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posted by KaoruM
Kaoru woke up and got ready. It was the first día of school; and she was excited. She couldn't wait to see Ms. Keane and her friends, Miyako and Momoko. After she ate breakfast; she parted with her family and skateboarded to school. She greeted her teacher and sat in her normal seat. After a little bit; the RRBZ came in and sat in nearby seats.
Kaoru felt a little weird being around older kids than her. She didn't know any of the students other than the Rowdyruffs and she was the youngest in her class. Since it was the first día of school; everyone introduced themselves. Two kids ran into the room ten minutos into class and gave Miss Keane a note. She read it and nodded. They sat near Butch. During lunch, Kaoru, Butch, Boomer, and Brick sat in the cafeteria.
"Those two who brought a note to the teacher are kind of strange." Boomer said. The others nodded in agreement.
"They are complete opposites. The rosado, rosa haired one wears that weird scarf, even though it is hot outside, while his brother doesn't." Butch observed.
"Yeah, and not to men- " Brick was cut off por the sound of beeping. "What's that?"
"I have to go." Kaoru replied. Then she turned her attention to Miss Keane. "Miss Keane, I have a stomach ache!"
"Oh, my! Go to the nurse!" her teacher replied. Kaoru ran out of the cafeteria and to the roof of the school. She transformed into Powered Buttercup. The other two Powerpuffs met up with her. She opened her compact and saw Fuzzy and the Gang Green Gang causing mayhem. They flew and defeated the villains. After, they flew back to the school. They separated and went back to where they were. Now back as Kaoru, she explained to the Rowdyruffs why she left. The rest of the día went smoothly and normally.