pokémon Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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hace más de un año Nojida said…
"The tournament is in one hour, so I was thinking of getting on John's nerves until then..." Magia replies with a grin.

"Sure" Dawn says.

"Hmmm... I'm not sure, but you could let me keep it and give it back to you on his birthday" nurse Joy says.

hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
"Sounds like you'd be relaxing"Red said

"Now if I remember correctly he ran this way"Nuzi said walking that way
hace más de un año misshedgehog said…
Abagail: ok i'll start baking his brithday is on 24
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"Well it's not the most relaxing thing in the world but it is hilarious" Magia says.

"Why do you want to find him?" Dawn asks following Nuzi.

"Okay then, I'll be standing behind my counter as usual" Nurse Joy says
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hace más de un año misshedgehog said…
Abagail: thanks you
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
"Okay, what are you gonna annoy him with ?"Red asked

"I snatched Bree's phone earlier and found this"Nuzi said showing her the photo Bree and Al
hace más de un año screamingdeath1 said…
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"Ehehe" Magia laughs evily getting up and her phone beeps "Hm?" she opens it.
You have 1 new message. From: Danae.
Message: And don't you dare leaving the room, understood?

"Meanie" Magia mutters sitting on the bed again.

"Ooh, so now we have a proof!" Dawn says with a smile.

"You are welcome" nurse Joy says with a smile.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
"So I take it you're stuck here ?"Red asked

"Yep!"Nuzi said "Just don't tell anyone, I want Al to admit it"
hace más de un año misshedgehog said…
Abagail text magia that said wanna help me make a very yummy cake?
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"Yeah, unfortunately" Magia mutters and her phone beeps again. She opens it and sighs texting Abagail back.
Message: I'm sorry Abagail, but I have a cold and I'm stuck in my room! Blame Danae! D:<

"Don't worry, I won't" Dawn says
hace más de un año misshedgehog said…
Abagail text: poor magia :( dont worry i'll make you some soup
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
"Well I'm sure you can think of something to do"Red said

"Good, now where is he ?"Nuzi asked looking around
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"What is there to do in a -achoo- room?" Magia asks texting Abagail back.
Message: Thanks Abagail, you're awesome!

"Hmm....dunno" Dawn says also looking around.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
"I don't know, you have a 3ds so why don't you play it ?"Red asked

"Hmmmm"Nuzi said looking around and spotted him "There"she said walking towards him
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"You're right, I completely forgot about that!" Magia says taking out her 3DS.

Dawn walks behind her.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
"I'll just sit here"Red said and sat down

"Al!"Nuzi tapped his shoulder
Al turned around "What ?"
"Ready to admit it ?"
"Admit what ?"
Nuzi handed Dawn Bree's phone "You try it"
hace más de un año Nojida said…
Magia lies on the bed and starts playing on her 3DS.

Dawn giggles and hows Al the picture "This"
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
Al turned bright red and his mouth dropped "Tha-that is obviously photoshopped!"
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"I wouldn't be so sure about that, Al" Dawn says with a giggle.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
"I am!"Al exclaimed "Tha-that never happened!"
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"Then why are you so nervous?" Dawn asks.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
"I-I'm not nervous!"Al exclaimed
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"You're both nervous and red" Dawn says with a giggle.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
Al pulled his hat and scarf over his face "You have no proof of that"
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"I do and it's the fact that you're hiding your face" Dawn says
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
"I always hide my face, it's a habit"Al said
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"Hmmmmmhum" Dawn says crassing her arms.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
"Oh come on Al"Nuzi said "Just admit it and we'll leave you alone"
"You'll leave me alone ?"Al asked
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"If you admit it, we will" Dawn replies
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
"See ?"Nuzi asked
"Okay fine, I like Bree"Al said turning red under his covering
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hace más de un año Nojida said…
(You wrote red with capital R XD)
"That's better" Dawn says with a giggle.

Magia meanwhile had fallen asleep with the 3DS open next to her.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(My gosh! I keep doing that XD)
"Now will you leave me alone"Al asked

Red walked over to her and closed her 3ds "Danae was right, you do fall asleep when you hit a bed"
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Keep doing that? XD)
"Well I said I would" Dawn replies and walks away.

Magia starts coughing in her sleep.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Like Dawn instead of dawn XD)
"There you go"Nuzi said following Dawn

"Oh boy"Red said and put a blanket over her
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Yeah, you gotta check your post again before you leave the page XP)
"Well now we know Al likes Bree" Dawn says to Nuzi.

Magia slowly stops coughing stays stationary sleeping.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Yeah XP)
"Oh I knew that for a while, I just wanted him to admit it"Nuzi said

Red pulled up a chair next to Magia's bed and sat down "Not to worry, I'll stay here"
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"Yep, now he's one step closer in admiting his love to her" Dawn says.

Magia sightly smiles in her sleep.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
"But what about Bree, I want her to admit it as well"Nuzi said
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"Hm, I'm not sure" Dawn says "What's her expression like in the photo?"
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
"You saw it, she's smiling"Nuzi said showing her again
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"Then we got one proof" Dawn says "The second proof is that she has it in her phone and the third is that she hasn't deleted it yet"
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
"And fourth, it's under favourites"Nuzi said
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"Yep, she can't deny that" Dawn says with a giggle
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
"So should we find her ?"Nuzi asked
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"We should" Dawn replies "Any idea where she could be?"

(I've been wanting to post a flashback for a while... The how Magia told Hert she likes him flashback XP)
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
"She was upstairs last time I saw her"Nuzi replied
(Then do it XP)
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"Then let's look for her there" Dawn says walking to where the stairs where.

(Okay... But it will take some time XP Anyway, the next post will have a falshback- fanfiction-like flashback, cause I'm just in the mood for that XP)
Magia makes a sad expression in her sleep "I'm sorry..."
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
"Bree! Where are you ?"Nuzi asked walking to the stairs

"Hum ?"Red asked looking at her
hace más de un año Nojida said…
"Bree!" Dawn calls looking around.

(Here goes...!)
~In Magia's dream~
They both looked at the ground, with Magia trying to hold back her tears. Abagail came up to her trying to calm her down, but still, it was no use. She momentaly looked at Hert and, seeing his sad expression, she ran away...
Magia wakes up, with her eyes still closed "I'm sorry.... Really sorry...." she thinks to herself with a sad expression "I was the one who confessed and yet..."


A younger Hert and Magia walk into a room.
"Wow, I haven't been here for ages!" Hert exclaims happily and falls on his bed.
Magia giggles "You said your mother isn't home right now?" she asks
"Nope" Hert replies "She's always so worried that she goes off to look for me sometimes. She was like that from the beggining of my journey so she's basically almost never home" he says staring at some Pokemon posters on the ceiling. Magia smiles walking to a desk with lots of papers on it. She stands there staring at some that had the design of a Pokeball on them, probably something Hert's father was working on. She didn't pay much attention to them, though, as she was already too happy being in Hert's room "Watcha staring at?" Hert suddenly asks sitting up.
"Nothing" Magia replies turning to him "Hey.. there's something I've been wanting to ask.."
"Ask away then" Hert says.
"Well... back at the League..." at that moment, Hert falls back on the bed again, but Magia continues "Are you really okay with it?"
"With you winning?" Hert asks "Why wouldn't I be okay?"
"Not that!" Magia exclaims "I know you went easy on me at the Victory Road! You didn't even use Emboar! I know you would've been a better champion than me, I wasn't even strong enough to defeat Iris!"
"You ended up with a draw, so technically you both lost"
"That's not the point!" Magia exclaims "I'm asking why you went easy on me! I didn't feel well when I won, it was more like I didn't even deserve to battle Iris!"
"Look..." Hert says with a sigh sitting up "I couldn't go all out against you, I just couldn't. I know it wasn't the most mainly thing I could do, but I admit, I did let you win"
"But..." Magia says "It's just..."
"Hey you'll understand someday" Hert says with a smile.
Magia sighs turning around and looking down at the papers again "I was happy before our battle.. Really happy, because I've always wanted to battle with you... Not just to test my skills, but also because I enjoy watching you battle"
"Well I'm sure that-"
"I enjoy watching everything you do" Magia interrupts him, sightly blushing "I was feeling a lot disappointed when I saw you weren't giving your best.. I felt like you thought I wasn't worth battling with you, just a waste of time..."
"Hey I never said something like that!" Hert exclaims.
"That's what it looked like though" Magia says "I was disappointed... I still am..." she starts blushing again "Because I like you.. I really like you... It's horrible thinking that-" Hert suddenly hugs her from behind.
"That's the reason why I went easy on you" he says blushing "I like you, a lot. I just couldn't watch you lose, I was afraid of seeing your expression if I won, but i guess what I decided to do in the end was even more horrible. I'm really sorry for that"
"Hert.." Magia says blushing "You should've said so earlier..."
"What if you didn't feel the same?" Hert asks.
"Well, now you know I do" Magia says and Hert stops hugging her.
"Yeah" he smiles coming closer to her face "I know you do..."

~End of Flashback~

"I'm sorry!" Magia says and starts crying.