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posted by emirc2363
We all remember seasons 1-3 Phyllis. She was kind-hearted and "matronly," as Michael put it, but she also added her fair share of jokes. However, it seems that after her first summer as Mrs. Bob Vance she turned into a, dare I say, bitch. Her comentarios to Pam early in season 4 were shocking. She was always one of my favorito! minor Office characters, but with this new attitude, I'm not so sure anymore. Could this be because of a rocky marriage? Doubtful. Her and Bob always seemed happy together. Is she finally fed up with Michael's mean jokes? Possibly, but unlikely.

I always viewed Phyllis as sort of the grandmother of the office. She provided a sense of wisdom, a sense that was definitely not found in the other elders, such as Meredith and Creed. She tried to be kind to all. I miss this Phyllis!

I'm hoping she will turn around and become Mama Phyllis again. Maybe this first mes was just a stressful one? Let's hope she makes a turnaround.