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Ash, Brock, and Misty were on their way to Olivine City when they saw a Pokemon village nearby and decided to go stay at the village for a while until they were ready to leave for Olivine City. Meanwhile, Team Rocket were above a ledge overlooking the Johto region. Wonder where they're headed? asked Meowth It's obvious they're headed to the Pokemon village. Which means there's sure to be plenty of césped, hierba pokemon for us to get our hands on. dicho Jessie Wobbuffet! dicho Wobbuffet, finally popping out of its Pokeball at the last minuto (At the Pokemon Village) Hello. What brings tu here? asked...
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Ash, Misty, and Brock were walking on their way to Olivine City when they saw a ufo land in the woods. They ran towards the ufo and checked out the inside of the ufo. The pilot didn't notice them come in at first, but then turned around and saw Ash, Misty, and Brock came to visit him. Oswald! they dicho at the same time (With Team Rocket) Jessie, James, and Meowth were looking at the ufo from the ledge they were sitting on. It looks as though that guy who spends his time doing research on Clefairy is back. dicho Meowth He most certianly is. dicho Jessie Wobbuffet! dicho Wobbuffet, popping out of...
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Just a quick heads up before I start: I have only recently found out that the episodes Attack of the Prehistoric pokémon and March of the Exeggutor Squad are on the Charizard and Charmander discs on volume 1 of pokémon All Stars so Omastar and Exeggutor will not be on the lista this time.

Volume 3:

21. Ditto:
Ditto’s Mysterious Mansion, Enter the Dragonite, Imitation Confrontation

22. Shellder:
The Bridge Bike Gang, Evolution Solution, Cold as Pryce

23. Gyarados:
Pokémon Shipwreck, The Perfect Match, Rage of Innocence

24. Scyther:
Showdown at Dark City, Tracey Gets Bugged, Gettin the Bugs Out...
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hola everyone! I’m back again with another parte superior, arriba 10 lista cuz I’m still not bored of escritura them and it’s not like people actually read this stuff anyway. This time I decided I would write about my parte superior, arriba 10 fuego type Pokemon. I mean it only made sense. I did Water last time so now I do Fire. I wonder what’ll come after this one…..hmm….well enjoy the list! As always, this lista is entirely opinion based so if any Pokemon got onto this lista that tu disagree with then…well make your own list.

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posted by AKetchum01
The start of Pokemon Glitch Quest was because of an Evil Azumarill. This occurred about one año ago. I released an female Azumarill that was made to resemble this famed glitch, but that event didn't go so well. So, I am proud to present the RE-release of the Evil Azumarill!

About the Evil Azumarill

So, if tu don't know about the ORIGINAL Evil Azumarill, I suggest lectura link about it. It was quite exciting during that time last year, and I quite enjoyed it.

So now that tu know...
To obtain the Evil Azumarill, tu MUST have at least 5 Gym Badges on any dado Generation IV o V game. Why? Because...
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posted by FanFic_Girl_26
As someone who has loved pokémon from the time I was in elementary school, I have read this book, and I must say, I cannot find any más good and positive things to say about it.

Basically, the protagonist Ash Ketchum learns a good lesson at the beginning of the book: make sure to go to cama early on the night before the día of a big adventure. (In his case, it’s beginning a pokémon journey.) Of course, that lesson is one that we’ve all learned más than once — especially when the same thing happens to us from time to time as well.

Ash also learns why sleeping late isn’t a good idea...
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"After Ash, Brock, Misty, Todd Snap, Luka, Ritchie, and Oliver rescued both Lugia from Team Rocket, they decided to unwind with a día at the beach. "Totodile! Come on out!" replied Ash as he grabbed a verde azulado, trullo, teal and red Pokeball known as a Lure Ball and sent out Totodile "Okay Staryu! Poliwhirl! Goldeen! Corsola! Psyduck! Come on out!" replied Misty as she sent out her Pokemon. As usual, however Psyduck struggled to stay afloat, forcing Misty to return to its Pokeball. Luka grabbed three Pokeballs and sent her Magikarp out. "Okay everyone. tu all stay close. tu never know what could be underwater."...
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 11: Craig's Defeat and Nikki's Goodbye

(It's 2:00 am on Thursday morning. The police officers were examining Nikki at the lab and asking her preguntas without Ash. Ash and his friends are watching Nikki's drunken father getting handcuffed. The police officers were trying to get the handcuffs locked around his big wrists. They gave up and go to their big swat truck far away.)
Police man: We are just gonna get bigger cuffs! We'll be back! (Walks off)
May: Well shouldn't somebody be holding him down so he don't …..(she turns her head seeing a police car without the...
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 10: Ash vs Craig!

(Serena, pikachu and Nikki came outside to see what going on. Nikki hides behind Ash and Ash picked her up. Everyone came out of their houses even Professor Oak from his lab.)
Misty: (she walked over to Craig). Hey! What is with all the noise?
Craig: Shut up tu BIG Bitch!
Misty: (Angrily) WHAT DID tu SAY TO ME?! OH NO tu DIDN'T! (She is walking closer to him.) tu HAVE NOT SEEN ANYTHING YET! I'LL mostrar tu BIG! (Craig was about to her and she was about to hit him too. Brock and May pulled her away.) tu WANT SOME THIS?! WELL C'MON….THEN!
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 9: Babysitting Baker Serena

(It's been 2 days that Nikki was here with Ash and his friends. She was spending a lot of time with them. Now it's Wednesday early afternoon. Ash decided to spend hang out with the boys for the day. He asked Serena to watch pikachu and Nikki in his house and she dicho yes. Now Ash is with Max and Brock somewhere near Brock's gym.)
Ash: Finally, some time to ourselves!
Max: hola guys, when I was in school, tu know what we used to do when a gym leaders gave Ash a rough Pokemon battle?
Ash and Brock: What?
Max: We'd egg her gym! Come on. Where's...
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Greetings, pokémon Trainers! Taikamodo here, with my first top...well...anything, on Fanpop! I got bored sitting in my room, and rather than doing something productive, i sat down and watched all the Episodes of the Anime, from Kanto to now. And while i amor the pokémon Anime, it's basically half my childhood(The other half being DBZ), there are a few things about it that i would change if i had my way with it. So, here's 5 of them!

Number 5:Replace The Protagonist

Now don't get me wrong, i amor Ash(Not sexually, of course). He's an icono after so many years of being the main...
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posted by Pokegal4life
Here are the memories Ash, Jessie, James, and Dawn have had before they released a Pokémon, gave them to someone else for training, o almost released a pokémon and why they released them, gave them to someone else, o almost released them.

Pokémon that have been released

* Ash's memories of Butterfree in "Bye Bye Butterfree"

1. Ash catching Butterfree when he was a Caterpie in "Ash Catches a Pokémon"

2. Caterpie evolving into Metapod in "Ash Catches a Pokémon"

3. Meatpod evolving into a Butterfree in "Challenge of the Samurai"

4. Ash and Butterfree battling against Misty's Staryu in "The...
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posted by Pokegal4life
Seriously I can't stand the sight of that thing, makes me shudder just thinking about it. Also, the Malamar that appeared in the anime episode "A Conspiracy to Conquer" was PURE EVIL!. It took control of so many of the main character's pokémon like Ash's pikachu and Bonnie's Dedenne, and it even took control of Officer Jenny using Hypnosis. Also, through Meowth's translation the gang found out about Malamar's plot to take over the world, and although Ash, his friends, and Team Rocket teamed up to try and defeat Malamar it still managed to escape. After watching that episode, I'll admit, I'M TERRIFIED OF MALAMAR!

posted by YolentaShield
Viola, a Bug-type Gym Leader that wears white tank parte superior, arriba and has a DSLR camera, looks at Alexa, a journalist from Lumiose Press (based on the real world Agence France-Presse from Paris), plays a viola.
"Why tu play a viola? You're a journalist, not a violist!" Viola angry and takes that viola from Alexa.
"Because this is a good día to vacation. tu know? This is June 21." Alexa says.
"Well, but I want to break this viola because tu know, you're a journalist, not a violist!"
Viola breaks Alexa's viola and the bow. "Hey, that price is €499! I lose €499!" Alexa says.
"Why tu not use other instruments?"...
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Ash, Brock, and Misty were on their way to Olivine City when Tyra and Chopper and their gang showed up and wouldn't let them leave until they agreed to a battle with them. So which one of tu wants to go first? asked Chopper, stepping forward. I would! dicho Ash Very well. Let's begin. This time i have más Pokemon than just my Golem. dicho Chopper Less talking, más battling. dicho Ash, eager to get started with the battle. Very well. Golem! Go! dicho Chopper In that case, i'll use Totodile! dicho Ash Golem began the battle with Rock Throw, which Totodile dodged at the right moment Golem used Tackle,...
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 Japanese Logo
Japanese Logo
Narrator:Six years ago,an evil pokemon created por Dark Master Kageyama,was destroying the World of Pocket Monster.All the Legendary Pocket of the World were no match,but thanks to the Ketchum Satoshi and his buddy pikachu,along all with his other pokemon destroyed the evil pokemon and send Kegeyama back to the Dark Dimension.Because of this Arceus declared Satoshi as a pocket monster,Satoshi s dream had finally came through.Then after three months a game which created 100 years hace became popular.It was called Triaces,it was pocket monster battle,soccer and martial arts together.It started...
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Tauros- Ash went to the safari zone and decided to catch 20 of them. Then left them with Professor Oak but kept one for battle.


Spearow- This pokemon gets spot number 19 for its aggression and determination when chasing ash in the forest.


Caterpie- Cause it was the weakest pokemon to scare misty.


Lickitung- One of the funniest pokemon from team rocket.


Porygon- The only pokemon to give children seizures.


Snorlax- The lazy powerhouse of Ash's team.


Primeape- The best pure fighting pokemon from generation one.


Persian- Meowths rival for giovanni's attention


Alakazam- The best...
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 7: Nikki's First Night

(In Misty's gym, all of the guests are eating pizza at the tables. Serena just got 2 slices of pizza. She headed over to the mesa, tabla and sat between Ash, pikachu and Nikki and gave Nikki one slice of pizza. Nikki is also sitting siguiente to Ash.)
Serena: What's wrong, sweetheart? Don't tu like your pizza?
Nikki: No. I never had a big cena before because I would only have crackers every night. (She eats her pizza with a smile.)
Brock: Did tu tell her yet Ash?
Ash: Yes and turns out she's not pregnant! Probably the nurse got the wrong number.
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posted by RED2000
This pregunta has been on my mind for a while now so i thought i would ask on this page. so Bagon is always jumping from high places to try and fly as this is it's dream it will alter it's DNA to grow wings so my theory is not all Bagon dream of becoming the same Pokemon do they? they must have a different view of themselves with wings so why do they all evolve into the same Pokemon (salamance) let me know what tu think about this theory as it has been bugging me for a while and i would find your respuestas very interesting to read.
From The Show
1.I can leave inicial at the age of 10.

2.If i want to be a professor my last name has to be the name of a tree.

3.I am aloud to go any where without adault supervision.

4.I can save the world from huge scary pokemon.

5.I can beat older people in battles.

From The Game
6.I can catch legiondary pokemon with a duskball.

7.People will pay a little kid alot of money if they beat them.

8.You can revieve a pokemon in five seconds

9.You can take a árbol o rock and make it into a AMAZING HIDE OUT

10.I'm a mayjor nerd that spends here days playing a japanese game