting on her Yakuza attire and grabbing her weapon staff, and heading over towards the Yakuza hideout. She walked straight towards Takao's office and as always knocks on the door before entering. She bowed in respect before looking up at her boss, seeing the footage on the television screen. Not sure what to say, she keeps quiet. Letting him speak first like she did alot of times.

Eadlyn sighs slightly at the small text she got from him. Really, he has been acting like this since yesterday. Something was up and she had the feeling it was not good. She plops back down onto her bed, ignoring Shiomi who was sitting on her rug. "Why are guys like this... Why can't he just tell me what is going on." She mumbles to herself.

Felicia blinked once, twice, before her eyes suddenly sparked and all the screens surrounding exploded. Glass shattering around them. But she kept her eyes dead locked on his. Electricity sparks were crackeling between her fingers, this being the first time in forever that her powers were showing. "I suggest you leave right now. Before I show you what a horrible fate you can have." She growled out.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Hmm. Interesting." Valeriya said while nodding her head, sniffing around to see if she could smell Gilford, which she could not. "I wonder what is inside of your noses that give you such good scent.." She said as she rubbed her chin before accidentally walking into a lightpole. She awkwardly moved away from it, trying to not even talk about.

Takao looked over at Riza, pulling out his cigar and ashing it out in his ashtray, shaking his head a bit almost as if in disappointment as he stood up and nearly slapped her, holding back at the last second.. "I WASN'T AWARE I SAID FOR YOU TO KILL INNOCENTS?!" Takao said as he tried to stop himself, looking down at her angrily as he breathed out of his nose. "Sixty people! Dead! And for what?!" He growled out. "Some dirty blood money?!" He said while turning around, rubbing his face. "All I have to ask. Did you or Bertholdt kill innocents? Thats all I need to know."

Shiomi looked up from the rug, nodding her head in agreeance. "Rexy-boo did the same thing to me when he went off to a meeting." Shiomi said with a pout, sighing out loudly as her tails swayed in a sad motion. "I'm so saaaaaaaad~" She yawned out at Eadlyn.

Adelger shrugged, then moving away. "So be it." He said while going towards the elevator, waving with a smile as he went down it, snapping his fingers and having all the soldiers come back with him to his vehicles as he departed.

Kimi rubbed her face, sighing deeply as she saw him leave, reaching over and sipping her glass of water. "Well...that went about as well as I thought." She said while drinking her water.

"Maybe we should have someone kill him." Mina said bluntly, making Kimi spit out her water.

"What?" Mina asked with a raised eyebrow. "I'm serious. I have a baby. I don't want a war going on."
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hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
Alexander sat in the backroom, counting up the cash they had stolen. Setting it all down in a pile, he saw they had stolen around three million dollars. He looked over at his computer, closing his eyes a bit before going into several chatrooms he frequented, seeing what people were talking about the robbery. He smirked, seeing people refer to it as 'justice' since the bankers stole everyones money anyways. "It could be the Cantenseelan Revolutionary Forces." He typed into the many chatrooms, getting the people to start chattering around about it. "Anyone can join the cause. If you do any acts of anarchy, make sure to video it and say this is for us. Word will spread, and we will grow larger. This isn't a gang, this is a political movement. We will change the face of this country and the world." He typed out sending before standing up, rubbing his face as he walked over to his seat, pulling out a cigar and smoking it, putting on the ventilation in the room so it wouldn't leave.

"Ah, someone has a bit too much time on their hands." Levi said from the computer screen, having his face appear on the monitor as he let the camera zoom out, showing him diddling around with a test tube that had an infant inside.

"Says you. You're the one playing with a child." Alexander said while blowing some smoke out, then standing up. "We have three million. I will allocate a half million, if you do follow through with what you promised it will be capable of."

"Killing Bordeaux? Easily." Levi said with a grin, patting the tube, making the infant open his eyes. "Shaw is capable of anything. Or well, he will be. This is the child of Raiden Lancaster and Eva Romanov. This is a beast, just waiting to have it's potential used. Using the koukaku kagune that Hotaka personally developed, I will have the strongest warrior in all of Cantenseel." He said before pressing a button, draining the fluid from the tube, taking the wires out of Shaw showing him to Alexander. "Wave hi!" He said to Shaw as Shaw waved over at Alexander happily, being the bubbly child he was.

"Surprised you aren't violating this child either." Alexander said with a huff, flicking the ash of his cigar.

"This is not a woman. This is a person." Levi said with a grin. "This is my precious child. This may as well be my creation. I would not violate my own creation." He commented out while putting Shaw back in his tube for his growth acceleration. "How is that white haired child anyways?"

"Fine, actually. I gave her the amount of Bretazenil you recommended to get her to forget about her childhood, but..well. Bretazenil only seemed to remove the traumatic things, so luckily, you mostly." Alexander said while gathering some of the money, putting it in a bag.

"Bah. I don't care Alexander. Get me my money." Levi said before the monitor went back, signalling he was signing off.


Tiras sat in his room, reliving the memories of his life as he placed his hand on the door that showed the outside world, looking down at everything. He closed his eyes, tears streaming down them as he saw happening as tears streamed down from his eyes. "I now know..if I could have sacrificed the whole world to be with my family..I would have done it.." He whispered out quietly as he hung his head down low.


Raiden continued working out, looking over at Daliyah's lamp, questioning what to do with it before he stopped working out, walking over to the lamp, looking at it a bit harder before rubbing it to get the genie out. "Hey. Woman of the lamp, I have a request of you." He asked while looking at the lamp before opening it, peeking his eye into the hole of it.
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien cracks a grin as he tries not to laugh out loud at the small incident. This woman was suprsingly entertaining. "We have the same noses that animals have. There is nothing really inside them. They are just-" He takes her hand and gently pulls her out of the way of another pole she was about to hit. "- different."

Riza's face paled as she saw the look on Takao's face and she almost trew up because of the nerves as he almost slapped her. Never had he raised his hand towards her. Never. Her knees went a bit wobbly and she quikly gets down on one knee, keeping her head low and her eyes towards the ground. "They were shooting before we had time to say anything." She knew it was a lame excuse but it was the truth. "I did not kill anyone." Though, in the mids of the chaos, the blood, she does not remember if Berthold killed someone. "I am sorry I dissapointed you...." She says weakly. And she meant that. For this man had saved her life. Picked her up from the dirt. And every misstep she made felt like she was failing him.

Eadlyn looks at her phone for a few seconds longer before sighing and putting it down. No need to get so paranoid. If it was really important he would tell her. "Don't leave too much hairs on my rug. They are really hard to get rid off." She mumbles.

Now that Adelger was gone, Felicia understood the thing she may have unleashed with her blind anger. This was not a person they should have as an enemy. And she litterly just told this King to fuck off. With a groan she lets herself fall down in her chair, hiding her face in her hands as she leans her ellbows on the table. She completely messed this situation up. But how could she not? They wanted to take her son away. And she had the feeling they would not stop. Mina was right. She should have killed that King right then and there, nomatter the consequences. But she hadn't. She isn't the woman she was in the past. If only Tiras had been here. He would have shown Adelger all the corners off the room for even thinking about taking Virgil away.... She was pulled out of her thoughts by Rex's hand on her shoulder. "You had all the rights to protect your son like that.... We'll take care off the situation. Rest assured." He glances at Mina. "Not by killing though.... That might be a bit too drastic..."

A pink mist got out of the lamp before it shaped into the form of Daliyah. She made a small bow, one hand on her heart, as she keeps her eyes down. "You called for me, master Raiden?" She said formally, not a hint of emotion in it. After Virgil, after feeling her heart break and feeling hope drain out of her, she promised herself not to get attached ever again to who ever. That was her faith as a genie. And she had known that before. But.... Nevermind the past. She would focus on the present. And the present, as well as her future, was to serve who ever became master off the lamp. And that is it.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Wow that was close..." Valeriya said in awe, shaking her head. "That pole really came out of nowhere." She chuckled out, then looking over at Lucien. "Do you have a pole problem too? It seems its just only be sometimes."

"Do not look up at me, and ask for forgiveness." Takao said with a growl, turning his back before sighing. "That is not what I want, Riza." He said while turning around. "I always have held my morals at the highest within anything I do. I've considered it to be the best thing I've done, and...I don't want you making the mistake many people do. Casting them away." He said quietly with a sigh, looking down. "I'm sorry for raising my hand at you."

"Meh, rug shmug. It's just a rug." Shiomi said while yawning a bit, then looking over at Eadlyn, raising an eyebrow at her. "Girl, you need the spa or something. This stress is going to make you break out again."

Kimi looked over at Rex, raising a hand. "In this situation, I think we cannot ignore the problem at hand. People are going to want Virgil, and in the end, I believe the difference between the death of this country and the life is in fact whether or not we took the initiative. I believe that to counteract this we need a young new special forces of seven, trained by the old mage assassination group leader, Joseph." Kimi said before standing, looking at Felicia. "I know you may find my proposal unsatisfactory, but Felicia. Your son cannot live a normal life. He's not a normal boy. He is the last we have left of his father and right now, that's who we need. This isn't an easy choice, but it's a needed one." She said while looking over at Rex. "We need your presidental veto to overrule Felicia's decision so we can protect ourselves "

"Why do you seem so sullen?" Raiden asked quietly, looking over at her with a somewhat concerned expression.
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hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien's eyes widen only a tad at her question. Did she really not hear how that question sounded like. He knew he should probably not tease this fragile woman too much but this oppertunity he could not pass. "Lots of times. The problem gets bigger when I don't do a thing about it. It leaves quiker when a woman helps me with it." He says while grinning mischieviously. Though he doubted if she would understand the true meaning of his words.

Riza's hands curl up into fists out of anger. Anger directed towards herself. "You are right, Takao. I was in the wrong. I am begging you for forgivenss." Though even if he forgave her, she would not forgive herself anytime soon.

Eadlyn thinks about it. She wasn't really that stressed. Though a luxerious spa did sound very nice. She could use a day of just pampering and enjoying some hot tubs. A smile forms on her face. "Why the hell not. Sounds like a good way to spend our afternoon." Yeah, she loves fancy things like that.

Felicia fists her hands as she lowers them from her face, now her glare was directed towards Kimi. "So we won't hand him off to the Germans but we will train him, or more like force him, to be a super soldier here? He is not a pawn in this game you think that's going on. He is my 24 year old son. He had been to kindergarten. Climbed trees. Played here under the desk at meetings when I didn't have a babysitter. He is a normal boy." She growls out. She hated the way they were talking about Virgil. Hated it.

Rex was quiet for awhile, weighing the options. And even though his heart felt for Felicia and Virgil, he also knew thet could not ignore the upcoming threat the German King has warned them about. If war was coming, they needed the strongest of the strongest to protect their peace. And Virgil was probably one of those people. "I will ask if Joseph is willing. Renald will assist on the choosing of the other 6, Virgil will be the first."

Felicia stared at Rex with wide eyes. Did he just really.... "You... You can't do this!" She yells as she stands up, her chair falling backwards. "He is my son! He is-"

"He is needed, Counselor Felicia." Rex says, raising his voice as well, shutting her up. "I need to think about the future of this country. And so do you. You know I would never force you or your son into a situation like this but it is how it is now. We cannot ignore this upcoming war." His spoke sternly, but in his eyes it was clear he was having a hard time forcing this on her.

His words were sinking in. He was not going to change his mind on this. She looked around, hoping for support of the others. They had to see her point of view. Right? Everyone stayed quiet, even though she begged with her eyes for someone, anyone, to agree with her and speak up. No one did. "I won't stand beside you all if you make this decision...." She reached for her hand, taking off the ring that showed her status as a member of the council. "Take it." She says, holding it out to Rex. When he did not, and instead opened his mouth to speak, she simply slammed the ring onto the table before storming out of the room. Renald immediatly followed her out. He reached out for her but she fiercely pulled her hand out of his grip. "Do not touch me." She hissed out.

Renald holds his hands up in surrender but atleast she stopped walking. "Felicia, I know this is not what you want. No one wants this. But in this situation, if you think rationally, what else can we do? Virgil is a strong man. He will-" He caught her hand just before it hit his face.

"What if it had been Gilford? Or Valeryia? Would you have kept your mouth shut then? Would you have sended them into war if everyone told you they needed to?" She spat in his face. Renald kept quiet. "Thought so." She yanks her hand out of his grip. "Just because he is Tiras's son does not mean he gets to be treated like this." She says before turning around and going into the elevator, Renald letting her go. Once the doors shut, tears start flowing down her cheeks. Out of frustration she punches the metal elevator, only causing a small dent and some knuckled to bleed.

Rex sighs softly as he picks up her ring and looks at it for a moment. He closes his fist over it. "Call Joseph Bordeaux and say we need him to come to the HQ."

"I am not sullen." Daliyah says in a monotome voice. "What is your request?" She was not afraid of Raiden suprisingly. Afraid for his appearance at first yes but not afraid for his karakter. He kinda had a hidden softness through the harshness which she has noticed quite early.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"That's....incredibly odd." Valeriya said while blinking twice, then rubbing her head and raising an eyebrow at him. "Why would you need a woman for hitting a lightpole?...that's...it's odd!" She said while looking over at Lucien.

"Do not beg like a dog!" Takao snapped out, putting his hand on her face to have her look up. "I forgave you the second I heard about it! That is not what is the concern here!" Takao said with a sigh, sitting down on his desk. "I just worry Riza that one day, I'm not going to be here, and there's going to be a horrible decision you'll have to make, and you'll have to live with that for the rest of your life." Takao said quietly to her with a frown, folding his hands. "I never told you what I saw when I was a child. But I will, so you understand. When I was young, the ghoul invasion happened. I made the choice to lock the door, to hide under my bed as the ghouls flooded in. My mother and father, trapped outside of the room, died. They were eaten by ghouls." He said quietly with another sigh. "I have had to live with the fact that happened ever since, and if I could have gone with them, for the longest time, in my mind, I would have. But I have tried to live my life in a way where I do not regret anything. Where I know that if I died, the world would be a worse place. And Riza, that's how I want you to live, because any other way is living in hell itself." Takao said before taking his knife from his desk, pressing his finger against his tip, then sighing. "I'm excommunicating you and Bertholdt from the yakuza. I want you two to live a normal life, together." He said while standing up, turning his back to her. "I caused this. I sent you two to that hell of a robbery. I gave the weapons, the means to it. Another failure like that could result in your or his death. So leave this room, and do not turn your back. That is my final order, as your boss.." He then turned his head back to look at her a bit. "..and as your father."

Shiomi got up with her tails swaying, grinning a bit. "Oooooh goodie~ I've been wanting a deep cleaning anyways!" She said as she took a lint roller and got her fur off the rug, then looking at Eadlyn. "Time for you to drive. My legs haven't been working the best lately since..you know. Rex and all."

Exillion blinked twice, rubbing his face before sighing. "Well, that went about as well as expected." He said before reaching the phone, calling Rex's manor, going through about six maids before Joseph got on the phone.

"What is it?" Joseph said in an annoyed tone.

"The president requests your presence, stupid Vampire." Exillion said before slamming the phone down. "He'll be here soon."

And not a minute later, Joseph burst through one of the glass windows, gritting his teeth and growling. "Which cockroach in this room said I was a stupid vampire?!" He said with a snarl before noticing the tone in the room. "Uh......" He raised an eyebrow, then awkwardly dusting his shoulder off a bit. "Why do you need me, Rex?"

"I'm not quite sure, just, I need advice." Raiden said while rubbing his face, then looking down. "My lady Louisa, I have been her loyal servant since...well, she saved my life. I love her more than anything else but..I do not think she knows, or if she does, cares. How do I make my lady care?"
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien puts his hand infront of his mouth to stop himself from laughing. So innocent. So sweet. It has been years since he has had a woman like that near him. It was truly refreshing. "Don't think too much about it." He says with a wink.

Riza slowly stood up, even though she still held her head a bit low. Though she looks up as he tells her the story of his past. She had known there had to be something in his life to make him be like this. But this she had not expected. He must have been around the same age as her when she was orphaned. But then she felt like a knife was stabbed into her stomach. He was.... Excommunicating her? Her mouth hung open but no words came out. As the words finally sunk in she began to panick, her eyes filling with tears. "N-No.... Please don't. I don't need to live a normal life. I am fine right here. I belong here. With the Yakuza. I have nothing else!" The Yakuza has been her life forever. Without it she would be lost.

Eadlyn sticks out her tongue at her friend. Those were details she did not need to know. She stands up and stretches her back when she suddenly feels her fathers presence leave the house at an alarming speed. It made her wonder was was up but not enough to worry. "Alright, lets go then."

Rex couldn't even be bothered by the broken window, he thoughts too occupied as Renald walks back into the room, shakes his head, and sits back down as well. With a sigh Rex puts the counselors ring back on the table. "We have.... Quite the situation, Joseph." And so he began to explain. About the German King and his request. About Felicia and how she stormed out. And now about their plan. "We need you to train these individuals for this predicted war. Virgil being one of them. The others still unknown. I know you can do it, looking at your skill set and history. And so that is our request."

Daliyah smiled softly as she shakes her head and shrugs. "Love is one thing you can not ask me about. It is unknown to me. And you cannot wish for someone to care. That is one of my rules." She says, though she felt sorry for the guy. It looked like he truly gave about this woman. Though she also thought Virgil cared about her.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"It's quite hard not to, actually!" Valeriya said with a growl, then rubbing her head, sighing deeply. "My head hurts now, Lucien. I feel my brain throbbing in pain." She said while rubbing it. "And it's not because of the lightpole."

"You say that now, but you don't understand!" Takao yelled out, shutting up Riza. "Living your whole life, wondering who's knife is at your throat! Living, wondering what day is your last! Living, not being able to get close to anyone for fear of losing them!" He yelled out while cutting the tip of his finger open with his knife before stabbing it into his desk. "Now go! Have a family with Bertholdt or something, but do not go back to the yakuza! I have realized now that it is too dangerous." He said before hugging Riza tightly, then letting her go. "Go. You'll learn later to appreciate this."

Shiomi tiredly walked out of the room, following Eadlyn out to her car, shaking her head and grinning at it before placing a hand on it. "Your father treats you good." She laughed out a bit before getting in and sitting down.

"You ask me this, knowing I'm retired?" Joseph asked with an annoyed look, raising his eyebrow. "WHY NOT JUST KILL THE GUY AND END THE THREAT?!" He asked as if it was a no brainer. "The answer is no! No! I am retired!" He growled out, selfishly crossing his arms. "No."

"That's absurd, why not?" Raiden asked with a raised eyebrow. "That's a thing many people would wish for."
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien chuckles as he pets her head. "It's because it is still so empty. The empty space makes it hurt." He says with a teasing grin.

His words were logical. But that did not stop Riza's heart from hurting. She wanted to argue this so badly. This is what he had saved her for. This life. It was all she ever imagined for herself. Working in the Yakuza. Perhaps one day taking over so Takao could retire. But not this. He could not disown her like this. She opened her mouth to beg again when he hugged her, making her eyes widen. Tears ran down her cheeks now as she puts a hand infront of her mouth to stop her sobbing. If this is what her boss and father wished for than she should obey. So she weakly nods before slowly walking out of his office, hoping he would call her back which he did not do.

Eadlyn grins as she flips her hair a bit and gets in the car as well. "Ofcourse he does. I am his princess. So i should be treated as one." Yeah, she had that huge Bordeaux ego.

Rex's eyebrow twitches in annoyance. Serieusly. They were friends but sometimes he could strangle the vamp. It was as if he had not heard a single word of him. "We could. But that does not solve the promise of an upcoming war now does it? And retired or not, we need you. And you will do it. You are still under my command, Bordeaux. So I order you to do it." He growled out, knowing this was the only way he might listen. Though he will whine and bitch about it alot.

Souji was listning intensely to everything that was being said, not really having to say anything in this situation, when he felt himself get a bit lightheaded. He groans a slight bit before the lightness began to fade and he began to hear voices. He regonized them, though he had not heard them in so long so it shocked him. "The gods...." He said softly, though it got most of their attention. "Seems like they want to speak." He closed his eyes as a soft holy aura began to radiate off of his body, surrounding him in a gentle yellow light. When he opened his eyes they were glowing as well. He was mumbling some things as he picks up his pen and starts to write on the paper infront of him. Sometimes he stopped, pausing for a few second before writing again. When he stopped writing, the glowing stopped as well, and he was staring down at seven names. "These.... Are the people who should be trained. These are our elites." he turned the paper around for them to read as he read them out loud. "Virgil Elbinorune. Valeryia Silvius. Eadlyn Bordeaux. Yurichi Mizushima." He paused a bit before the last three names. "Eva Romanov. Dequan and Fillian Zhang."

Renald was dead quiet. Valeryia. He immediatly thinks back at Felicia's words. What if it had been Valeryia. Now it was not a what if. And it made his stomach turn. His daughter, being trained for war. He wanted to object but.... Did they not just push Felicia into the same situation? What kind of a hypocrit would he be if he would object now. What hit him though was that he knew all these people. All these children. Because that is what they still are. Children. Most of them here knew these children. Most of them anyway.

Again Daliyah shrugs. "Those are my rules as a genie. I can not kill. I can not revive. I can not make anyone love. Those are things even higher powers should not mess with." That was the only answer she could give him.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Did you just call me stupid?" Valeriya asked while stopping, then crossing her arms and looking at Lucien, stomping her foot a bit. "Hmmm?" She hummed out, clearly not liking that.

Takao then turned his back, yelling out quietly before hitting his head against the wall, then sitting down, taking his phone and texting Eadlyn, telling her that he loved her before resting his head on his desk, crying inside as he laid his head down on his desk, staring down at the floor.

Bertholdt laid in his bed, sleeping before opening his eyes, hearing the door click open. He rolled over, standing up to go and see Riza, only to see her eyes teary. "Who am I killing today?!" He asked as he ran over to her, wrapping his arms around her, putting his head against hers, rubbing the back of her head. "What happened? Tell me." Bertholdt said worriedly, having rage swell up inside of him.

"Your boyfriend must have to do a lot to keep up with that ego." Shiomi said with a grin and a laugh while buckling up, then looking outside, seeing police patrolling the streets in full gear. "Man they're on edge."

Joseph sat down, grumbling a bit as he crossed her arms. "This is such bullshit." He said before sighing, then grinning a bit. "Still, gives me an excuse to get Fayline to come with me to my castle.." He said with a sigh, accepting his new job before he paled. "Ea...Eadlyn...Bordeaux?..." Joseph said as he went paper white, then standing up, banging his hand on the table. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN EADLYN BORDEAUX?!"

Kimi looked down, paling a bit herself. Eva already had been through so much, why would the gods send her to this? "Oh my.." She sighed out, feeling a knot swell in her stomach, feeling the pain Felicia felt.

Mina gulped a bit, trying to hold in her rage before she turned over to the side, pulling over the trashcan under the table, throwing up into it before she broke down crying. Not one, but two of her babies were being forced to go to war. She grabbed onto Souji's arm, breaking down as any reassuring thoughts she had went completely out the window.

"Perhaps so, but if you want true change, you need to take a risk." Raiden said before sighing, rubbing the top of his head. "Is...it possible...to fix this?" Raiden asked, referring to his face.
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
"Calling you stupid? Me? I wouldn't dare." Lucien says, faking pure innocence as he puts his hand against his heart, acting to be offended by the blame. "I am calling you a sweetheart." He says as he grin and pats her head.

Riza was kinda zoned out as she walked home and only Bertholdt's hug pulled her out of it. Tears started streaming again as she clings onto him. "T-Takao... H-He's excommunicating us.... Forcing us out of the Yakuza. H-He says it's too dangerous. That he wants me to have a normal life but I don't want that. I don't want to leave." She manages to say between her sobs, still audible even though she had her face practically buried in his chest.

Eadlyn simply grins in the sassy way she always does before saying. "If he can't handle that then he can't handle me. A man like that is not worth my time." But her man was. She looks at the police as well. "Looks like they are..." Though she didn't see a real reason why. The only thing she could thing of was the robbery but that was just one incident. And these were much people for just one incident.

Souji held onto his wife tightly, rubbing her back in a vain attempt to sooth her. Though he knew nothing could soothe the pain she was feeling right now. He was feeling it as well though he stayed calm. The gods have their reason for this. He knew so. If this was what they wanted then they should not change it.

Renald looks at Rex but Rex simply shakes his head. These names changed nothing. The situation was still the same. Their decision was still the same. Rex stands up, taking the paper with the names on it and looking at them. These were the ones chosen to save them... "It means that this-" He hands the paper over to Joseph. "- is your elite team. And that you are going to train them." He glances around the room, at the sullen faces of his councelers. "They were chosen for a reason. If the gods choose them then I am sure they are up for the job...." Or that is what he prayed for. "Gather them. I want them here as soon as possible."

"Taking risks aren't something I should do." Daliyah replies before looking a bit closer at his face. It was all just scarring. "Possible. But be carefull with your wishes. Every wish can backfire. I have explained that before. So who knows what punishment you'll get for changing your face."
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeriya pouted a bit, turning red and pouting before shaking her head. "Ha. Ha. Very funny, Lucien." She hissed out while walking into the manor with him, going into her room, sighing a bit, seeing the mess it was in. "Lucien, can you tidy this?" She asked in a sweet tone.

Bertholdt had his hand on the back of her head, silently looking down, trying to figure out how to make her feel better before having an epiphany. "I know love..." He said quietly while rubbing her head. "But..perhaps we have another option. One not of normalcy. One where we can take the reigns of our destiny. The Cantenseelan revolutionary forces." He said before kissing her forehead. "It's worth a shot, isn't it?" He asked quietly, then leaving only silence. "It's our only viable option. They'll win, whether we're with them or not. With them, we'll at least be on the winning team."

"Oh yeah huh?" Shiomi said with a grin while rubbing her own tails. "My man is the president. Who is yours?" She asked. "And my man, while he may be human...he is a demon in the sheets." She cackled out, hitting her hand against her knee.

"Oh god this is gonna go across the whole city!" Joseph said in an irritated tone, then sighing deeply, being silent for a moment before tearing the paper in half horizontally. "Here, you get these three, I get these four." He sighed out. "Dequan, Eva and Fillian will know you. The others, I'll get." He grumbled out, then rubbing his face. "I'll go get Eadlyn first." Joseph said before flying out, sniffing around to find Eadlyn before spotting her car. He flied down, landing on the roof, denting it before looking at the windshield with his head upsidedown, one hand holding on so he wouldn't fall off as he waved at her.

"Punishments? What kind of genie are you?" Raiden asked out with a laugh, then shaking his head. "Please, those aren't wishes granted. Those are just...that's life. You give, and you receive. You receive, and you give. Everything costs its own pound of flesh." Raiden said out to her, looking out the window with his hands behind his back. "I take...and I have yet to give. Someday, the reaper will come to collect." He said while turning his head, looking at her. "Do genie's fear death?"
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien tries to hide his grin as much as he could though it really fell at her question. He raises one eyebrow up at her as he folds his arms. "What am I, your cleaning maid? No. I may be your contracted spirit but that does not mean I will do your chores." No, he was not going to do those things. She was a woman. She should be doing those herself.

His words didn't make any sense in her ears. Riza frowns a bit as she steps a bit back to be able to look up at his face. Confusion clear in her eyes. "Cantenseelan revolutionary forces?..." She shakes her head a bit. "You don't understand, do you? I am not looking for another purpose. Not an other team to be on. I just... I want my family. The Yakuza was my family...."

Her man was the boss of the Yakuza. Though Eadlyn was not going to say that yet. At her remark though she rolls her eyes. Weird fox. She was about to make a comeback at those words when she heard something land on the rood of her car, denting it. She was about to stop the car when her father's sudden appearance caused her heart to jump and her foot to hit the brake. With a loud sigh, she moves the car off of the road, thank god no car was behind her, and gets out. "Dad?! What in the world are you doing? You scared the living hell out of me. AND you dented my car." She says with a pout, folding her arms and demanding an explaination.

Rex looks at the names on the paper though Souji gently takes it from him. "I'll go get them. You still need to work out some things." He said kindly with a soft smile as he stood up.

Renald was already putting his coat on as well as he was texting Joseph, saying that he knew Yurichi and that he'll let Nirri get him there. That saves the grumpy vamp a flight and it speeds things up more. And besides, Joseph will need all his time getting Virgil. "I'll get Eva. It'll be best if I am the one who picks her up." He says, still keeping in mind the things the girl has been through. Souji nods before they left together. Renald getting in his car and Souji getting in a cab since he still can't drive. Renald arrived at the Romanov house, his heart feeling a bit heavy as he thinks about the news he was about to bring. He takes a deep breath before knocking on the door.

Nirri walks into the nursing station where Yurichi was still where she left him. Sound asleep. She kicks against the bed. "Rise and shine sleeping beauty. The President demands your presence. Right now. So get your ass moving." She says with her arms folded. She had no clue why Renald has asked her to bring this scrawny kid to the HQ. Why would the president need this guy? But heck, orders were orders.

Daliyah shrugs. It was just as he said. Life was giving and taking. When she granted a wish that person gains something but to keep the balance that person needed to give something as well. That was the punishment. "In my life I took too much. And now I am bound to an eternity of only giving...." Sometimes giving too much with painfull concequences. "Death sounds like a very welcomed gift."
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeriya frowned a bit, grumbling as she started to dink around in her room, folding her clothes and putting them in her dresser before getting the broom and dust pan out from her closet and beginning to sweep the dust off the floor into the pan "Lucien's points have gone down by three." She said in an irked tone as she dumped the dust pan into the garbage.

Bertholdt's eyebrow twitched a bit as he heard that word. Family. "I can..relate to some way." Bertholdt said quietly, letting go for a moment, taking her down to the couch so they both could sit before he put his hands together. "The whole reason I came here was to save my family. My mother, her wife, my father, my uncle and my sister. They all..well. Something complicated happened. " He said as he tried to choose his words carefully. "Sometimes, you don't have a choice in whether or not you can have a family, you know? It's a cruel world. Things can just...come out while you're eating dinner...and turn a boy into a warrior in a second with one action."

Joseph got off the car, laughing a bit as she complained about the dent. "Oh honey, I'm sorry for scaring you. But please don't complain about the car. You know I could flick out my pocket change and buy three of them." Joseph said before sighing, then kicking another dent in it for show. "Besides! You aren't going to need it anymore. You're going to France, with me, your mom, Valeriya, Ivanka, Renald and five others for training. The government told us to because of an upcoming war, and the 'gods' chose us. So we better just do it, yeah?"

Iris opened the door after hearing the knocking, giving a heart warming smile to Renald as he opened the door. "Hey! Renald..." She said with her smile then fading away, seeing the look in his eye. "...What's the bad news?" She asked with a sullen expression.

"So you admit I'm good looking." Yurichi yawned out to her sleeping beauty comment before getting out of bed, not realizing what the second part of that sentence was. "Uh...wait. Hold up." He said as he stuck his hand out. "THE PRESIDENT?" He let out, realizing what she had just said. "CAN I TELL MY MOM REAL QUICK?"

"Likewise, here, if I didn't have a purpose." Raiden said as he turned his head to Daliyah. "I'm a warrior of my queen, Louisa. And I serve her till my last breath." He whispered out quietly. "Her beauty..her intelligence..her grace..all true gifts to behold." He said with a smile, his smile being apparent even through his scarring. "A world in her hands would be a good world to me, even if she killed many. In the end, it would all be worth it." Raiden commented while looking down at a picture of him and Louisa together while they were younger. "Am I a monster for that?"
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien makes himself comfortable on her bed, his hands behind his head, as he watches her clean her room. He watches her closely, every move, every ripple of her clothing. She may be a large woman but she was really gracefull. Sometimes. "Ahhh, so that does mean I have points." He says with a grin.

Riza frowns slightly at his words. They weren't all making sense. It was as if he was choosing his words with care, trying to tell something while trying to hide something as well. She gently takes a hold of his hand. "Berthold... What are you talking about? What happend?" Her own troubles forgotten for a few minutes as she tries to understand him. It must have something to do with his past.

Eadlyn's eyebrow twitches as her father kicks another dent in her car. That was really not needed. She liked that car. But then her eyes widened in suprise. "Wow, wait, what?!" She yelps out. Did she hear him right? If so, how can he give her such news in such a way?! It was as if he was talking about the weather. But France. Training. Gods. War?! "Dad.... Have you been drinking again?" She asks skeptically.

Renald walks inside the house and closes the door, not wanting anyone else to hear things. "I am here for Eva. To take her to the HQ. We had a visitor today. The German king. He had a vision of Cantenseel in war. We believe an elite group of trained youngsters will save our future. The gods seemed to agree since they gave Souji 7 names. 7 people we will train to become an elite team.... I am sorry Iris. Eva's name was on the list...." He had a hard time bringing this news as formally as he had. But he couldn't let his emotions run away from him. Especially not since he already needed to reel in his emotions concerning Valeryia.

Nirri's eye twitches a bit in annoyance and she was about to make another snappy remark when his enthousiasm took over. Man, he was really happy to go see a simple man like Rex. "Yes, the president. And no, we are going immediatly. We are already making them wait. So hurry up." She says as she walks towards the door. "And for your information-" She looks back at him. "-Meeting Rex like this is not a good thing to be enthousiastic about."

Daliyah was quiet. Looking at Raiden as he talked about this woman. It made her heart ache a bit. She felt envious of a woman she didn't even know. Envious that she had a man that talked about her like that. Though she ignored it. "You are just a man in love...." She says quietly before looking away and clearing her throath. "Do you have any other request?"
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Yes, and right now you've been set back to zero." Valeriya said before taking her spray bottle that she used to put water into her hair. "When you get negative points, I spray you." She said before continuing to clean a bit, humming while doing so before getting on her knees and bending over to get something under her dresser.

"My mother was the great leader of a Nation. She was a woman with all the power in the world, and she was killed. My mother was murdered before my eyes, my step mom had the same done and my father died trying to protect my sister, Hannah, who also died." Bertholdt said with a faint smile on his face. "Of course..this..may..uh, well...be something you don't know! After all, you've never been one much for politics." Bertholdt said while sweating, which was something he often did while nervous. "It's nothing, though. Nothing to dwell on. It's in...the p-past." He said hesitantly, accidentally stuttering.

"No, I have not been drinking again!" Joseph growled out, clearly sounding stressed. "The damn king of Germany came here and demanded we gave him Tiras's son-" Joseph said before pausing a bit, being as uncomfortable as ever as he mentioned Tiras again. After his death, Joseph had fallen into a year and a half long pit of depression. The memories were painful to recall. "-we didn't give him, because hell no we're not giving him to a foreign enemy. We do however need to have a force to fight them. You 7 were picked by the gods and honestly, you don't have a choice because me and your mother are going."

Iris narrowed her eyes, slamming the door shut in Renald's face. "You're not taking my daughter!" She said while stomping upstairs, getting a shotgun before Vasilia came out of her room.

"Irisviel what are you rambling about?!" Vasilia said as she walked with her cane to the door with Eva coming down the stairs in confusion. "Renald? What's Iris yelling about?" She asked worriedly. "You know we just lost Seth. You can't do this to her, not now." She whispered to him, giving him a serious look.

"Awwww bullshit! My mom would be proud of me for once!" Yurichi grumbled as he got up, cracking his back a bit before turning his head to Nirri. "Lead the way, 'ma'am" He said in a snarky tone.

"No, none that wouldn't involve murder, love, or fixing my face." Raiden said before sighing, then sitting down, rubbing his face. "Can I wish to see the future?"
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Lucien fake pouted at her words. As if he was scared by a spray bottle of water. It'll only get him slightly annoyed. "Fine, I'll make sure I...." He looks at her behind, no full in sight as she leans forward. "pay close attention to it." He finishes with a small grin on his face.

Riza knew things just weren't adding up. And he looked so nervous. She has had enough experience dealing with and questioning people to know he was or lying or hiding something. Then suddenly just clicked. "They are dead?.... A minute ago you said you came here to save them. How can you save them when they are dead? And I know more about politics than you think. Which nation was it?" It wasn't a nice feeling, having to question him like this, but she was just trying to understand it all.

Again Eadlyn was quiet, progressing it all. And when she finally understood, her heart started to beat at a frantic pace. A force to fight them? And she was part of it? How.... "Absurd! ME?! Of all people in the whole of Cantenseel I am chosen?! Father you know that can't be right. I am not a fighter. Not. At. All! And I am no mood to learn or to leave this country. I have my own life! MY life. I am not going." She says stubbornly as she folds her arms.

Renald sighs at Iris's reaction. He had expected that. He rubs the back of his neck as the older woman approaches him. Looking very appologetic he says. "I am sorry Vasilia but I am in no position to change this decision. It was made by the gods and confirmed by Rex. And after all you've been through in the past weeks I know I have no right but... I am really here to take her with me."

"As if." Nirri shot back as she leads him outisde of the barracks and towards a vehicle. They got in and the driver rode straight to the HQ. It didn't take them very long since the HQ was very near the training facillity for practical reasons so they were the first ones to arrive. Nirri led Yurichi into the elevator which took them all the way up. When they got out all the counselors, including Rex who stood up, focused their attention on the demon spirit and the new child. "I brought the Japanese kid. Yurichi." She says cooly with her arms folded.

Daliyah knew it was a question. But as soon as her master says 'I wish' with somehting behind it she is forced to grant it. "As you wish." She says as she snaps her fingers. A blinding light surrounded them and suddenly it felt as if they were being pulled forward. When the pulling stopped and the lights faded back to normal. There they were, standing on the streets. 5 years into the future. "Here it is." She says, not really affected by it.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeriya turned her head quickly, looking into Lucien's eyes, gulping a bit, knowing what he was doing but bothering to not even say anything. She reached over, misting the top of his head with the spray bottle, still not saying anything before getting back down. "Are you even blinking?"

Bertholdt sat silent, having sweaty drop down his head as his pupils became constricted. He grinned a bit, looking at Riza before laughing a bit, seeing the face of his own mother again instead of Riza's face. "Mother?" He asked her, seeing his mother look at him.

"Bertholdt, what are you doing here? Why aren't we in the castle, darling?" Louisa asked Bertholdt, reaching over at putting her hand on his shoulder. "Where is Annelise?"

"Annelise?..." Bertholdt asked, having the sweat seem to stop. "I don't know where she is..I don't know where we are mommy. I'm scared." He said as he started breathing heavier. "Where are the bad men?! The bad men are here! They bad men had Annelise, they had-" His eye pupil seemed to grow smaller as he heard a gunshot, and saw a bullet in his mothers forehead. She smiled at him, her hand on his shoulder as the blood poured out and she died. Bertholdt tackled her, which in reality was Riza, and started shaking her, not realizing he was in a hallucination. "MOTHER!" He screamed out, almost gurgling as his eyes went white while he shook her.

"Mmm. Yeah you are. Or you're going to be. Get over it quickly, otherwise this will all get harder." Joseph said simply before picking her up, being much stronger than she could have imagined. "Sorry Eadlyn, I love you, but daddy is too stressed right now to coddle his princess." He said as he began to walk in the direction of Virgil's hospital, expecting Felicia probably to be there, which wasn't going to be any way fun. "Shiomi! Take her car back to the house please!" He said while taking Eadlyn's keys out of her pocket, tossing them to Shiomi.

Shiomi caught the keys, blinking twice, wondering if she should protest or anything before deciding not to mess with the scary vampire lord.

Vasilia narrowed her eyes a bit, breathing in before breathing out, resisting the urge to slap Renald as she whistled. "Eva!" She called out, having Eva follow from her chair, where she had been listening, walking over and looking at Renald who she was slightly taller than now. "Talk to Renald, I'll be back."

"Okay grandma.." Eva said before looking at Renald with a sullen expression. "I have to take care of my family.." She said quietly, looking at him. "I know grandma is here but.." She widened her eyes as Vasilia came down the stairs with a giant sword. "GRANDMA?!"

"What? I'm not letting you go off without a sword." Vasilia said before patting her back. "You're off."

"WHAT?" Eva said in surprise, shaking her head. "What do you mean I'm off? I have to take care of you all!"

"I'm old, but I'm not that old Eva." Vasilia said with a smile, looking at her. "I'll keep everything fine here. I'll get your mom to calm down, alright?" She said before noticing Iris poke out from behind the corner.

"So..this is it huh? Renald whisks away my daughter.." Iris asked before walking to Eva, hugging her tightly as tears streamed down from her eyes. Eva wrapped her arms back around her, sniffing a bit but not crying, trying to be strong. "I love you Eva. Bring Seth back, please..."

"I love you too mommy..." Eva said quietly with her voice being a bit sobby before she let go. "I promise to come back with him." Eva said, then reaching over and taking her grandmothers sword. "I'm ready."

"He's quite scrawny." Yamato commented out while sipping his sake. "What use would he had? Sweeping the floors?" He asked with a bit of a chuckle, causing Kenji to laugh as well. "God he's already all banged up." He noticed, raising an eyebrow. "Yurichi..right?" He asked with his raised eyebrow. "Are you one of those..Chinese immigrants? You kinda have the loo-"

"Hey fuck you!" Yurichi growled out, stepping aggressively as if to go attack. "I am not Chinese, I am Japanese! I am of warrior blood, not janitor!" He growled out, gritting his teeth before loosening up his fist, stepping back close to Nirri, seeming at least somewhat comforted by being near her. "I'm sorry." He said quickly, then looking at Rex. "What can I do for you, sir?"

Raiden looked around, seeing a bombed out Cantenseel with rugged soldiers in the streets, going house from house, bearing symbols of the former government of Cantenseel. "They can't see us.." Raiden commented out. He walked around, seeing a full scale war between the Cantenseelans and the Germans, who seemed to be ruling over the land with an iron fist. He looked at the massive monitor in the business district, seeing the daily propaganda spread by Louisa herself, who was holding a small young girl on her lap who resembled her as well as holding a royal scepter in the other hand. Behind her, he saw himself, much older and tired, sporting now a beard to hide his scars.

"Momma, are we almost done?" The little girl asked Louisa.

"Hannah silence." Louisa whispered to her, setting Hannah down and letting her run off, revealing a baby bump. "To my brother, and any other people out there who think of revolting, think of your families. Think of the people you care about. We will unmask your identities and execute your family's along with you in public. We will shame your name for the next millennia, and you will no longer have a place in my world. My empire is strength, and my will is absolute. Test my patience, revolutionaries. You will see that I will grow tired of these games."

"And then nothing will stop what's coming to you. " Future Raiden said as he approached from the shadows, crouching down and grinning at the camera as Louisa reached over and rubbed his back before the screen went off.

"........" Raiden blinked twice, then having tears swell in his eyes. "We won, didn't we?"
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien's ears flattend on his head as he shook it a bit like a dog to get the droplets out. He then runs a hand through his hair and grin seductively at her as he watches through slightly narrowed eyes. "I was trying not to blink. The view was quite enjoyable I must say." He says honestly.

Riza got slightly worried as she saw the sweet dripping off of his face. "Berth-" She reached out for him but then he suddenly called her mother. "Uhh... Are you alright?" He was talking nonsense. And the look in his eyes worried her. Out of nowhere he tackeld her. "Bertholdt!" Her heart pounded fast and she actually got scared seeing him like this. What was happening to him?! "Snap out of it!" She yelled as she slapped him in the face, hoping that would clear his mind.

"Wow! Daddy!" Eadlyn complained as she was lifted up. Though she didn't struggle much, knowing it was futile. So instead she sighs deeply and folds her arms. Perhaps she could talk her way out of this later. Oh, and she would find a way to get out of this.

Indeed as espected, Felicia was in the hospital, just outside Virgil's room where he was sleeping, tightly being embraced by Kane as she cried. She had explained it all to him. They both agreed on not letting anyone take Virgil. They have even been discussing that Kane could take Virgil far away for his safety. So when Joseph arrived at the hospital he was met by two deadly glares from Virgil's parents. Felicia wipes her tears away before walking forward and folding her arms, Kane right behind her. "You are not taking my son." She growled out. And as if to make sure Joseph understood, Kane spread out his massive wings, blocking the view towards Virgil's door completely.

Renald's stomach knotted a bit when he saw Eva. This poor child has already been through so much. He opened his mouth to apologize again when he saw the old warrior walk down the stairs with a huge sword. His whole body went tense as he takes a step back. A huge wave of relief hits him though as he realizes that it was not for him. With a deep sigh he rubs his neck. That woman still could scare the crap out of him. He did not want another almost dead situation by her hands. He nods as Eva says she's ready though she probably did not even know what she was in for. "I will take care off her." he says directed towards Vasilia and Iris, determination in his voice, before he leads Eva out towards his car. "We're going to the HQ. The rest will meet us there."

Nirri knew those guys would go picking on him immediatly, calling him out for the scrawny kid he was. Though it also did not suprise her that he was barking back at them. Not a wise thing to do though.

"I aplogize for my compagnions as well." Rex says as he glances at his two commanders. "It was rude of them and they know it." Their was a slight warning tone in his voice before he looks back at Yurichi, examining him as he walks towards the boy. Not much of a warrior yet indeed. But it looked like he was on his way. Also judging by the way he stood comfortable next to Nirri must mean that mentally he was stornger than they would think. "I see you are friends with Nirri." he says with a light smile.

Nirri's eyes widen before glaring at Rex. "Hey." She turned into purple mist and shoots towards Rex. He did not flinch as she reappears sitting on his shoulders in her small child form, pulling at his ears. "Don't tease nor test me like that or I will haunt you."

Rex simply chuckles, having lived with this little demon forever so he was used to all her behaviours. "You already have me shaking on my knees." He reaches up and pets her head which made her smile in content and even close her eyes as she rubs her head more against his hand. It made him smile softly before he focuses his attention back to Yurichi. "I am Rex Ellington. President of Cantenseel. And I welcome you to the HQ. Now if you would just sit and wait for a few minutes I'll explain it to you and the rest who still need to arrive."

Daliyah looks around at the destruction. Even though it should not bother her it did. A genie has nothing to think of human worlds events. But seeing this devastion.... She reaches down and picks up an old torn doll. "If you call this winning...." She mumbles quietly as she stares at the doll before looking back at Raiden. "Though the future is a fragile thing. One simple step could change everything. So don't cling too much to these images. You might be dissapointed when it doesn't happen."
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"There's not much even there." Valeriya grumbled out, not even blushing as she cleaned up. "I mean..." She blushed a bit, then sighing. "I have so much leg it doesn't even matter that butt I have, unless its giant." She commented out as she finished tidying up her room before plopping on her bed, looking over at Lucien. "I wonder what my friends are doing."

Bertholdt stopped in his tracks when he was slapped, having everything return to normal as he looked down at Riza, horrified, realizing he had tackled her down on the couch. He broke down, crying, laying in her lap, pulling out his wallet which had a photo of him when he was younger, his mother, his sister, his father and Annelise in the photo. He pulled the photo out, showing Riza the back. The photo was dated almost ten years in the future. "I'm not from this time." He sobbed out.

"Mmm. Yes I am." Joseph said as he sat Eadlyn down before kicking Kane in the stomach and shoving him out of his way while he was stunned, going over to Virgil and looking down at him silently as he slept, closing his eyes, seeming to have a moment in his own world as he remembered Tiras, then looking at Felicia. "You're being selfish, Felicia. Tiras was willing to sacrifice his own life, so the world could be safe. Are you going to tarnish what he did, just so Virgil can have at best, maybe five years of freedom until the Germans come and take him so he can be used as a weapon?" Joseph asked with a raised eyebrow. "I make warriors, not weaklings. The only person that ever let Tiras die was himself, my soldiers don't die. Virgil is your son. He's Tiras's son. Do you expect him to really let himself die in battle?" He asked. "And if it's your happiness your concerned about, he's about to be surrounded with six over people his age, in France, at a castle which also happens to have a wine vineyard. He's going to have the time of his life. You just need to sit down and think about it rationally, as well as considering what his father would do."

Eva sat the large sword in the backseat before noticing over three hundred tally marks on the hilt of the blade. She looked at Renald in surprise, her jaw dropping a bit. "Uh......" She buckled herself in quickly, then coughing. "Did my grandma...really...did she kill over three hundred people in battle?.." She asked in a whisper tone.

"Nirri is real secretive about us. I dunno why." Yurichi said with a chuckle, intentionally hinting at something more even though there wasn't anything before walking closer to Rex and shaking his hand. "I'm Yurichi Mizushima. It's an honor to meet you, Mr. President." Yurichi said exictedly with a grin. "Can...Can we like, take a picture for my mom?" He asked him quietly.

"This is beauty. It's Louisa's dream, after all, coming to fruition." Raiden said happily as he noticed the soldiers from before moving. The leader, who was the only one who was maskless, had long white hair, facial scruff and a scar going down his face that had blinded his left eye. It took a moment for him to realize that it was actually Virgil.

Future Virgil took a glove off before charging a ball of electricity into his hand, shooting it into the monitor and turning it off, causing some of Louisa's peacekeepers to come out, armed. Virgil pulled out both of his longswords, running and sliding the moment the soldiers started shooting, curling into a ball as he slid and getting behind the soldiers and stabbing them in their backs before they could react, channeling electricity through the swords to fry them before sliding them off, wiping the blood onto their bodies. "Yurichi, Yumi, need you two on me. Eadlyn, Eva, need you to find a way to sneak through the back. Valeriya, Dequan and Fillian, I need you guys to get us an escape route out. Remember, masks on, no civilians. We're taking the broadcasting station and making sure the propaganda isn't gonna be spread in our city any more." Virgil said before putting on his balaclava. "Squadron, move out."
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien glances at her as she sits down next to him on the bed. Being this close to her made him able to really take in her scent. It was strange since it was her own sweet scent but it was partly mixed with his own scent. Probably because of the bond they share. It strangely enough made him feel very.... conected to her. He wraps one arm around her as he pulls her a bit closer. "Ofcourse your butt matters. Nomatter how big or small. Your long legs make them only more tempting." He says with a grin. "Do you have many friends?" He asks, switching the subject since he knew he would get sprayed again if he continous talking about her delicious long legs.

Riza gently patted his back as he broke down though she had a very confused and worried look on her face. When she saw the picture her heart stopped for a beat, regonizing the woman and the man immediatly. Her eyes were wide as she stares at Bertholdt. That couldn't be true... She takes the picture with a slightly shaking hand. "These.... Are the people from the bank robbery..." She says quietly. "You're...." She was in complete shock.

Felicia yelped a bit as Joseph brutally kicked her husband. She made sure Kane was alright, who looked fine if not even more pissed, before focusing her raging attention on Joseph. She would have been screaming if her son hadn't been near. Her hands were shaking as she fists them and tears appear in her eyes. "Tiras is not h-here..." Her voice was already shaking. "I don't care if I am being selfish. I am not willing to sacrafice my son for anything. And I know what you are capable off. Your warriors are splendid and won't die in battle. But my son will die because I see every inch of his father in him. And just like his father he would sacrafice his life for others. And I am not going to let him go like that. Not again." The tears were now flowing freely down her face as her rage turned into a look of pure grief and hopelessness. She walks closer to Joseph and takes his hand. "I-I'm begging you, Joseph." She got onto her knees as she puts her forhead against the back of his hand. "I-'ll do anything and everything. No matter what but p-please. Don't take my son away."

Renald buckles up as well before he starts to drive. At her question he could not help but crack a grin. Thinking back at all their battles fought together and against eachother. "Probably more. She was the fiercest female soldier I have ever seen. Everyone was afraid of her because her heart was strong and her body even stronger." He glances at Eva. "You have the same strong heart."

Nirri glares at Yurichi while Rex grins slightly at Nirri. "Ah, I see. Well, you two seem like a good pair." He says, teasing Nirri as well as he quikly grabs her by the end of her small jacket and drops her to the floor before she could bite or scratch him. Before she hits the ground she turns into purple mist and reforms herself in her adult form on Rex's chair, looking the other way and extremely pissed off. Rex chuckles before looking back at Yurichi. The kid was excited as if he was meeting his famous popstar. "Sure." He said, doing him this favour since he was going to ask alot from this boy.

Daliyah could not see the beauty in this. But nowadays she saw the beauty in nothing. She really hoped they would get back to the present soon when she saw a person that made her heart clench. Virgil. One part of her was relieved and happy to see him here, alive. The other part of her was bleeding in pain at the sight of him. She didn't want to see him. He made her feel too much. Her eyes get a bit watery but she quikly folds her arms and looks the other way, forcing it down.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Two..maybe three, but besides that, not at all." Valeriya said as she tried to ignore the legs comment, narrowing her eyes a bit before pulling her blankets over her legs so he'd have nothing to be staring at. "I don't like people, never particularly have. They always kept their distance from the 'green bean giant' or so they called me when I was younger." She grumbled out before sighing. "It doesn't hurt anymore."

"I am Prince Bertholdt von Stadner the first of the Germanic Empire." Bertholdt said while putting his finger against her lips to hush her, seeming to have gained his composure back to a degree. "I came here to prevent the imminent death of my parents...and..to save the world, and myself." Bertholdt said quietly, looking down. "In my timeline, my mother was the queen of the world when the gods finally enacted their plan, sending down their angels..." Bertholdt closed his eyes, hearing the screams before he shook his head a bit to get them out. "They killed my family, and I had to live with my uncle for years. To come here...I made a deal with the devil, and killed my uncle and gave his soul as an offering so I could save everyone." He said quietly to her, having tears shimmer in his eyes. "My uncle was the man who stabbed me at the robbery." He whispered out while sobbing. "I can't..fail my mission..or the world will die again before our eyes Riza.." He whispered before sniffing, looking at her, wanting a response and more so wanting comfort.

"Don't grovel to me, Felicia." Joseph said as he took her off his hand, making her fall back on her ass, preparing to snap before looking over at Eadlyn, who was watching him. "Virgil will die if he doesn't get proper training." He spoke out calmly, crouching down and looking at Felicia. "I'm sorry. It's sick that he was cursed with the same powers my son had, but we can't change it. People will hunt for him. And the only difference between him dying and him living will be the knowledge he can learn from me. And it's not just him. Even my own daughter, Renald's daughter, Mina's son, Kimi's niece...they're all joining in. He's not going to be alone, and we're all feeling this." He whispered quietly before shaking his head. "And your son isn't as much like Tiras as you think he is. He is definitely your son." He said before standing up, noticing Virgil was awake. "Oh uh...hello Virgil."

"Alright what the FUCK is he talking about?" Virgil asked angrily, having heard what they were talking about. "And why the FUCK are you even in my room."

"Alright so short story, you're joining a group of seven and you don't have a choice." Joseph said as he walked over and started pulling wires out, making Virgil angrily struggle.

"Get off of me!" Virgil said while trying to push him off.

"Oh shut up!" Joseph growled out. "I'm too tired for your shit."

"I said off!" Virgil yelled out as his yellow eye began to glow and his wounds healed, allowing him to shove Joseph off and punch him in the face before getting out of his hospital bed, getting in a defensive position.

Joseph rubbed his mouth, spitting out blood before raising up his fists and having his wings grow out from his back. "I'll show you some discipline, first hand!" Joseph said before waiting for Virgil to strike, then grabbing his wrists and throwing him down onto the ground hard.

"Ugh...." Virgil let out, blanking out for a moment before looking over at his mom. "Why..am I joining a team of seven?" He asked groggily, finally ready to not fight anymore.

"I hope I'll be able to make her proud then." Eva said with a smile as Renald, then sighing out quietly, folding her hands together. "Who else is going to be in the group? Anyone I know?" She asked optimistically, dearly hoping so.

Yurichi grinned, getting his photo taken with Rex, leaving him almost hyperventilating before plopped down in the chair next to Nirri, smiling at her with a genuine smile, then frowning a bit, looking down. This group would just end up being another group where he was the weakest link. He sighed, shaking his head a bit, having his whole demeanor change a bit.

Future Virgil panted out a bit, holding his weapon tight before he kicked in the front door of the broadcasting station, using his cloth to hack away at the enemies before behind Fillian and Dequan, came a silver haired woman with a long rapier. She looked at them blankly before holding her sword up to their backs just as the future vision began to fall apart, causing it to freeze. The woman then turned her head, looking back at Raiden and Daliyah. "The lords are coming for all you sinners. Run, and you will die. Fight, and you will die. Live, and you will die. All you do leads to this outcome, Raiden Lancaster and Daliyah the genie. Destruction is assured regardless, as humanity must pay for their crimes. I am Lanying Zhang, herald of the heavens, and I am coming, may it be seconds, minutes, hours, days, months or years...I will come." She said ominously before the vision of the future fell apart, bringing them back to Raiden's room.

"Who...who was that woman?.." Raiden asked in surprise, sensing a great energy from her in the future vision. "That woman was terrifying...truly.."
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien had already expected something like that. Most of the times the ones that looked different from the rest were the ones everyone ignored. Even though they were the most diverse and intresting individuals. "It is better to just have two. When you have 30 friends you all know them a small bit. When you two they become family to you. And I agree most people aren't very likeable." He said before grinning, feeling like teasing her again. "They should have been calling you 'sexy green bean long legs'. "

Riza's head was spinning from the information. Stadner. She knew that family name. Everyone knew. So that meant that a Stadner will take over the world. And she can imagine by force as she thinks back at the bank robbery. Was that what they needed the money for? To get stuff to start a war so this woman could take over the world? And not only that. This forcefull Queen was Berthold's mother. And he was from the future. And he made a deal with the devil to get here. "I...." She was truly at lost for words, this was all way too much information. And she had no clue what to do with it.

Felicia yelped a bit as she fell backwards. She was going to beg as much as she needed to keep him here but then Joseph began speaking. And with her face directed at the floor, and while her tears kept streaming, his words slowly were sinking in. She knew people would always hunt for him now. And that he needed to be able to defend himself but.... And then she thought about the other children going. She knew those kids very well. Dequan. Eva. Eadlyn. Valeryia... She had been yelling at Renald just an hour ago that he could not understand. She felt bad that now he did... When she hears both Virgil and Joseph yelling at eachother she quikly stands up. "Stop it! Both of you before you hu-" Just then Joseph trew down Virgil, making her sigh loudly and shake her head. Her heart clenched when her son asked her that question. She walks over and kneels down infront of him, holding his hands. "A man came to the office today, King Adelgar, and he has forseen that Cantenseel will fall into ruin and war very soon. He asked us, or more like demanded, that we give him a chaos mage so he could train him. They wanted you Virgil. They wanted to take you to the Germanic lands. I.... I didn't let them." Or more like she told him to fuck off and die but these were some more restrained words. "But now they want to make an elite group of seven, let Joseph train them, so they can fight the upcoming war. They command you in it as well. Joseph is here to pick you up...." Her voice trembled a bit as she tried to explain it to him calmly. Though Joseph could probably hear she started to whisper to him. "If you don't want to, just say the word and I will get you out of here nomatter the cost. I won't let them force you into this. I will do anything to stop this." And she would, even if it would send her to prison or cost her her life. It was clear rom the look in her eyes.

"You will Eva. Just know they are already proud of you." Renald said with a gentle smile before his smile faded a bit again at her question. "Eadlyn Bordeaux. Dequan and Fillian Zhang. My daughter, Valeryia. Felicia's Stadner's son, Virgil. And a boy named Yurichi. You know some of them right?" he asks though he was certain. The counselor's kids often played together when they were young and growing up.

Nirri just did not understand why he was being so damn excited for. It was just Rex. No one special in her eyes. But then she heard his sigh. His mood switching faster than expected. Well, she could guess why he sighed. Just then the elevator's door opened and there walked in Souji together with his son Dequan and Fillian. Dequan was wearing one of Souji's white yukata's with a robe over it, looking very much like his father and for the first time ever looking as if he could really be the son of a divine creature. Fillian was wearing his normal clothes though his wings were out on which he had placed golden armor for protection, having the feeling he atleast needed to look a bit presentable and strong. Nirri did not like these two. Way too holy. She began to speak in Yurichi's head, explaining who they were because she knew Yurichi was probably clueless. "The man in the front is counselor Souji, a devine messenger, and husband to counselor Mina. The first one with the white hair is his son, Dequan Zhang. He has his father's divine power of creation though I have not seen him use it once. The grumpy guy with the wings is Fillian, Souji's divine protector. A rather dangerous guy when you threaten the family he is supposed to protect. So don't go messing around with Dequan I warn you. Don't go messing around with Fillian either. He has a shorter temper than you."

Rex smiles as he walks over to them. "Dequan, good to see you. Boy, you have been growing up fast. I would swear I see your father in you alot like this." He says as he pats the boy's head.

Dequan smiles a bit shyly as he chuckles. "So many people say." he says as he glances at his father who was looking at him with a proud gentle smile.

Rex then looks at Fillian and shakes his hand, knowing Fillian did not like to get too chatty and stuff. "Good to see you have recovered Fillian." Fillian simply rolls his eyes in annoyance as he points at his throat. "I know.... But I am glad that the rest of you has recovered. Especially your wings." Fillian was very glad about them too. And now he was ofcourse extra protective of them. Trying to light the mood a bit Rex grins. "The quiet is nice though for once." He says, having memories of Fillian whining and complaining and being loud through their meetings. Fillian glared, giving the president his middle finger before hissing as Souji slaps the back of his head which caused Dequan to chuckle.

Daliyah had felt the huge magical tension before she saw the woman but she had thought it was because of this huge wish. When the scene froze, it felt like she was frozen as well by this woman. Her words caused her to shiver though she did not understand why she of all people was being targeted. She had nothing to do with this world and she wanted to have nothing to do with it. When they reappeared in Raiden's room she sighs a bit in relief before sitting down on his bed, feeling a bit weakend after granting such a wish. "I do not know..." She says quietly, not really wanting to think back and wanting to forget that future immediatly.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeriya reached over and bonked her hand on his head. "Shush." Valeriya said before grumbling a bit, then shrugging. "Yeah..well. My friends are too busy to really care about me anymore. Shiomi and Eadlyn are always together, talking about their boyfriends and all that stuff I don't really care about." She said before sighing deeply. "I've drifted away pretty far away from them. They don't...they're too in their own worlds to understand what someone is going through, you know?" She asked quietly. "If they needed help beating up someone, they'd call big tall Valeriya to scare people. If they needed to chat at the table and had to have someone to fill the seat, that was me. If they need someone to cry to about their problems, I am here. But...when I need them? When I need someone to cry to? They're nowhere. They're off with their boyfriends, or going to the salon together." Valeriya said out angrily before crossing her arms. "I don't care anymore."

"I can understand Riza if you..well..if you...judge me, for keeping this secret. I just want to let you know, I do love you, and that was something I never kept secret." Bertholdt said quietly, looking down a bit, putting his hands together. "I can't let you tell anyone though. If I don't complete my mission, everything I have done will be meaningless." He said to her quietly. "So stay by my side Riza, just as you would have before you knew who I truly was. I am still the same man." Bertholdt said quietly as he looked at her with a sad expression. "Please don't think less of me for what I have done.." He said as he reached over, grabbing her hand. "Nobody else's opinion matters more to me than yours Riza."

Virgil looked down for a moment, trying to process this all through his before nodding. "It's okay mom." Virgil said quietly before standing up, looking at Joseph. "And you think that you can really prepare us for this war?"

"I trained your father, Virgil." Joseph said bluntly. "I can easily train you all to be killers, that's not the issue. It's if your willing to learn, so tell me, are you willing?"

Virgil leaned down and got Felicia back on her feet before hugging her tightly, not shedding a tear as he fondly remembered memories of Felicia comforting him when he was sad. He reached around and put his hand on the back of his mothers head, rubbing it as he hummed the old song she would hum to him to keep the nightmares away, which so happened to be the song that played when she and Tiras first had their dance.

"Virgil is there?" Eva asked out of surprise, remembering him from school. "I thought he died! I never saw him around after he dropped out. He was..well. He was my middle school boyfriend. Very depressed fellow." Eva said with a bit of a laugh. "Did he get his fathers powers?..." She asked quietly with a paled look on her face.

"Ooooooh! My baby!" Mina said as she got out of her chair and quickly shuffled over to Dequan, pulling his head down and kissing his forehead in front of everyone, then pulling away and smiling as she looked at him before reaching over and making the strings to the robe even. "You look very handsome sweetie." She whispered to Dequan. "You too Fillian."

"A counselors son and protector, of course." Yurichi grumbled out. "Of course they have all the special people be in this group. People that have never had to worry about where they are living, or what dinner is gonna be tonight, if you even get any." Yurichi angrily said, scorn for the others clearly in his eyes. "Fucking bullshit." He said accidentally a little louder than he should have.

Raiden silently stared at Daliyah, then brushed the back of his hair back, getting on a shirt and some shoes before walking out. "If I need you, I'll call for you. I'm going to go visit Louisa, alright?"
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien simply chuckles as she boinks his head. Though his smile fell a bit as she started to talk about the relationship between her and her friends. It sounded like she felt like the odd man out. "Well, if you need a boyfriend. I am available. Though that contract also means I am allowed to fully touch whenever whereever." He says with a very teasing grin before getting a bit more serieus. "But really, the fact that you talk about this like that means you do care. Ofcourse you care. They are your friends. And I am sure you are just misjudging them. My brothers were like that as well. We were a group of three but those two together were a clear couple. Just like you I was kinda the odd man out. And even though they were not always near me, I know they would go through fire for me when I need them. Because that is what friends and family are for. And I am sure they need you and think about you more than you think." He tried to soothe her a bit. Nor liking how she had been talking about herself.

Judge him? Riza could never judge him for wanting to save his family. Though she was quite shocked about the future he had been from. A world led by a Stadner. She did not want to live through the events leading to that. But Berthold was living proof of what was about to come.... "You're.... Still you." Riza says softly as she squeezes his hand. It was true. His past, or future or whatever, may been violent. But he was still looking at her with those same gleaming eyes and holding her with those gently hands. "I won't tell anyone.... And I won't leave you."

Felicia had known in her heart that he would go. He was like his father in that regards. She looks down at the ground, feeling hopeless, as the tears stream down her face. He was truly leaving. When he helped her up and held her she softly hugged her back. Though then he began to humm a song she regonized all to well. It caused her to cry harder and cling to her boy for dear life. "You better come back to me. You have too." She sobbed out.

Renald raises one eyebrow at the newly gained information. Oh? A Romanov and a Stadner? Well, that would have been a very strong couple. Though he wondered if it now was going to be awkward between them. "He is alive and doing well. And yes, he did." He said, not revealing more about Virgil's powers.

Dequan blushed a bit in embarresment and smiles shyly as he holds his mother's hands gently to stop her from pulling and fussing over his clothes. Fillian simply grinned as if saying 'Ofcourse.' Though both their attention switched to Yurichi who had clearly cursed, for what reason they were not sure but he did look rather pissed. Fillian narrowed his eyes at the scrawny white haired kid and straightend his back more, his wings gaining a bit in length. Dequan does quite the opposite, he softly ellbows Fillian, telling him to quit his attitude before walking over to Yurichi, a gentle smile on his face. "You must be Yurichi." Since he was the only person of the name's his father told her that he did not regonize. He extends his hand in a friendly gesture. "My name's Dequan Zhang and that's Fillian. We'll be counting on you from now on." His while aura screamed holy gentle soul. Not even likely to kill a fly.

Daliyah simply nods before going back into her lamp, being glad of the protection the constricted small area provided. Here she wouldn't have to think about the world. And she was glad about that.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"No, they don't care." Valeriya huffed out. "They both think they're pretty princesses, and act like it too. They don't have time for others besides themselves." She angrily said with her arms crossed, upset her friends had seemingly ditched her. She then reached up, rubbing her face before plopping her head on her pillow. "I don't need them."

Bertholdt had tears swell up in his eyes while looking at Riza before he reached over and brought her into his embrace tightly, hiding his face a bit in his hair as he rocked both of them a bit, trying to breathe. "Riza I love you so much.." He sobbed out quietly, unable to really contain it anymore. After seeming to contain himself somewhat, he pulled away and gave Riza a deep kiss, then looking at her with only love in his eyes as he reached over and grabbed both her hands gently while staring into her eyes. "I'm sorry for being so odd, Riza. It's strange..being with someone not meant to exist right now, isn't it?.."

"I promise I'll come back, mom." Virgil said to Felicia with a strong, almost manly tone in his voice. He put his forehead against hers, rubbing her back while humming before finishing the song. He then reluctantly pulled away, then moving over to Joseph, standing right next to him. "I love you mom, and dad. I promise I will come back, alive." He said as he then reached over and hugged Kane, then letting go. "I'll see you all again soon." He said before Joseph nudged at him to leave. He followed Joseph, looking over and seeing Eadlyn, awkwardly coughing a little bit. "Yo." He said to Eadlyn, not realizing he was still in a hospital robe.

Remi ran into the hospital room, having milkshakes for everyone before screeching. "THE BED IS EMPTY!" She yelled out, then looking at Felicia and Kane. "AH. AH. AH. YOU LOOK LIKE YOU'RE GOING TO CRY. DON'T CRY! NO DON'T CRY!" She said as she ran over, practically glomping Felicia.

"Huh, well that's something. He always said he'd grow up to be his dad." Eva said with a bit of a laugh before noticing they skipped the HQ, heading for Rex's mansion instead. "Hey Renald, who are we getting?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

Ivanka stood in the kitchen, humming a bit as she make her special cabbage stew, chopping up the cabbages with a smile. "My big sexy strong man, he will love cabbage stew tonight after this long day." Ivanka said with a grin, then plopping the cabbage into the stew.

Yurichi looked at Fillian, standing up and seeming to flex as if he was ready to get into a fight with Fillian, rolling up his sleeves, revealing his intricate yakuza tattoos before he looked over at Dequan, seeming to calm down a bit at his kindness. "Yurichi Mizushima is the name, we'll see if we all can work together." He said as he reached over, taking Dequan's hand and shaking it.
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien frowned as she seemed to completely ignore his teasing. Which meant she truly felt really really bad. He did not like it. He did not like it at all. Why he cared so much he did not know but he did. He felt the huge urge to comfort her. He gently took her hands from her face before he leaned down over her, one hand next to her head on the bed to stabelize him. "If that is really what you think then fuck them. Like you said you don't need them. You are strong enough for that. And besides, you got me now. I'll run through fire for you then." He caresses her cheek as he leans down more, his breath already touching her lips. "Whenever you need me to." He mumbles as he his eyes seem to get a bit hazy as he closes his eyes and leans down even more. Only an hair space was left between their lips before he realized what he was doing. He bolted up straight, his eyes a bit wide in suprise. Dear lords what was he doing?! He was calling her strong? Comforting her? Being gentle with her? What the hell was going on with him?! Why was he feeling so protective of her?! He scratches his head furiously out of stress. "I need a moment." he said before quikly leaving the room at an extremely fast pace. He stayed in the mansion but headed straight towards the place he needed to be. He trew open the door to Belial and Cecilia's room, both who were still lazying around in bed and just cuddeling. "I need to intrude for a minute." He announched before closing the door. Not caring what Belial would think he walks over and crawls onto the bed, grabbing his sister's hand and pulling her upright as he sits infront of her. He did not care that his sister was completely naked except for a lacy thong she was wearing. "I have a problem. I am having strange thoughts and doing strange things. I am sexually frustrated as hell but I havn't layed my hands on Valeryia. I was bringing her down at first but now I am comforting her and helping her. I do not tease as much as I normally do. I have not tried to take over her body. I am feeling way overprotective of her. And I just wanted to kiss her tenderly. TENDERLY. And most of all, my scent is on her. No not on her. MIXED with hers. I don't know how. I don't know why. But my own actions are freakking me out!" He rabbled out, it would be a miracle if Cecilia had heared it all. But one thing was clear, these actions and thoughts, were not like him.

Cecilia blinke a few times, or more like alot of times, to progress it all. "Sounds to me like you're sick." She says bluntly, not regonizing these behaviours as well. And also not caring that she was naked infront of her brother.

Lucien pulled at his hair. "It really sounds like it." He says with a groan.

Riza deeply kissed him back as she wipes away his tears. This sweet gentle soul of him. She puts her forhead against his as she shrugs slightly. "You are still the same." She repeats. Him being from the future did not bother her that much. The future he told her about did. But she would not let that show. She would just love him, be with him, and hope it all turns out for the better. That was all she could do now anyway.

Kane hugged his son back, his heart feeling heavy as well but he stayed strong for his wife. When he was gone, he held Felicia close to him, letting her cry into his shoulder. Though when Remi walked in, freakking out, he smiles soothingly at her. "We'll explain in a minute darling."

Eadlyn had her arms folding while looking him up at down. Strange guy. "Yo. Put on some clothes." She says. She had heard of Virgil before ofcourse. He was the son of her father's adoptive son. So that made them.... She honestly didn't know. Family in a weird kind of way? Though they had never really met nor did she have the urge to meet him. But he looked okay enough.

Renald prayed for Felicia that Virgil won't walk the exact same path his father walked. "We're going to pick up my daughter, Valeryia. She is in the team as well. You know her. You two played alot at meetings when you were younger." He says with a light smile, feeling fond of those memories.

Dequan eyes the tattoos. Ofcourse he knew those everyone did. This guy was from the Yakuza. But judging by the fact he was here he guessed not anymore. And judging by the fact he was challenging Fillian, he was certainly not afraid. His smile only got a bit broader. "Ofcourse we can all work together. I am sure of that. It is not coincidence we were chosen." His optimism was just as high as Souji's
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeriya blinked twice as he bolted out, a red blush across her face as she shook her head, wondering what the hell just happened. She got up, following quietly to Belial's room, hearing what Lucien had to say.

Belial blinked twice, putting his hand over his crotch so Lucien wouldn't be looking as he raised an eyebrow. "It sounds like you are starting to like her like I like my wife. Treat her good, and she might become your wife. Don't rape though, human girls don't like that." Belial grumbled a bit before reaching over and giving Cecilia a kiss. "Also Valeriya is listening to us right now."

"N-No I'm not!" Valeriya said before quickly putting her hands over her mouth.

"Nevermind then." Belial said with a small chuckle.

"You're right.." Betholdt said quietly, breathing out a bit before smiling. "I am me, with or without my past haunting me, I will always be me." He said with his smile before leaning over and giving her a kiss. "Since you're feeling bad tonight, I have the perfect thing for you that I picked up while you were gone." He said as he stood up, going to the freezer before pulling out a giant tub of chocolate ice cream. "All for you." He said with a grin.

"Okay." Remi said simply, then counting to sixty before putting her hands on her hips, coughing a bit. "Kane. It's been a minute." She said in a very sassy tone. "So how did someone with a hole in their stomach disappear out of their hospital bed?"

"I would if I actually had some, on hand." Virgil commented out as he reached over to keep people from seeing his ass. "Hey Joseph, you mind if I can get my clothes from my house?"

"Yes I mind. We're kinda on a time crunch right now." Joseph said while grumbling a bit, then heading down to the lobby, finding someone about Virgil's sized. "I will give you a thousand dollars right now to give me your clothes." Joseph said to the man.

"A...a thousand? for my clothes?..." The man asked in surprise. "Can I keep the underwear?"

"...Well mayb- NO! If you want the money, strip." Joseph ordered, clearly wanting to be entertained as he started flinging out hundreds of dollars from his wallet, beginning to burn the money.

"I'LL DO IT I'LL DO IT DON'T BURN THE MONEY!" The man said before stripping down naked, tossing Joseph the underwear before quickly trying to scoop all the money off of the floor.

"Got you your clothes." He said to Virgil, tossing him the clothes. Virgil put on the pants quickly so nobody could see him, then the shirt as he walked in the guys flip flops.

"Hey uh...." Virgil raised an eyebrow, not knowing Eadlyn's name. "Is this better?"

"Oh of course I know her!" Eva said with a smile. "She's very bright in mathematics, one of the brightest within the college. She will be a wonderful tactician." Eva said with a very large smile. "And she's beautiful, Renald. She looks like you, you know. Not that I'm saying you're a beautiful lady." She said with a giggle.

"Huh, perhaps. But maybe they were wrong." Yurichi said in a dark tone before Mina pinched his ear.

"Be happy you! You're bringing the mood down." Mina grumbled out angrily, pulling Yurichi down, making him wince.

"Gahhhahhhhhhhhhhhhh! My ear is getting pulled off!" Yurichi said as Mina finally let go, making Yurichi rub his ear with a bit of a whimper.

"You're such a good son." Mina said to Dequan lovingly, rubbing his back and smiling. "You remind me of your father." She whispered, then looking back at Souji with a smirk.
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien and Cecilia looked at eachother in silence after Belial's words before in seemed they were both were trying to keep in their laughter. Lucien, him of all people, falling for a human girl? As if! The thought was way too hillarious to consider possible. Though when Belial said Valeryia was listning in on them and when he actually heard her his laughing stopped and he paled a bit. Oh. What all had she heard?! With a groan he walks out of the room, looking slightly pissed off though it was more to hide the shame of her hearing those things. "I told you I needed a minute." He grumbled out, clearly annoyed before walking back to Valeryia's room, not looking back at her.

Cecilia was quiet for a short while. "Could it be? My brother of all people liking a human girl? It is sooooooo no like him!" She mused out loud.

Riza was curious what he had and she smiled broadly as she saw the ice cream. He was such a sweetheart for her. Though she couldn't possibly finish it all. "Get two spoons, a blanket and a movie honey." She says, just wanted to snuggle and cuddle with him. NEEDING to do those things with him after all the events of today.

Even through her tears Felicia couldn't help but chuckle lightly at her daughter's sassyness. Kane crooks a grin as well before rolling his eyes. "Fine then." He says as he calmly began to explain the situation, starting from the king's visit and ending at Virgil leaving. He hoped she would take this well. But she would probably take this just as well as Felicia....

Eadlyn wasn't even suprised her father forced someone to strip. It really was like him to do so. But hey, atleast the guy had some cash now. When she noticed Virgil trying to remember her name she says. "The name's Eadlyn. And it looks good enough."

Renald smiled a bit proudly to hear those things about his daughter and chuckles at the compliment. "Thank you alot. I appreciate it that you don't think I am a beautifull lady." He said jokingly in return. He enjoyed her company, being glad she was this kinda cheery again after all the things that had happend.

Dequan tried to save Yurichi by swatting his mother's hands away from his ear. Nirri chuckled with a grin on her face, liking his small misfortune. "Leave it on." He says with a smile before kissing his mother's forhead. "Thank you."
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Okay and you said that without explanation." Valeriya said while following behind Lucien, clearly irritated at his attitude. "So what's the issue, you're angry because what, you're being nice to me?" Valeriya asked as her eyebrows raised, following him into her room and shutting the door.

"I never thought I'd ever settle down or get married, Cecilia. People change." Belial said with a yawn before looking over at her, giving her a nose boop. "Men change for what they love. It happens to the best of us."

Bertholdt got out a second spoon and set the ice cream and spoons on the coffee table before going into their room and getting their blanket and putting it on Riza, then going to under the TV and getting out titanic, putting it in for the movie, finally the getting the ice cream and the spoons, laying on the couch behind Riza. He opened up the ice cream, handing her a spoon before digging his into it, then holding the spoon close to Riza's mouth. "Here comes to aeroplane." He said with a small grin.

"..........." Remi blinked twice, then angrily gritting her teeth. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY'RE TAKING VIRGIL TO GO TRAIN?! THAT'S PREPOSTEROUS!" She said as the veins popped out of her now red face out of sheer anger. She didn't want to cry, no, she wanted to fight. She wanted to beat some ass. "Where are they going?" She growled out, sounding much like Tiras would.

"I'm Virgil. Nice to meet you." He said before sitting in the back of Joseph's car. "Where next?"

"Shut up." Joseph gruffly said, hot wiring the car to start.

"Wait a minute is this your car?!" Virgil asked, realizing what Joseph was doing.

"It is now." Joseph said before starting it, driving off quickly before someone could realize what happened. He reached the old Kanshinin HQ, parking the car and going with the two up to the elevator, reaching to where everyone was. Virgil walked in with an irritated expression, looking at all the councilors and the generals, all seeing people that only ever saw him as a weapon. Then, he saw Yurichi. "YOU'RE HERE?"

"OH COME ON!" Yurichi growled out, standing up. "You are not telling me that I have to work with him!" Yurichi said in a tone of disbelief.

"You guys know he's a criminal, right?" Virgil asked with a raised eyebrow, making sure that was the case.

"You guys know he's a bitch, right?" Yurichi said, making Virgil buck up a but as if ready to fight Yurichi.

"The next person to annoy me, I will throw out of the window and find a replacement for, so shut up!" Joseph growled out, pinching the bridge of his nose, having a headache begin to form.
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
"I need a minute is enough explaination for people to understand. Or atleast smarter people." Lucien grumbled out, still not happy that she had heard it all. His eyebrow twitches as he runs a hand over his face. "YOU are my issue." She had heard everything anyway so there was no need to hide it anymore. "Exactly. Because you know what, I am not nice. I act nice but that is only manipulation to get what I want. Only to my true family is am nice and protective. But you...." He slowly walks towards her. "You mean nothing to me. You are a weak vessel I decided to use to get back into this land of the living. I could hurt you, torment you, rape you and steal your body in the blink of an eye just like what I had planned on doing." He slowly reached out with his claws for her neck though before he touched her he instead brushed a piece of hair behind her ear. "But instead I am braiding your hair, encouraging you, saying I would protect you and it confuses me that I mean every word I said. I feel protective of you, a feeling I only have with my family. And what bugs me he most is that my scent-" He takes a piece of her hair and holds it up to his nose. "-seems to have mixed with yours...." He then takes a step back with a groan as he narrows his eyes. "So yes I am angrey because I don't understand what is happening and it confuses the hell out of me."

Cecilia cutely rubs her nose as he pokes it, almost feeling like sneezing. "I know Honey but this is my brother. My manipulative sly cunning brother. He doesn't fall in love." She says shaking her head. It was one of the most ridiculous and impossible thing in her head.

Riza gladly leans against Berthold as she snuggles deeper into the blanket. They both really needed this right now. Just some time to clear their heads and just relax. Or atleast they would try. She puts her spoon into the icecream as well when he holds up his spoon to her, causing her to giggle. "Aaah~" She says, opening her mouth wide before eating the icecream. It made her blush because it felt so silly to do.

Kane's eyes widened a bit. Okay, this was not the reaction he had been expecting. But he guessed Felicia had been raging in the beginning at first as well. He gently puts his hands on Remi's shoulders, looking her straight in the eyes. "We don't like it either. But Virgil has decided himself to go.... They are going France I think, knowing Joseph."

Eadlyn follows her father into the HQ, her eyebrow twitches in annoyance as Virgil immediatly began to scream at some pale ass looking guy. Though when she saw the guy's tattoos her eyes widen a tad. Yakuza.... She shakes her head a bit to get her out of it as Rex walks towards them.

"I insist, no fighting or screaming." He says sternly a bit before looking back at Fillian who was grinning. "Counts for you too." Which caused Fillian's grin to dissapear and roll his eyes. Rex then looks back to the new arrivals with a smile. "You all will learn to get along." Knowing Joseph would force them for sure. "Eadlyn, still looking as beautifull as ever. Glad to see you're here." He complimented her.

Eadlyn grins a bit at the compliment as she waves her hair off of her shoulder. "Now now, don't go flattering me Rex. I am way to young for you and you already have Shiomi."

It did cause Rex a bit to chuckle, never his intent to make flirty moves towards a child he has seen grown up. Though Shiomi was... A strange exception. He then looks at Virgil. "Hello Virgil. I am glad and relieved to see you are fully healed." Which did suprise him a bit that he had healed so quikly. "I am... Sorry to have you dragged into this situation." He apologizes as well ofcourse for what had happend.

"I see you already know Virgil." Nirri speaks again in Yurichi's mind. "A chaos mage. Tiras's son. Not a smart move to be calling him a bitch or fight him. Idiot. That woman over there-" Looking at Eadlyn. "- is Eadlyn Bordeaux. Daughter of Joseph Bordeaux, your trainer. She has grown up as a whealthy princess, their whealth being almost ten times as big as the Stadner family. She's a vampire though not a trained one."
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Stop touching me!" Valeriya said angrily, batting Lucien's hand away from her hair, clearly now in an upset move. "If that is truly how you feel, then I suppose you are nothing to me either. Just a demon who's latching onto me." She said with a huff, crossing her arms. "Figure out what you're trying to do Lucien, I don't want games, I don't want this bloody confusion." She said as she stomped out, seeming not to want to deal with any of this as she went outside, getting some fresh air as she noticed her dad pull up with someone in the car. She walked up closer, seeing it was Eva, raising an eyebrow. "Uh, daddy?"

"You'll see, Cecilia. If I can change, anyone can." Belial said adamantly before stretching a bit, then wrapping his arm around Cecilia, bringing her closer. "I can feel age catching up to me. I'm usually never this tired." He said before yawning out loudly.

"So cute." Bertholdt said with a small smile, then using the same spoon to eat some ice cream of his own, then laying his head down on her a bit as he watched the movie, finding it interesting as he breathed through his nose a bit, smelling Riza. "Do you use strawberry hair conditioner?.." He asked quietly, trying to figure out what the fruity scent from her hair was.

"Fucking France." Remi said angrily, cursing for once. "Bullcrap. Virgil is an idiot, he doesn't know better." She said as she pinched the bridge of her nose a bit, having the veins in her forehead pop out a bit as if she was about to explode. "Mom, let's get out of here before I get a stroke or something."

"Hey don't compliment her too much." Joseph said protectively, not wanting to have Rex get his daughter as well. He reached over, wrapping his arm around Eadlyn to bring her closer, having a proud yet smug look on his face.

"Don't apologize, Rex. I willingly joined this." Virgil said as he brushed his hair a bit, parting it at the middle due to him getting sick of it being in his face. "I assume we'll start as fast as possible. Can't be unprepared if a war starts.." Virgil said quietly, looking down, then up at the sky for a moment, as if looking for some sort of answer to everything from his father. Then, he remembered his wish to Daliyah. "Father, can you say something?" He asked the heavens.

Tiras excitedly stood up, going to the door, placing his hand against it, appearing next to Virgil for a moment albeit only Virgil could actually see him. "Son, don't waste your life trying to be the man I was. I want you to live your life, being a better man." He said as his spirit seemed to flicker a bit. He placed his hand on Virgil's shoulder, looking at him lovingly, smiling. "I don't know whether to be angry with you for making your mother cry, or to be proud that your going off on your own. All I need from you is a promise, son. To live. To have fun. To move from the past, and to see the world around you for what it is."

"I promise father." Virgil said to Tiras, giving him a hug, which to everyone looked like Virgil hugging the air, before he let go. He looked at Rex, nodding his head, the same determination in his eyes that his father once had. "I am ready."

"Calm your chesticles Nirri, that's like, my best friend, or was, from grade school. He was childhood friends with my sister who's gone." Yurichi explained, then looking at Eadlyn, narrowing his eyes a bit. "Oh great, another rich prissy person.." He grumbled to himself, then looking at Nirri. "It's rare that I'm looking over at you, looking at you for some comfort." He said with a chuckle.

Akira counted the money, nodding her head, finding it more than enough to fund recruitment as well as getting more weapons, armor and scientific supplies for research. She walked over to the door, noticing it open before seeing Naomi walk in, wearing her kimono. Naomi pulled out the several kunai she hid up her sleeve, shaking her head. "Naomi, what did the yakuza say?"

"Grandmother, they didn't even let me in. Their leader, the Kitsune, came out and told me that if anybody from us tries to contact them again, they'll have us shot on sight." Naomi growled out, clearly irritated she was even threatened like that. "And my brother is there too."

"Hmm, interesting..." Akira said before whistling. "Sora, love. Takao has decided to stop working with us, which as you know, is troublesome. However....Naomi has a brother in the yakuza. Do you know what I'm thinking?" She asked with a devious smirk.
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien felt actually kind of hurt as she swatted his hand away and at her words. 'Just a demon latching onto me'. That's what he's supposed to be yes. Just that. Nothing more. But..... He sighs in frustration as he sits down on her bed. "I don't want this confusion either...." He was deep in his thoughts when his ears perked up as he hears a car and feels the presence of the strong beast tamer. He walks to the window and looks out of it, indeed seeing Renald but also Valeryia outside.

Renald gets out of the car with a soft smile on his face. He loved seeing his daughter, unharmed especially, but he hated the news he was about to bring. "Hello darling." He says as he hugs her. When he pulls away he looks more serieus. "What I am going to say will come as a shock but stay calm. There is a war coming. When we do not know but it is forseen. I am here to take you with me to the HQ because you, as well as Eva and 5 others, are chosen to be trained to become an elite fighting force." He explained as clearly and calmly as he could.

Well, she guessed indeed anyone could change. With enough time and effort yes. Cecilia giggles a bit before kissing his lips and snuggeling closer. "You complain like a grandpa. My father complains even less than you."

Riza blushes more as he calls her cute and mumbles for him to shut up as she continous to eat ice cream, really enjoying the flavour. She blushes again when he smells her hair. "I actually do yes. Why? Too sweet?" She asks as she twirls a piece of hair around.

Felicia's eyes widened a bit as her daughter cursed before she pinches Remi's cheek. "No cursing like that." She scolds a bit before nodding. "Yeah, let us all go home." She says as she takes a hold of Kane's hand. She really could use some rest after all of this. It is alot to take in.

Rex smiles a tad at Joseph, telling him with his eyes that his protective behaviour was ofcourse unnecesary since he would never start something with his daughter. He then looked back at Virgil, feeling relieved he was taking this all very well. "I am glad to hear you were willing." He said when suddenly Virgil seemed to be... Spacing out a bit. He frowns and glances at Souji who seemed to look a tad bit uncomfortable suddenly. But Virgil seemed to snap out of it quikly and he could have been mistaken about Souji. He did make a mental note to let them all get checked physically and mentally. "Good. We only need to wait for two more people and then you all are here."

Nirri's eyes widened a tad. This brat and Tiras's son have been friends? Now that she thinks about it, she did see a silver haired boy in his memories. Though she did not link it to Virgil even though now it was quite obvious. When he started to complain again she rolls her eyes. Yes, they were all whealtier and stronger than him. He should just man up and stop whining. But then she looks utterly suprised at his last words. "You are looking at ME for COMFORT?" She chuckles a bit as she shakes her head. "Man, you are really fucked up."

Sora walks into the room, a book in hand. "That was to be expected. The Yakuza leader is rather weak at heart." He says as he closes his book and gives his wife a loving kiss. "Not that it matters though. As if we need them." He says with a wicked grin "Ofcourse I know what you are thinking why wicked lovely wife. But I am going to pretend to be clueless so you can have the bragging points when you explain your plan to us all." He says as he wraps his arms around her waist.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeriya grinned, having her sour mood fixed by her kind father. At first at his words, she frowned, not liking the fact that war was coming soon before she grinned brightly. "Eva and five others? New people?" Valeriya gasped out, seeming to be quite excited. "And training? That's so so awesome!" She said while nearly jumping up, making Eva giggle a bit.

"Well that enthusiasm will be useful." Eva giggled out, smiling as she walked over to Valeriya. "Give me a hug." She said before Valeriya latched off her dad and hugged Eva tightly, making Eva groan a bit as she felt her lungs scream a bit for air.

"When do we start? Does this mean I'm done with school?" Valeriya asked as she looked at her father, her eyes gleaming before she looked down. "...uh oh. We have to tell mom."

"Oh hush Cecilia. When I met Perygine, he complained on repeat like a broken record." Belial grumbled out, trying to defend himself as he snuggled up a bit more on Cecilia, happily grinning. "Still, your father doesn't compare in complaining compared to my brother, Lucy."

"No, no. I like it. I was just trying to figure out whether it was strawberry or cherry blossom." Bertholdt said with a smile, watching the TV, sighing out quietly while watching it. "So now that you know who my mom is.." He chuckled out, smiling goofy. "Do you see my resemblance to her?"

"Good. Virgil better believe I'm cleaning up that mess of a room when he's gone." Remi grumbled, following her parents out of the hospital, rubbing her face. "The hospital is going to have a field day figuring out where he went..." She laughed out, then shaking her head and narrowing her eyes. "No. Not a time for laughing."

Virgil looked over at Souji, raising an eyebrow, wondering if he had sensed his father before looking over a Rex, nodding. "Well I see everyone here...." He said, looking at Dequan, Fillian, Eadlyn, Yurichi then himself. "Yurichi was in the Yakuza so he has something but..am I the only one with military training?" He asked with a raised eyebrow, somewhat concerned.

"Yeah, pretty much." Yurichi grumbled out, then sitting back in his chair, relaxing a bit. "Although it's not like your pretty face is the worst thing in the world I could be looking at." He sighed out, then grinning. "At least those assholes from basic training didn't get to meet the president."

"The yakuza leader I thought could be manipulated at least, but that seems to have been a miscalculation in the judgement of his character." Akira said as she rubbed her hands together. "And actually Sora-" Akira said as she pushed Sora's face off as he kissed her."-my love. We do." She said in a somewhat irked tone. "Yumi did you take your medication this morning?" She asked loudly, then turning back to Sora. "I purpose that we lure her brother her, using her as bait, and..persuade him to join our side. Then, he'll kill the current Yakuza user and take his place, allowing him to serve as a good footnote for us in Cantenseel after we depart." She said as she grinned, then kissing him. "Now you can kiss."
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Renald was relieved to see his daughter's reaction but he had kinda expeced it. Out of all the new elites she was probably the most eager to train. And with that demon scumbag attached to her, she was also the one who needed training the most. "Not all new people. Most of them you know I think. Dequan and Fillian you know perhaps. And Eadlyn is in it as well." He says, being sure she liked it that Eadlyn will be coming with them. "I will give you some school work. We can't leave that to the side. And I will tell you mother later. First we need to get to the HQ. They are probably already waiting." He says, not having the time to go argue with his wife. And boy, he knew there was going to be an argument.

Cecilia giggled lightly as he tried to defend his case. Well yeah her father complained too but her father was wayyyy older than her husband so he shouldn't be complaining THAT much. "Your brother is just a drag" She says as she closes her eyes and lets out a content sigh.

Riza made a mental note to keep using this shampoo when he asked her that question. "Well.... I guess I do see some resemblance though I did not really pay attention to it at all.... And besides, she doesn't look like she could be your mom at the moment." She says honestly.

Felicia smiled softly as Remi tried to lighten up the mood a bit for herself. Gently she pats her head. "It's okay honey. Better to laugh than to cry."

Rex nods at Virgil's question. Fillian was a divine protector, a warrior at birth, so he did not need alot of training. Though the rest, minus Virgil and Yurichi to some degree he guessed, were all untrained and had never been on anything close to a battlefield before. Joseph was going to have to starts with the basics, that's for sure. "Exactly. So I expect you to step up and lead them the best you can till they are capable fighter, Virgil." He says as he puts a hand on the boy's shoulder. "They are going to need you guidance just as much as the need training."

Nirri narrows her eyes a bit at him as he makes a comment about her face. It probably had been a compliment but she thought it had been sarcastic. No way he could have been serieus in her mind. She then rolls her eyes as he started fangirling again. "Geez Yurichi, you are acting like Rex is the biggest idol of this world. He is just a man. Made out of blood. Just like every human."

Sora pouts a bit a his wife pushes his face away. Daw, he really wanted a good kiss. Though as she explained her plan he grinned widely. That was actually better than his plan which was to just kill the Yakuza boss with the help of Naomi's brother. Ofcourse his wife was always one step ahead of him. Another reason to love this dark cruel creature. "Gladly." He mumbles against her lips before kissing her passionately, actually wrapping his arms around her waist and dipping her down.

Yumi, not in the mood to get out of her bed, simply yells in return. "Yes I did!" Before looking back into her book, trying not to think too much about the back robbery and what she has seen....
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"If I'm getting school work, then everyone does. I'm not getting stuck with that." Valeriya said with a grumble, then holding up her gauntlet, jiggling it a bit, trying to figure out how to get Lucien to come before she accidentally sucked him back into it, causing the gauntlet to glow purple. "Sorry Lucien, short notice, but we're joining an elite group and also we're going to war." She explained simply enough before clapping her hands together. "Alright, lets go." She said before going to her dads car. "...Uhm." She said as she noticed the sword. She went into the back, lifting it up and placing the hilt on her lap as Eva got in as well. "...there's over three hundred tickmarks on this thing.." Valeriya said in surprise, awkwardly trying to shuffle away from it, finding it cursed.

"Always was, always will be." Belial said before closing his eyes and yawning. "Alright Cecilia, I need to let these old bones rest. You sucked all the energy out of me." He said with a chuckle as he then laid his head underneath her chin, falling asleep quickly.

"True..she's quite youthful still." Bertholdt said with a smile, then squeezing Riza a bit with a bit of a playful growl, then snuggling his head up against hers a bit, relaxing a bit as he reached over and got a bit more ice cream, then closing his eyes a bit, feeling them become a tad heavy.

"Ehhh, you're right." Remi said as she swayed a bit, enjoying her mothers pats. She went into the back of their car, relaxing a bit, rubbing her face as she leaned her head against the window. "...Virgil acts so much like dad..that you know..it hurts..."

"I'll try my best then." Virgil said with a smile, obviously not minding helping everyone. He walked over, putting his hand on Dequan's shoulder, fake coughing a bit. "Hey, Dequan. My sisters boyfriend, right?" He said with almost a protective tone in his voice. "Or...is that not official yet?" He whispered.

"You don't understand. Growing up less than dirt...these people. They mean something when you meet them." Yurichi said with a sigh, crossing his arms. "None of you, nobody here, could truly understand." He said before turning his head, rubbing his face.

"Good!" Akira said to Yumi before Sora kissed her, making her chuckle a bit as she put her hand on the back of his head to keep her from falling.

While the two were making out, Seth snuck from around the corner and got a cheese stick out from the fridge, then scampering off into Yumi's room so nobody would catch him, then looking over at her. With complete eye contact, he pulled the plastic off and ate the cheese stick, blinking twice. "Hello."
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hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Lucien's eyes widened as he felt himself being pulled somehwere and he accidently left some scratch marks on Valeryia's floor. Wow. That had been new, being forced into that gauntlet. He was about to complain and just burst right out again but her words stopped him. War? Elite team? He did not like the idea of Valeryia going to war. That was exactly what he had threatend her not to train for...

Renald gets in the car as he starts driving, looking in his back mirror at his daughter. He smiles a bit as he sees her reaction to the weapon "It isn't a dangerous ancient artifact. Just Vasilia's sword." He says though he guessed it kinda was a dangerous artifact in way.

Riza yelped a bit in suprise as he squeezed her and giggles at his playfull growl. This man was somethimes so silly. It was in complete contrast of how serieus she sometimes could be. Perhaps that is why they match this well. She continous to eat ice cream as well, focusing on the movie mostly.

Felicia smiles softly at her daughter's remark. It was true. Virgil was sometimes so much like his father. The resemblence was unmistakenble. "I know honey... I know... It makes him a good man."

Dequan looks at Virgil and gives him a smile before his eyes widen a bit and his face turns a crimson red. Nervously he rubs the back of his neck. "W-Well... We havn't told that many people yet... But I guess it's official." He says shyly, these kinds of subjects were always touchy to him. He was like his father in that way.

Nirri was about to scold him for being such a downer but she guessed he was really the only one here to understand. Even she, before she had died, has grown up with wealth and a loving family, even though they were strict sometimes. "They're just people, Yurichi.... That they have grown up with wealth doesn't mean they are better than you... It just means they were lucky. It is no reason to treat them any more special than what they are. Simply people. They are all flawed as well." She says quietly to him.

Sora continoud to kiss her for a long time before helping her up standing straight again as he pulls his lips off of hers. "So, my sexy vixen, when are we going to put these brilliant devious plan in motion?" He asks her.

Yumi's eyes widened when someone walked into her room suddenly. She frowns when she sees it is Seth, the awkward strange guy who kept his mouth shut most of the time. And who she had seen made out with a rock while mumbling some girls name. "Uhm.... Hello...." The way he was looking at her made her rather uncomfortable. What the hell did he want.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Like, Vasilia Romanov?" Valeriya said, making Eva nod her head and giggle. "Totally not a dangerous ancient artifact or anything. No, not at all." Valeriya said sarcastically, looking at the sword. "This thing looks like it could hurt you without even touching you." She said awkwardly, then rubbing her head a bit. "...Is it safe to even have on my lap?..."

"I know it does but..." Remi looked down, shaking her head before frowning. "It makes him a good man, but it makes him a stupid man. I love Virgil, but I know how he is. I just hope he realizes this situation for what it is."

"Eh, understandable. Remi's pretty shy too." Virgil chuckled before his lighthearted expression fell a bit short. "...you know Dequan, you need to tell her." He said with a frown. "I know she's the kind of girl who would wait for you though, so don't worry "

"Growing up with a silver spoon is better than having one made of plastic. Their struggles can't even compare. If I didn't join the Yakuza, my mother would have worked herself to death. She would have done anything, and while it was rough, she kept me alive. These people don't know starving. They don't know what having to kill so you can eat is like." Yurichi said in an angered tone. "I don't have any sympathises for their baby struggles because if they didn't have to work with me, they'd have none for mine."

"As soon as possible, my love." Akira said with a grin, giving him a kiss. "Within the next two weeks at least I'd like to get it done. Then, we could filter the recruitment through the Yakuza without gaining suspicion."

"So yeah... kinda accidentally walked in here. Not accidentally, but you see, I'm trying to avoid talking at all costs. Also, I have a cheese stick." Seth said awkwardly before biting into it some more. "Want some?"
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hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Felicia starts up the car, liking to drive herself as Kane sits shotgun. "Virgil is smart and cunning. He knows what he is getting in to." She says and she really prayed it was true. She drives off towards their mansion, her house now less of an home with one of her children gone from it.

Dequan's smile dissapears a tad bit as well as he thinks about Remi. She is the kind of person who will wait but.... "I will tell her ofcourse. Though is it fair to keep her waiting?... I know she would wait. I would too if the roles were reversed. But I have no clue for how long we'll be gone and what happens afterwards. Isn't it more fair for her to break it off so she can just.... move on?" He wonders out loud, really wanting Virgil's opinion since he was her bigger brother.

"It is safe if you sit still." Renald reassured her before they arrived at the HQ. The three of them walked in and got in the elevator. In there, black liquid flowed out of Valeryia's gaunlet and Lucien reappeared again, his arms folded and he looked slightly annoyed from being pulled into the gauntlet in the first place. "You. Behave." Renald growled at Lucien who simply nodded, knowing that if he caused havoc that he could not be in this meeting, which he was rather curios about.

When the elevator doors opened Rex was glad to see the last members of the new elite team. "Valeryia, Eva, good to see you both." He says with a smile though he raises one eyebrow as he looks at Lucien though he could guess who he was judging by the way he was standing close to Valeryia and how tense Renald seemed to look.

Nirri shakes her head as she looks quite annoyed now. Really, she was trying to cheer him up at the least but that gloomy negative idiot only kept on whining like a child. "Ugh, I am really sick of hearing you and your self pity." She says, not wanting to have any more of a conversation with him. He bugged her with all that negativity. When the elevator doors opened she smiled widely, a real smile, as she felt Renald. She was about to stand up to go to him but her smile suddenly dissapeared and she froze. "Lucien...."

Lucien's ear twitched as he heard his name before looking straight at Nirri. He blinked twice before a sly grin forms on his lips. His smile changes into something more polite as he looks at Rex. "My name is Lucien, Valeryia's spirit. Now please excuse me for a second. I see an old friend sitting there." He says smoothly before walking over to Nirri who seemed to tense up alot. He noticed. "My my. How long has it been?"

"Way too short." Nirri snaps at him, clearly not liking this man. "I am not your friend."

Lucien puts a hand on his heart and pouts. "Ouch. That is painfull. What have I ever done to you. I have done nothing to oppose or hurt you. I recall we've only crossed paths a long time ago." His pout turns into a grin. "Or is that exactly what you don't like? The fact that I know you past, Nires-"

"Nirri." She quikly interrupted him. "My name is Nirri you fuck."

Lucien quikly came to realize what was going on. A wicked grin formed on his lips and his eyes sparkle mischieviously as he leans in a bit closer, talking now only loud enough for her, and Yurichi who was sitting closeby, to hear. "Am I the only one who knows your past? Is that why you are 'Nirri' now? Smart move. You wouldn't want anyone finding your name and stories in old folklore books." He challenged her.

Nirri growled as her nails dug into the table. She was angrey though also fearfull what he might reveal but before she or him said anything more, Renald interrupted. "I insist you leave my demon alone." He warned Lucien.

Lucien leans back with a smile and a small bow towards Renald. "Ofcourse, just chatting with an old friend." He now smiles at Nirri. "I am sure me and Nirri are going to get along just fine." He says before walking back to Valeryia.

Nirri stops growling and her hands relax a bit though the tension did not leave her body as she kept her eyes on the man. She was going to have some troubles with him...

Sora nods in agreement. "We should contact him rather soon then. Should we or should we let Naomi handle it? Though I am sure you can be more convincing." He says with a wink, knowing she won't be so sweet if anyone said no to her.

"Then why are you here talking to me..." Yumi says with a small sigh, not really in the mood to talk either. Especially not to this man. "And no thanks. Not hungrey." And she was not going to eat something he has been chewing off of.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Does he really, mom?" Remi asked with a raised eyebrow. "We're talking about the same Virgil, right? The one that dropped out of school and almost got a girl pregnant? That Virgil?" She asked before laughing. "Louisa, she's calculative and cunning. Virgil is about as cunning as a dish sponge."

"Dude, stop." Virgil said with a laugh, then shaking his head. "You don't understand Remi that well then. She doesn't care. Once she loves you, she always will." He said with a small smile, then putting his hand on Dequan's shoulder. "Plus, i'd rather her date one of my squadron members anyways. That way, if you break her heart, we can fight it out in training. Don't break her heart though. Seriously. She's sensitive and I'm protective. She's fine with waiting as long as your write her letters."

"Keep fucking with Nirri and I'll beat your ass!" Yurichi said as he stood up, clearly not caring that Lucien was a demon before Joseph sat him down.

"Both of you. Anymore bickering, and I'll gladly beat both of your asses. Fox face should know, I beat his brother down quite well many years ago." Joseph said before standing in the front of his room, hands behind his back. "For those who don't know, I am Joseph Bordeaux, leader of the mage elimination association and friend of Renald and your dear president, Rex. Also Eadlyn's father, so don't flirt with her-" He commented out before continuing."-I am to be training instructor of you seven, with Renald joining in as well for giving you the school work and for Valeriya, her beast training. While it is not required, I would like to implant a neural processor in all of you immediately so you can get used to it. It will increase your fighting tenfold. It will be a little bit before we go to castle Bordeaux for training, and it would be the perfect time for you all to get used to it." He said, leaving only silence filling the room. "Oh yes, all of you, introduce yourselves!"

"No no, Sora. Naomi is his sister. She can manipulate him much better than I ever could. "Akira said with a devious grin, then leaning a bit against the counter. "Won't you, Naomi?"

"Well grandma, if that's what you want!" Naomi said with a grin. "I don't mind. Akiro would wanna be leader anyways."

"Well I wandered into your room and it's only polite to say hello." Seth said to Yumi as he finished his cheese stick, then sighing. "Welp, bye bye." He said as he crept out of the room, scampering out.
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Felicia knew her daughter had a point. A very big one. She was fooling herself if she thought Virgil could make good decisions but she hoped Joseph would help.... God all the tension went straight to her head. Kane noticed this and gently caressed her shoulder. "Don't worry. He will do great." He says before looking back at Remi. "Dont make her face reality like that." He says with a light wink.

Nirri was rather suprised when Yurichi stood up for her. Till now only Renald had been doing that. It made her feel a bit flustered and suprised. It even caused her to blush a tad though she tried to hide that by folding her arms and trying to look annoyed. "I dont need your help, scrawny." She mumbles out though she was a bit.... gratefull? Yeah, that could describe the feeling.

Dequan listened closely to Virgil and chuckled a bit nervously about then fighting it out. No way he could win in an one on one fight with him. "Dont worry. I wont ever hurt your sister.... She means to much to me for that." He admits before he and everyone sat down as Joseph began his speech. He respected the man already alot though he had his doubts about a neural processor. Though perhaps for Fillian.... When everyone stayed quiet when askes to introduce themselfs he decided to take the lead on this. He stood up and cleared his troat a bit before smiling. "My name's Dequan Zhang, i am the son of counselors Souji and Mina and I am 18 years old. I have a younger sister at home and Fillian is like my brother." That made Fillian smile a tad bit. "I have inherited the power of Divine creation from my father and one of my strength lie in purification and spells. Though honestly, I am rather inexperienced so bear with me." He says while rubbing his neck a bit before remembering he should probably introduce Fillian as well. "Oh and this is Fillian, my father's Divine protector from the heavens. Though he is no angel." That remark caused Fillian to casually flick his middle finger at him which only made Dequan chuckle. "No pun intended. He is part phoenix. Purification is also something he can do and he fights with holy fire and light. He is a rather experienced warrior already. The reason why I am introducing him is because of-" this part made Fillian tense a little "- a fight a short time ago he had lost his ability to speak... So yeah. Thats us." He says before sitting down, feeling a tad bit guilty for havind to reveal that. But as Fillian stuck out his tongue, Dequan's smile returned, knowing it was alright.

Next Eadlyn stood up, flipping her hair a bit behind her shoulder. "Like my father already had said, I am Eadlyn Bordeaux and Joseph's daughter. I am a vampire though only half. My mother is a human. Or was atleast. I am 24 years old and honestly, i am not looking forward to this training and such." She says honestly and in a sassy way before sitting back down with folded arms.

Sora made a mental note to look into this 'Akiro' later but knowing he was Akira's family he knew everything would turn out fine. He claps in his hands. "Splendid. We would like to hear from you as soon as possible about the progressing situation. And let us know if we can do anything to help." He offers, not wanting Naomi to be completely on her own responsible for this.

"Bye..." Yumi says, still finding the encounter strange but glad he left so fast. Though now she was alone with her thoughts again. And those thoughts occupied a certain silver haired boy. With a sigh she bumps her head against the book she was holding, wanting just to be able to forget his face and the state they had left him in....
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Make her face what?" Remi asked, playing coy. "I have not one idea as to whatever so you mean, Kane." She giggled out, then sigh. "Man I wonder how I'm going to tell Dequan that my brother is getting trained by the mage Hunter..."

Virgil then came up next to speak, taking off his hospital bandages before getting up so he looked somewhat decent. "I'm Virgil Elbinorune. Tiras and Felicia's son." He said as then an awkward silence filled the room.

"Psst Virgil. You forgot the age!" Eva whispered to him.

"Thank you Eva." He said quickly and quietly, knowing he would have forgot without her. "And I'm 24. I served in the national defense force for 2 years, and acted as an anti terrorist mage counter enforcer." Virgil said before sitting down next to Eva, slyly trying to wrap his arm around her.

"Very cute." Eva whispered to Virgil as she got up, stretching with Vasilia's sword in her hand. "Hello. I'm Eva Romanov." She said with a small smile. "I am also 24, and I have no formal combat training. I hope that I can learn from all you, for I wish not to be a burden." She said before sitting next to Virgil.

Valeriya was next. She got up nearly tripping on thin air before grinning, awkwardly looking at everyone. "Hi everyone. So, I'm Valeriya Silvius. Renald is my dad, Ivanka is my mom. That's really it, I'm kinda boring. I'm sorry." She said before awkwardly sitting back down.

"I never asked if you needed or wanted it." Yurichi said to Nirri before standing up, making sure to flash the tattoos on his arms. "I'm Yurichi Mizushima. I'm 19, and unlike the others here, my parents aren't nobody special. I have no powers." He said before pulling out his switchblade, successfully flipping it into his hand, catching it perfectly for once. "But believe me, I'm not afraid to kill, or to die." He said before sitting back down, even leaving Joseph a bit uncomfortable.

"Err...right. Well, that was all lovely." Joseph said before yawning. "So you all will be living in the spare rooms in Rex's house." Joseph said before shrugging at Rex. "I suggest you all go to people you care about who don't know, figure it out with them."

"I'm sure that if perhaps we used what you used on Seth, maybe he could get stronger.." Naomi said as she thought out loud. "My grandfather worked much with ghouls. Do you have his research?"