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The sun scorched down on the earth, burning roads and suffocating grass. It was one of the hottest days in Danville anyone could remember.
"Hey, Phineas!" Isabella peeped as she entered the boys' backyard. "What'cha doin'?"
"Hey Isabella," Phineas dicho as he sat up to face her. "Nothing yet. It's too hot to do anything."
It was a pretty hot day; almost ninety-seven degrees out.
"I know how we could cool down," Isabella said, smiling. "Who wants to go swimming at my house? We can invite over Buford and Baljeet too."
"Sounds cool!" dicho Phineas, getting up. "We'll meet tu at your house in ten minutes."...
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Please don't be rude but this is my first articulo and I am pretty young so hope u enjoy! "Where could I leave her?" thought a young German Shepard as she was carrying her week-old female perrito, cachorro across Danville. "Who would want a half dog half lobo pup with a crocked tail with a wird estrella on her right front paw?! Why did I a champion pet agree dog have to get involved with a wolf?" As she was thinking she saw a nice inicial with 4 children (Candace ,Phineas ,Ferb ,and Isabella.) with a platypus and two loving parents though a window decorateing a navidad tree. "They are the ones." she thought....
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We amor the musical film Hairspray. I must warn tu if anyone lives in the USA and is watching, you'll notice that it's block in that country.
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(This story takes place in Phineas and Ferb's teen years)

Isabella was sleeping over at her friend Emily's house, Isabella and Emily were watching a romance movie. "I can't hide my feelings anymore, Mark" dicho the woman on screen. "It is undeniable now." "What is it Jennifer?" dicho the man. "I amor tu Mark, ever since we were children I've loved you, I've tried to contain it, but I can't oso, oso de it any longer." as the woman dicho this Isabella began to frown. She got up and got inside her sleeping bag, but Emily stayed put "Jennifer, I... don't know what to say... this is so sudden." dicho the man....
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