lindas mentirosas Who does Aeia end up with?

sandra1992 posted on Jun 19, 2010 at 03:58AM
Everyone is saying Sean or ezra.
whats the truth!!!!

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hace más de un año zanitas said…
Well in the end it's Noel, but it should have been Ezra D':
hace más de un año buyangaa said…
NOEL? u mean, in the books?
i'm in the mid-reading... but how come Aria end up with Noel?
hace más de un año mimialliwell said…
Lots happens and by the end of book 9 she is with Noel although the relationship is slightly rocky. Luckily in book 10 (to be released in December 2011) Ezra returns!!
hace más de un año ngott said…
hace más de un año mimi1406 said…
ezria forever