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19 years have passed since the original events of the first chapter. The city has been rebuilt, the world has been united and most people have healed, save for some few who cling to their horrible and scarred pasts. There are some though, willing to disrupt this society's peace and order for selfish goals...Will you fight with the revolutionaries for a society ruled with the iron fist of their queen, or will you fight to uphold the order and peace that has been preserved for nearly 20 years?

The way of the government, education system and military.

The Government
After the 2019 incident with Hotaka Nagachika, the governments of Cantenseel were finally able to reach a compromise with each other. The Kanshinin councilors would act as a congress for Rex, who would be some sort of figure head, like the president. While he had power, he would have to present it to the councilors, who would either approve or disapprove of the proposal. Rex would have veto power, but it would only work for so much. The councilors and The president all choose a successor when they choose to retire.

The Education System
In Cantenseel, after the borders fell, they decided to merge the new generation with each other to make sure that pride from being from a certain area would not exist, the easiest way of course, was school. In the middle of Cantenseel where all four borders used to connect, a super school was created. It was three campuses. The elementary campus for K-5th Grade. The middle campus for 6-8th and the High/College campus for 9th-12+. This means that within the school, there are people who are in their mid twenties along with fifteen yearolds in the same campus.

The Military
In the 19 years that had passed, the military had became rather lax because of the peace. Most people who joined only abused it so they could one, have an easy job or two, so they could use it for their resume. Only few actually join it because they want to make a difference.

24 years ago, an assassin named Tiras Elbinorune was sent on a mission to murder a woman named Felicia Stadner, who was the heiress to a very rich family. Tiras, mesmerized by the woman, was unable to pull the trigger. After an instant spark between the two, he joined the military for her to win a war that was over the horizon. After a series of trials and after impregnating Felicia, Tiras went beserk and nearly destroyed the world. 5 years later, he came back after his current wife had been murdered. After a brutal beating by the angry people of Cantenseel, a man named Hotaka Nagachika who had orchestrated most of the events in the story came and launched his attack. Soon, he overwhelmed the city with ghouls, which were man eating creatures that were seemingly invincible. While the prince of Hell, Belial, a powerful vampire named Joseph, a beast tamer named Renald, a Draki named Kierra and the son of Hotaka himself, Hei, fought against the other ghouls while Rex and Tiras fought against Hotaka, who had turned into a horrific monster the size of a skyscraper. After a long and hard battle, Hotaka was defeated. But at a cost. Tiras had been mortally wounded and died in front of his love, Felicia.

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Louisa Stadner. Age 24 (Page 1)
Virgil Elbinorune. Age 24 (Page 1)
Hei Nagachika. Age 43 (Page 1)
Raiden Lancaster. Age 27 (Page 1)
Mina Zhang. Age 41 (Page 1)
Ivanka Silvius. Age 40 (Page 1)
Irisviel Romanov. Age 38 (Page 1)
Eva Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Seth Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Joseph Bordeaux. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akira Cruz. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akiro Liang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Chidori Liang. Age 37 (Page 1)
Zhu Liang. Age 42 (Page 1)
Daniel Tren. Age 17 (Page 1)
Mei Zhang. Age 16 (Page 1)
Leia Feng. Age 24. (Page 1)
Gilford Silvius. Age 16. (Page 1)
Valeryia Silvius. Age 24. (Page 1)
Remi Elbinorune. Age 23 (Page 1)
Shiomi Devonshire. Age 23 (Page 1)
Belial Devonshire. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Alexander Bordeaux. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Vasilia Romanov. Age 61. (Page 1)
Takao Sesshoumaru. Age 32. (Page 6)
Yurichi Mizushima. Age 19. (Page 9)
Lucifer Devonshire. Unknown (Page 10)
Yamato Kirugi. Age over 100.
Adelger Kiesenger von Elbinorune the II. Age 17 (Page 22)
Karlen Von Jager. Age 116 (Page 29)
Karla Von Jager. Age 27 (Page 29)
Raul Espinoza. Age 25(Page 32)
Ramses the III. Age 30(Page 32)
Thutmose III. Unknown. (Page 34)
Jannik Haas. (Page 34)
Catriona Haas. (Page 36)
Praxilla Metz. 32. (Page 44)
Adalica Von Elbinorune(Page 36)
Aiymil Elbinonrune (Page 46)
Cynfael Bordeaux. (Page 42)
Ollie Silvius. (Page 44)
Akllah Folami. (Page 46)
Raymil Emeria. (Page 49)
Lanying Zhang. (Page 49)
Revala Emeria. (Page 49)
Raymil Emeria) (Page 49)
Reina Emeria. (Page 50)
Yang Min. (Page 51)
Miles Prise. (Page 52)
Chronov. (Page 54)
Cassius Prise(Page 55)
Saigon Derivil(Page 56)

Felicia Tenshin. Age 48 (Page 1)
Sora Cruz. Age 41 (Page 1)
Yumi. Age 23 (Page 1)
Kierra Nagachika. Age 42 (Page 1)
Rex Ellington. Age 48 (Page 1) (President of Cantenseel)
Renald Silvius. Age 51 (Page 1)
Eadlyn Bordeaux. Age 24 (Page 1)
Souji Zhang. Age N/A (Page 1)
Ichirou Nagachika. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fayline Bordeaux. Age 46 (Page 1)
Cecilia Devonshire. Age N/A (Page 1)
Kane Tenshin. Age 50 (Page 1)
Ella Stadner. Age 31 (Page 1)
Dequan Zhang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fillian. Age N/A (Page 1)
Annelise Florence. Age 22 (Page 1)
Lizana Janssen. Age 18 (Page 1)
Moira Prise. Age 17 (Page 1)
Gideon Narine. Age 20 (Page 1)
Riza Hannaka. Age 19 (Page 6)
Tomoe Mikage . Age unknown (Page 10)
Daliyah. Age N/A (Page 11)
Jeptha Veers. Age 22(Page 22)
Elvyne Silvius. Age 19 (Page 29)
Hideaki Ranshin. Age 43 (Page 32)
Tsuyoshi Hajime. Age 27 (Page 32)
Basile Allard. Age 25 (Page 32)
Mamoru Hidari. Age 25 (Page 32)
Calix Shreave. Age 47 (Page 32)
Willem the V of Nassau. Age 34. (Page 32)
Nori Rin. Age 15 (Page 32)
Kiyoshi Rin. Age 28 (Page 32)
Callum Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Connall Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Baldrik Haas. (Page 34)
Sauri Devonshire. (Page 44)
Lerida Devonshire. (Page 44)
Kuro Kaze Devonshire. (Page 44)
Tarquin Silvius. (Page 44)
Terryal. (Page 49).
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hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"And in China we do this." Li Jun chuckled out, in good spirits. "Hopefully there won't be a next time...these vows tend to be like weddings, preferably once." He said while going for the tea set, finding it empty. "It must be a cold day in hell...a British man without tea." He let out a sly grin, trying to make the mood light.
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
When he heard that Rex knew that this was something the man was going to take very serieusly. He himself was taking this vow very serieusly as well so it was good to see they were on the same page. Trust is of most importance right now. At Li Jun's comment he could not help but chuckle. "I've tended to stay away from it the past days." That was mainly because Mina had been poisoned why they had been drinking tea in the afternoon together. It leaving now a bitter taste in his mouth. Thinking about Mina made his smile falter a bit again. "Do you.... Want to go see Mina? I am not certain if she will be awake but still..." Honestly, he himself wanted to really go to her.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
Li Jun's smile faltered and his moment of peace shattered with the reality of everything once more. "Yes." He replied before clenching his jaw- his pearl colored eyes holding rage behind them that wasn't usually as visible. He promised to himself to make sure Tiras played forty times over for the attempt on his cousins life. "Bring me to her."
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Rex nods, seeing the rage clear as day and feeling the same. Though he contained it. And he knew that just from this connection, the hate they shared for Tiras for doing this, he had a trustworthy ally. He led the way towards the room he had rearranged for her to stay in. At first she had been in the hospital but he wanted her closer. Needed her closer to make sure she was safe. So he housed a nurse and a doctor to look after her. Luckily she was on the bettering hand. That is why they had allowed her out of the hospital. But still under close supervision. When he opened the door he saw a nurse checking her vitals, and judging by the calmth of the nurse they were good. When the nurse saw them she gave a small bow before leaving the room so they could enter. Rex smiled softly as he saw Mina. She was awake but she still looked tired. "Hey, I brought a visitor." He said gently as he walks over to her and kisses her forhead, running a hand over her head and cheek before sitting down on the chair next to her bed, where he almost always sat lately, and held her hand.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Li Jun." Mina said to her cousin with s raspy voice, looking at her cousin and smiling though frowning after looking at him.

"Mina...I'm glad to see you're alive." Li Jun whispered to her, containing emotion like always. "I remember I'd promised you..a stupid promise but one nonetheless. Remember when I told you I'd tell you what happened to your mother when I knew I'd be emperor?" He asked softly, trying to raise her spirits.

"Yes?" Mina asked before giving Rex an odd look.

"She died giving birth." Li Jun told her. "You knew that. What I didn't say is he survived...and.." He cleared his throat. "I'll have you meet him when we see each other again, after the war...right now he's training Li Jie."

Mina was silent, having a question she thought all her life about finally answered. She then seemed a bit excited, wondering who her lost brother could have been. Mina then frowned, quickly whipping her head to her man. "A war?"
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Rex had truly no clue where the conversation was heading though when he saw the excitement about her secret brother hit her eyes he could not help but smile. This was good news for her indeed. But that excitement vanished quickly as she caught up to what else Li Jun had said. "Yes." He lifted her hand and placed a few kisses on her finger as his squeezed her hand. "It is more to end a war and prevent it from coming here. We are allying with China in this. Against Japan. I am not waiting for Tiras to get hot in the head again and attack us. I don't trust him at all anymore. And for all of our safety I am taking action now. It'll be quick and short."
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Quick and short- that has been said by many hopeful men Brexton." Mina said quietly, thinking of the invasion of China and gulping with fear. If her invaders fought so ferociously abroad, she could not fathom how a land invasion would fare. Still she placed her weak and cold hand on his, smiling as she saw Li Jun in the back giving them the time they needed. She realized he did care- he had always cared. "Make sure it is short, don't get hurt...badly and most of all win. I should be better by then..maybe you can come home with me, really meet my family." She smiled while looking at Rex. "And...I guest my new brother."
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Rex saw the fear in her eyes. Knew that she was scared. But when she accepted the fact it was happening he smiled softly at her. "I'll make sure of that. And after this all is over, I would love to go to China with you. We could both use a break. A vacation. Where we can just kick our feet up and enjoy the sun." He leans in to give her cheek a kiss, and he would have nuzzled her if Li Jun had not been there. "We'll make it quick." He says as he glances at Li Jun before looking back at Mina and poking her forhead. "Don't call me Brexton." He gently scolded. Still not liking his full name.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I was trying to be sweet." Mina said while flicking his nose, hearing the door shut as Li Jun quietly slinked off to give them privacy. "You know..." She looked to the side and smiled. "I really think he'll be a good emperor if you support him. I've seen his anger...and is it terrifying..but hes also the kindest man I've ever met. He's good and you know as a politician, saying that means a lot."
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Rex rubbed his nose as a smile he could not contain formed on his lips. When he heard the door and saw Li Jun had left he moved to sit down next to Mina on the bed, pulling her against his side to hold her close. He had seen as well that Li Jun was a very capable politician. His people seemed to trust him if he was the only one in the running for chairman. If they opposed him someone else would step up. "I trust your judgement in that." He says quietly as he kisses the side of her head again and nuzzles his nose in her hair. "How are you feeling."
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Oh you know, my hair stopped falling out and I don't ache as much." Mina said to him with a bit of a smile. "But I still haven't gotten out of bed...it was nasty, whatever they tried to use on me." She said but the idea of it didn't seem to phase her. "I have read your book about the golden dragon...its nice, really nice. I like it, especially the last chapter 'Humanity' which details gods vision of us..." She frowned. "But anyways yeah, I'm fine. I just miss my hubby, that's all- it's hard to sleep without you." She said with a light blush.
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Rex runs a hand through her hair, thanking god that it had indeed stopped falling out. He liked her fierce red hair. And he was glad to hear her voice getting more lively every passing day. He was confident she would be able to get out soon if she just kept taking her vitamines and eating well. But then he caught on to something that she said. "Hubby?" He blushes softly but he grinned as well, putting a finger under her chin and tilting her head to look up at him. "Already claiming me as your husband? We have not been dating for that long and I have not even proposed yet. Are you getting impatient already?"
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Not at all, a woman can dream no?" Mina asked with a big smile. "Trapped in this stale hospital room, in a bed that makes me itch, with only scripture to read and reality television and news to watch?" She said before shaking her head. "No, no and no. Its terrible...but at least it gives me time to think...a lot, about things." She said vaguely like always . "Womanly things."
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Rex could not help but smile a bit more. He visited as much as he could. But he knew an active woman like her would be bored out of her mind rather quickly without having anything to do. "Womanly things, huh? Let me see if I can guess. I think you have been thinking about marriage then. How I am going to ask you and when. How your ring will look. Where we will be wed and what your dress will look like. Then your mind probably wanders further to the honeymoon. Which will be taking place even if we are both buzy people. And if you dare think further-" he leans down as he whispers in her ear. "-you might start to think about her wedding night. How I will make love to you for the first time. How it would feel." He softly kissing her behind her ear on a sensitive spot. "And then you mind wanders further into the future where you see us with perhaps a few kids with flaming red hair running around. Driving me crazy as i try to keep the kids off of the desk and making you laugh as I try to calm them down. Am I close?"
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Yeah...about most of those." Mina said with a light blush. "But you missed this part." She said while grabbing his collar and screwing up his tie, pulling him in and giving him a deep kiss, rubbing her tongue against his while doing so for a few moments. She then let go, a blush very apparent on her face as she looked at him. "But just that, that's the only thing you missed." She whispered. "All I've thought of is you...yes, our future kids..though some were blonde."
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Rex's eyes widened as she pulled her down but quickly relaxed and moaned, returning the kiss as he puts on hand on her hip. He loved how she sometimes surprised him like that. She did that quite often, just suddenly grabbing him and kissing him. When she pulled away he felt like he wasn't even close to having tasted her enough. He smiled widely. "I want atleast one red head though. I think that would be adorable." He admits before putting is hand behind her neck and pulling her back into the kiss, rubbing his tongue longinly against hers. He said he would be patient. And he will. It was just getting a bit harder though.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
Mina kissed him back, enjoying herself well and taking great joy in his initiative. They continued to kiss for a while, looking very pleased at the end of it. "Well we will have to see what your God decides.." She said quietly while rubbing her thumb on his arm. "Now...come on, you have a war to plan...dont leave him waiting- I'll be here as long as I must be." She said with a smile, looking at him with love in her eyes.
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Rex pouted only slightly as they seperated again for smiling at her and rubbing his thumb on her cheek. He did not want to leave. But she was right. He had work to do. And the sooner he finished this, the sooner she would be completely safe. This was something he could not procrastinate. "That is just a nice way to say 'get out'." He said jokingly with a chuckle. "But you are right. I should not let him wait. I'll be back before sun sets." He says as his goodbye, giving her one final peck on her lips before leaving the room, going to plan his first ever war. And hopefully his final.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
Li Jun looked over at him with 'that' look, smiling after and walking with him. "You know I didn't send my cousin here to find a man. I'm glad she picked well." He chuckled out, rubbing his hands together and then yawning deeply. "Also. . Let's discuss nothing of our plans outside of secure locations...last they be discovered." He whispered, feeling all eyes on them.
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Rex looked straight forward, trying to ignore the look the man was giving hin though he could not help but blush a bit. At the compliment he smiled slightly. "Thank you. I take that to heart. And I agree with that completely. The less people know the better." He adds as they went back to his office and began their planning.


"Again!" Genjo pressed Li Jie as he once again blocked one of the man's attempts to attack and trew him to the ground. He wasn't a gentle teacher. But it worked. He saw progress in Li Jie. And he was getting more muscular. He had been training the guy every single day, ignoring the complaints as he upped the intensity of the training ever other day. "Come on. Up."
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
Li Jie growled at Genjo, swinging his blade hard and having enough force behind it to clash with his and to splinter the wood. He then stepped back to miss the retaliatory blow, grinning before hitting his lightly exposed hand to force him to drop it. He was a quick learner and even quicker on his toes, almost dancing as he fought rather than attacking. "Gotcha, finally."
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Genjo rubs his hand as he looks down at the sword that was now on the ground before looking up and grinning. Learning he indeed did. "Good. Took you long enough." He said as he walks to grab the two bottles of water he had with him and tosses one to Li Jie, giving him a small break. "I am pleased though. You learn quicker than expected." He sips his own water bottle. "And you can stand longer on your feet so your stamina is increasing rapidly as well. Perhaps soon we can start training with the heavier swords."
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I hope so." Li Jie said before slurping down the water, chugging it down before setting it down. "If what I heard is true I have a war to be in soon." He grinned. "I'll avenge my father and mother for what those monsters did to us." He looked at the wooden sword, looking at it before then looking at Genjo. "We'll maybe be lobbing their heads off soon, together eh?" He said with his grin, ending his break on his own and putting himself into proper sword stance.
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Genjo was pleasantly surprise at the man's enthousiasm and will to fight now. It was so different than the complaining man from before. But he was just as excited for this war to start. To help claim Li Jun what was his. To make them pay. And to repay his emperor for making him this strong. He picked up his sword when suddenly he switched things up. Till now he had only started on the defense, reacting to Li Jie's swings. But now he attacked, aiming with a sideways swing to the man's side. An easy to dodge blow.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
Li Jie with his body pointed the side jumped back and swung up, having enough force behind it to knock the blade up and to make the grip wonky. He then side swung once to the left, once to the right and tested the blade before acting as if he was going to swing, instead shifting his grip and grinning as he went in for that jab that he had tried when he initially was training, this time hiding his wrist well so he wouldn't lose his hand in a real battle.
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Genjo could not help but grin as Li Jie actually dodged it and reacted in a very good way. He side stepped, grabbing Li Jie wooden sword and using the force behind the jab to pull him more forward to make him lose his balance. But that was all he did. There was no need to hit him in the back, which be could easily do. He did wonder if Li Jie would be good enough for the battle though. He felt like it was coming quickly. And even if the progress was great, a real battle was still different. "Good to see you learning. You still have you hands but I would have had your back instead."
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Then at least that'd have been a quicker death." Li Jie said before tossing his training blade down and spitting out to the side before going to his water. He drank some before setting it down, deep in his thoughts about all that happened. "But believe me, I know that move is effective." He wiped his mouth. "The emperor held us in this palace and separated us by gender. Him and his commanding officer took all the women of my family save for the few that were lucky, put them into the dungeons and separated them. They were then taken at want, raped and then put back in their cells. They had us for half a year..I was just a boy when they occupied our capital..my father escaped with my baby sister and mother- I was with my cousins family at the time. The Japanese took the men, each month flaying one of them and displaying their skins outside. My uncles...all of them, my cousins- displayed on the walls of the forbidden city. Each time they made me watch, smeared the blood on me and forced my eyes open to make me watch it happen. My father Jian Zhang was the new emperor- he'd never surrender to them and so all his brothers died as he remained away. Then..he came back, trapped the Japanese in the scorched plains and began to destroy their forces. The Japanese emperor brought us along in leashes and forced us to march to the plains to face my father...and my father fought him. Yasuda Seiken wielded and eight foot long katana and used that on my father and raised him up, impaling him on his stomach while he screamed and his guts fell out, all while Mina was in father's base crying and my mother screeched and I stood there knowing...not what to do. I was recaptured by Li Jun's forces- him and a hundred orphans like himself all in their twenties and led the most impressive and terrifying battle I'd ever seen. They all would...scream though really it sounded like the barking of animals. They charged at the Japanese...slaughtered so many of them and in the end were titled 'Youxia'...heroic warriors of the poems they wrote of so long ago.: He picked up his training blade. "But this is what I want to do. I want to skewer Yasuda Seiken like a kabob in front of his family, and make them hear his screams." His eyes darkened. "Because I still hear them when I close my eyes. Maybe his will be the one to silence my father's when he was skewered, my uncles as they were flayed, the Youxia's scream..and my mother's calls for help as that gweilo defiled her." He scrunched his nose. "Japanese screams will drown them out. They'll put a smile on my face and allow me to finally rest."
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hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Genjo lowers his sword as he listens to Li Jie's rant and troubled mind. He had gotten more open towards him and he had been telling more of his wishes to bathe in the enemies blood. Personally, Genjo saw himself as lucky. Yes he was a youxia. And yes his life had not always been easy because of that. But atleast he had not such memories that haunted him at night. Just questions that kept him awake. But that was nothing compared to Li Jie's or Li Jun's ghosts. "They will be a lullaby to you, my friend. I'll make sure you will get thst justice." He points his sword up to the settling sun and grins. "That i make an oathe to. They will feel China's fire."
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"They will be." Li Jie said quiet and distant, his eyes somewhere else before finally smiling. "Yeah they will. They've always had a thing for dragons- they don't know the one they've awaken." He laughed out before having a very good day of training with Genjo. It was hours and at the end over it his body felt sore- each muscle in his body aching from his intense training caused by him remembering the imperial house of horrors caused by Yasuda Seiken.

At the end of the day he laid in bed and finally was able to shut his eyes during the witching hours of the night. He had his nightmares again, seeing the repelling of the Japanese during the third invasion. As men of different countries put their steel against each other. Then as fire erupted around the Japanese, Yasuda Seiken came out wearing his fireproof garb. It was black, large enough to fit over armor with no designs on it- a material blacker than midnight. His mask was the of an oni- red that covered everywhere except his eyes so it could show his piercing pearl colored eyes. Jian Zhang was in his full suit of armor- he tried to dodge Yasuda but Yasuda moved with super human ability. His blade was covered in oil, ablaze as it stabbed through Jian. He grabbed onto the blade, causing his hands to burn as he tried to prevent himself from sliding down but he was lifted up, screaming down the entire way as he was brought down to the hilt and then he twisted the blade and in one large motion made the man go from the hilt, slide off and be sliced in half before the man turned his head and looked into Li Jie's eyes. He woke up screaming once more at the top of his lungs, tears running down his face as he sat up before staring at the fire and breathing out, looking over to see Genjo up now. He shook his head, breathing out and rubbing his tears so he couldn't see them as he found comfort from the warm embrace of the fire.


"Daddy, can you tell me the stories of the dragons?" Li Jie asked his father.

They were in the imperial palace and his father was wearing his emperor's grabs. His shoulder length red hair fell down the sides of his head and were neatly even- his hair as thin as his pencil goatee. He looked at his son with his tired and sad eyes, saving seen much misery in his forty years of life. "The stories of the dragons are stories of stronger men, men who are long since gone."

"But we are them." Li Jie responded with.

"We are." Jian said with a smile, being reminded by his son. "Alright." He looked over at the wall, seeing the great Chinese dragon. "That is Chin, the dragon of China. Once was mighty and generous, he gave care to the people. Once there was a woman named Aina who was beautiful with her fire red hair and eyes and it reminded him of the fire inside him. Aina laid with the dragon, having her son Zhang who grew with the look of his mother but the fire of his father, unable to be burned. He forged his empire with his hands, creating a thousand years of peace until the heretical worshipers of the gold beast began to try to invade us. We repelled them each time they came- our faith strong as Chin's scales."

"Then why do they hurt us so much?" Li Jie asked his father, looking quite somber.

"I...do not know. The sacrafice of our people is necessary for our survival." Jian said before standing. Li Jie did not see, but could heard the sounds of his father's tears hitting the ground. He left, leaving his son alone in the throne room to his thoughts


Li Jie now noticed his own tears coming down his face, rubbing them off before letting off a quiet sigh. He hoped that he himself would not need to be the sacrafice for his people, to maybe save them.
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hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Genjo had been sitting straight up in his sleeping bag ever since Li Jie began to move and mumble, scream and then cry in his sleep. He did not even have to ask to know what the nightmare probably had been about. Li Jun had them as well. Their memories haunting them always. Hopefully those will be over soon for them. He almost felt guilty for not having them as well. He stood up and walked over to Li Jie to sit down next to him. "Are you alright?" He knew he was not but he had to ask. Give him the oppertunity to let out his troubles if he wanted to.


The scorched plains of China were as quiet as they were empty in the night. Except the sound of the sounds of the birds flying over ahead. And the near silent footsteps of the woman entering the plains. Without even looking she placed her feet in such a way that not even the earth below her feet shifted as she got closer to her target. A single tent in the midst of the plains. Only a fool would be there. Or in this case, her target. Why he was there. No clue. But it made her job so much easier that she had almost laughed after finding out his where abouts. The plains were so open and empty she knew he had no one there to protect him. No guards. He was alone. And vulnerable. And now hers. She stood infront of the tent, her dark skin tight leather armor and the hood that covered her face and mouth making her invisible, even in the moonlight. Slowly she opened the tent, moving the piece of fabric that seperated her from the sleeping man. And he was in a deep sleep. It was no doubt it was him. Li Jun. Her grin was hidden, as she thought this was going to be as easy as stealing candy from a child. So she slipped her knife out of her boot and stepped into the tent as the wind itself. Only the moonlight reflecting a second on the knife through the entrance being the only mistake she could have made as she positioned the knife above his chest, a second away from stabbing down.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"The Japanese haunt my dreams." Li Jie said quietly, holding his hands across his knees without even realizing it and looking over at Genjo. "Every night I see my father die again." He spoke out with his low and gravelly voice, having a thousand yard stare. "The black blade Yasuda Seiken- the nightmare always ends the same. He cuts him in half...everytime. That's the dreams I have, the memory of my fathers death-....not of his kindness, or his stories he'd tell me but of his death. Everynight, the same dream." He smiled, looking down and shaking his head. "My sister was two when he passed. I believe it was a kindness...as she doesn't have to remember what she lost."


Li Jun was meditating, thinking of his mothers death and praying to his dragon god for strength in wisdom. When he felt the wind slightly shift and began to sense the slightest beat of a heart, he feigned deep sleep and waited for whomever was coming to be in a vulnerable position. He let the knife poke into him a bit, knowing she'd have a worse grip the more it was in him. In a split second he grabbed the assassins throat, sitting up with a knife half way in his chest and looked at her- the candle of his tent lighting both faces and revealing the mirror of Yasuda Seiken- his son. "A gift from the emperor?" He asked with a grin as blood came out slowly from the knife and dripped down his bare chest. His grip was strong and his hand felt like sandpaper- it seemed as if it was nothing to him though. His strength was immense and yet his curiosity was even more. He looked at her with his pearl eyes, scanning to see any clues as to her person while he loosened his grip enough so she could speak.
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
"I thought so..." Genjo spoke quietly, not quite sure what to even say in such a situation as he was not the best man at consoling someone. "The only strength I can give you is the promise that we will have our revenge soon. And it'll be sweet. And it'll justify things at least a bit.... I do hope it will lessen your ghosts that haunt you." He said honestly.


The assassins eyes widened in surprise as Li Jun suddenly bolted up straight and grabbed her. He had been awake. He had to be to have noticed her and timed this so perfectly. She had never made such a mistake before. And somehow just that thought alone let her blood run warmer in anger. She stared back at him with her one golden and one leaf grean eyes, into a face she regonized as one she had sworn her abilities, loyalty and life to. But that fact did not matter to her. "A command from god." Her voice would have sounded even alluring had it not been laced with venom. A knife slif out from the inside of her sleave and she stabbed that upwards through his wrist, making him losen his grip as she moves it further up to seperate his hand from her throath as she then at the same time move her other hand forward, aiming to push that knife that stuck in his chest through his heart.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"The ghosts never stop haunting, its the pain that dulls." Li Jie simply said before looking off back to the fire, seeming to only feel warmth from it. "And you?" He asked quietly, trying to find some human connection with another person. "What about your mother, your father?" He looked over at Genjo. "Were you ever told about them? I know some Youxia met their parent later in life."


Li Jun grunted and smacked her arm coming at him with his good arm before pulling the knife out of his chest and using it to smack the lantern in the tent, causing the tent to begin to catch ablaze. Using that as a distraction he pulled the knife out of his wrist before jumping like a lemur, pushing them both out of the tent. "Listen to me now!" Li Jun barked out. "We're about fifty miles out from any civilization and all my food and water was in there, so unless you want to die out in the desert dumbass, you probably should stop trying to kill me because you're not going to figure out a way out of this wasteland." He held his arm down on her throat, letting the blood trickle down his arm and onto her. "Notice how nobody was here on the way in? It's ALWAYS that way."
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Genjo was a bit taken back by the question, feeling a bit uneasy thinking about it. No one truly ever asked him such things. Why would anyone bother anyway. Only Li Jun knew. But he already knew so he did not ask or talk about it. But it was only fair he guessed to share something as well as Li Jue had shared so much with him. "No. I know nothing about them. I don't know who they were. I do not plan to find them either. My father could for all I care rot in hell and my mother... I don't know what she ha dbeen thinking. If she had abandoned me. If she could not care for me. If she is dead. I do not know. But if she left me alone because she could not bear the fact of how I was concieved.... I will not trouble her heart by suddenly showing up." He answered honestly, without much emotion in his face. He made peace with the fact he would never go see his mother a long time ago.


The assassin was about to bolt out of the tent as she saw the fire spreading but the damn man was quicker, tackling her with such force her air left her lungs for a split second and pinning her down with his arm on her throath. It was almost like he was mocking her, thinking she could not get out of this wasteland by her self. She got in. She could get out. But it did not matter anyway. She was here on a mission. "You mock me." Suddenly she taps the heel of her boot on the ground, activating a mechanism that reveals the knife in the heel of her boot before pulling her knee between his legs up to her chest and stabbing the knife into the only place she could reach, which was his upper right leg as she was on his back and he had her pinned. She kicked with so much force he was pushed a bit backward, which resulted of him losing the grip on her neck and her elbowing him in the face. She then kicked him backwards onto his but with her other foot before rolling backwards, putting her hands on the ground and pushing herself up onto her feet midroll. "Food and water are the least you should be thinking about." She pulled out two chakrams that had been attached to her waist as she stood ready to attack. "You will die with or without them either way."
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Understandable. My mother died when I was young, conceiving some child that was born from some man that rape her during the 4th invasion." Li Jie rubbed his face. "It was a boy that had hair so light you could barely see it, yet eyes that were red and let you knew they were his. I held the boy, then Li Jun took him and said his destiny wasn't with us. He held a knife in has hand and let and I screamed and kicked, knowing he was going to kill my brother. He was all I had left after mother died besides Mina.." He frowned. "I didn't see it. I always wondered if...if he was out there somewhere, living a life normally- maybe a life away from all this...madness. That'd make me happier than anything, my mother loved that boy even when she knew he'd kill her." He smiled with great sadness behind his eyes, warming his hands on the fire.


Li Jun felt himself growing angrier and angrier from the pain, gritting his teeth and looking at her. He was bleeding all over, taking dirt and packing it into the wound in his leg as he looked at her. "You're right." He hissed. "Not about my death but about thinking. Thinking...means there is a human. I am not a human." He grinned, the flames from his tent crawling to him. "I am a dragon." He stuck his hand through the tent- his skin unburned, pulling his two swords out with their sheathes literally melting. He flung the sheathes off his two dao swords, looking at her. "I am the son of Emperor Yasuda Seiken, true heir to the throne and the dragon of China. Stand against me and I will burn you for following the usurper or lay down your arms to the true emperor...and I will let you keep them."
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Genjo looked up at the moon as he listened to a story he had not heard off before, realizing Li Jie's scars went so much deeper than anyone could see. Like an ocean itself. You could only see the surface, but underneath was so much more. He wondered about the child as well. Wondering mostly is Li Jun could have really done such an act which could only been seen as a brutality. Or perhaps, for that child, it had been a mercy. Who knows. Li Jun would not kill an infant without a reason. "Who knows...." He says quietly.


The assassin narrowed her eyes at him as he spoke those words. So her suspicions had been true. Though such a strong resemblance could not have been mistaken. She had to admit, anyone else would have been taken back, suprised, or even scared away by how he was looking at the moment. The son of the emperor himself standing infront of a fire, the fire in his eyes burning even more, as he held his swords. But not her. She knelt down, putting a hand on the ground and bowing her head as if making the choice to lay down her arms. "As if." Then suddenly she trew one of her chakram's forward, it bouncing slightly off of the ground as it sliced through part of his ankle. She pulled her other chakram into two parts before bolting forward, aiming to slash his troath.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
Li Jun moved his ankle away so it'd be only a flesh wound, looking at the other and holding out his sword, catching it mid air before tossing it on the ground. The flames creeped up on him up to his hair, covering it like it was his hair and began to burn his clothes, healing his wounds and making them scars as it went to his hair and his eyes glowed a bit. He then walked out of the flames and his eyes stopped glowing- his pants burnt up to his thighs as he walked towards her in battle ready stance. He then leaped forward fast like a jaguar, his swords crossed together so he could lob her head off while he gritted his teeth.
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
The assassin thought she had him when she saw him get caught in the flames, thinking the fight might be get done quicker than expected. She had thought he would scream, try to get the flames out, any human reaction to the immense heat and burning. But he merely walked forward, seeming to feel nothing, as he stared into her eyes. His eyes made her body freeze up for a second. A second too long as he leaped towards her. With a gasp she slid to a stop and managed to let herself drop into a split before he could cut through her troath. That had been way too close. Like a snake she slid through his legs and kept low to the ground as she pulled out another knife and trew it towards his neck. As she did that she noticed. There was nothing there. No burns. No redness. Nothing. As if he had been untouched.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
Li Jun shifted his position and let it pass his neck with only a millimeter of distance. He then donkey kicked her in the head while she was still behind him, then turning around and slapping her before subsequently stomping on her down and resting his foot on her chest. He held his sword down to her green eye and looked down with a bored expression, sighing out quietly. "Don't move or I'll kill you, okay?" He asked her with a smile. "You fight for your country do you not? Quite well. You believe you have some sense of honor, some sense of dedication to your land. Do you like fighting for an elf, someone who cares little for your people?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. "An elf, white as snow with silver hair who married a white woman as British as they come- you like that? Fighting so you can be colonized like the British have done to half the world?" He grinned. "You fight well. Fight for me and you may save your home- fight against me, maybe even win....and you can watch as in ten, twenty or thirty years your beautiful Japan becomes a gold mine for your white rulers."
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
The kick had been so hard that she almost passed out from the impact. Though she was rudely awakened again as he stomped onto her, making her cough and even trow up a bit of blood as she then was forced to stare at the tip of his sword. He began to rant. Which annoyed her. Why did people always talk so much. Why not just finish it off. But his words annoyed her even more. Talking as if he knew why she was there. Was her intentions and motivations were. Cocky rich bastards. "Why would anyone risk their life for a thing like country or honor.... That's just plain idiotic. As if such a thing is worth more than a life." She said before sighing and moving her head to the side. "Just do it already. You won, alright. You got me so don't drag this on." She closed her eyes and braced herself for what she thought was about to come.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Because they're what separate us from the animals. Country and honor are things bigger than yourself, something that I would die for if it meant that my people would be safe and I would have the throne I deserve." Li Jun spoke out while looking at her ready to die. "You fool." He said to her as he took his blade and began to cut areas of her clothes which could he hiding something, knocking out three more knives and checking intently more before being sure there was nothing there. "I want to make you an ally. I'm not killing you- I see skill for what it is."
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
She opens her golden eye to look up at him, ranting again. Dear lords. Just stab the thing down already. Those stupid words and thoughts of his were hurting her ears more than nessecary. When he called her fool she said nothing but the look she gave him said enough, she thought he was the bigger fool here. She kept still as he seemed to check her on weapons. When he told her his intentions she doesn't even flinch when she says. "I decline. Just stab." Before closing her eyes again.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Fuck you I'll do what I want." Li Jun said to her before using his free leg and giving her a nice jab in the ribs. He then grit his teeth, looking down at her. He debated killing her and then debated torturing her for fun since she wasn't working but he remembered his mothers advice. "Make them believe you're there to help them son." He heard in his head before sighing, knowing she was right. "What are they paying you? I'll double it."
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
It felt like he managed to break one of her ribs with just that kick. And even if she weezed for air and coughed, the movement crushing her even more, she stayed as quiet as she could be. Not wanting to give him that statisfaction of seeing her hurt. She glared up at him now. Why was he even bothering. Fucking rich people. Acting all high and mighty as if they owned the world. Talking about honour and such while it was just empty air in their big bloated heads. "Why do you think I want anything from you? I said, I decline. You've got nothing to give that I want. So or, you stop playing and finish me off, or you let me go so I can stab you in return."
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Or else what, are you going to stab me?" Li Jun chuckled out, standing there before crushing down enough to make her unconscious. He then picked up her body, going to the cave where he actually spent his nights in and had his motorcycle. He took some rope and tied her hands behind her, having her on her knees and resting while unconscious. He then went into his bathtub, lighting the candles near in and warming the water before stepping into the cold water and getting goosebumps, letting out a sigh as he took a sponge and began to wash the blood off while looking over at the assassin who was about ten feet away with a blanket on her to keep her from being too cold.
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Her head was pounding like crazy. She felt like she had a massive hangover but her ribs hurted too much for it just to be a hangover. Slowly she opens her eyes, blinking and looking around as she adjusts to the lack of light. Only a few candles were lit. She then began to realize the position she was in and what had happend. She tried to move her hands. Tied. Logically but it had been worth a try. And that is when her eyes fell on him. Taking a bath... "You have a bathtub in a cave?" Her voice was a bit raspy but it was clear how idiotic she thought it was. She shakes her head a bit at the ridiculousness of it as she moves her knees out from under her to sit on her butt with her back against the cave wall.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Good morning, sleeping beauty." Li Jun said with a laugh, smiling at her and winking while he ran water through his hair. He took it and wiped the dried blood off his chest, looking over at her. "It is my bathtub. This my home away from home- the only place I feel at home." It was clear this was true as this cave looked as it had been converted into a home. There was bookcases that reached the top of the cave, support beams to keep it from falling, relics from his family and much more. "What's your name?"
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
She looked as unimpressed by the name calling as she looked unimpressed by his winking and washing himself. Some people really had a huge ego. Suprising such an ego could fit in this cave. The only reason why she would be staring at his body for a second longer was to observe the damage she had done and to search for burn wounds, which there were none. She began to wonder if she had imagined him stepping into the fire... "You just said it, didn't you? Though I prefer warrior queen." She said, talking around the subject as she pokes her foot against one of the support beams and looks up. Pretty sturdy.
hace más de un año IAMYOURENEMY said…
"A warrior I'm not so sure- assassin queen maybe." Li Jun saw her looking and looked over at the flames, taking one of the wax candles and putting it to his hair- the flames catching and enveloping his hair again as if he had a mane of fire before disappearing- the glow in his eyes leaving with it. "I saw you looking, this is the proof." He commented while setting the candle down and relaxing- letting out a sigh as the water was finally warm enough for him to feel. He then looked over at her after what seemed to be forever, raising a brow before stretching a bit. "Awfully quiet. Well..let me tell you a story. This cave is where the imperial family hid during the second invasion. My mothers husband was burnt to a crisp defending it and when the battle was over, Yasuda Seiken came in and raped my mother in this room." He then let the silence fill the room after. "I see it in your eyes. You're hard- you've lived a tough life. Your scars tell me the streets, not battle- nothing deep enough to have ever been a sword and I see a couple bullet wounds. You use your abrasiveness to hide your inner self-" He stood up from the water and took a wash cloth to wipe his body down- his full manhood exposed. His body was riddled with scars, with slashes, stabs, bites and bullet holes everywhere- from some of the scars he should have ever been dead, with one across the lower part of his throat. "-As a way to keep yourself from getting hurt." He went to his dresser and put on underwear before then putting on a white shirt and pants. He went to his armor rack and put that on too, putting his swords which he had oiled shiny in his real sheath which was just a simple leather brown sheathe. "So, miss 'Assassin Queen', now that you've napped...how can we make better use of your abilities?"
hace más de un año Mirra1007 said…
Assassin Queen. Yeah, she could live with that as well. As he set himself ablaze again she stayed quiet, not wanting to show how much it surprised her or amazed her. Something like that should not be possible. It had to be a trick or such. It had to be. One she just couldn't figure out yet. As he began to talk and tell his story she wasn't interested in it at all. Him showing of his body once again unfazed her. And his analyses of her person just annoyed her. She was not here to talk or listen or anything like that. He must be a very bored man as well to go chatting to someone trying to kill him. And then he started again about using her abilities. That man really had botched ears. "Were you born deaf? I am telling you it ain't going to happen. No matter how much you try to figure me out or tell me your sob stories."