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Mrs. Dodds turned on me. There was a triumphant fuego in her eyes, as if I’d done something she’d been waiting for all semester. ‘Now, honey –’

‘I know,’ I grumbled. ‘A mes erasing textbooks.’

That wasn’t the right thing to say.

‘Come with me,’ Mrs. Dodds said.

‘Wait!’ Grover yelped. ‘It was me. I pushed her.’

I stared at him, stunned. I couldn’t believe he was trying to cover for me. Mrs. Dodds scared Grover to death.

She glared at him so hard his whiskery chin trembled.

‘I don’t think so, Mr. Underwood,’ she said.

‘But –’

‘You – will – stay –...
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It was a normal día for me, I was playing out with my friends and I saw this freaky shadow pass across the pavement, "I just need to go check something out!" I told them, then sprinted down the street. I soundlessly crept towards the corner, and poked my head around, and saw it. It had three heads, with blood-stained teeth, and eerie jet black fur. My favourite subject happened to be Greek Mythology so I knew what it was: Cerberus. I gasped and it turned towards me, growling and lumbering forward, all three heads ready to tear me apart. It lunged , and I threw my hands out in front of me, waiting...
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"Get back!" I slashed the air in a wide arc, driving the rest of the demigods away from Annabeth. "No one touches her!" "Interesting," Kronos said.

He towered above me on his skeletal horse, his scythe in his hand. He studied the scene with narrowed eyes, as if he could sense that I'd just come close to death, the way a lobo can smell fear.

"Bravely fought, Percy," he said. "But it's time to surrender -- o the girl dies."

"Percy, don't," Annabeth groaned. Her camisa, camiseta was soaked with blood. I had to get her out of here.

"Blackjack!" I yelled.

As fast as light, the pegasus swooped down and clamped...
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posted by bookwise
Percy: Excuse me, do tu know where I can find the blue cookie mix?

Store employee: Umm… i don't think we-

Percy: What about blue comida dye?

Store Employee: I don't think we do. But if tu want to check aile 14 in the cooking section I can take you.

Percy: (mutters) This is the 4th store in a row,(louder)no but thank you.

Store Employee:

Percy: *walks away* Why don't they have blue cookies?

my best friend doesn't realize that she does the same thing to me and I laugh and ask if she has read Percy Jackson and she says no why should I ( well because tu and Percy are a lot alike) of course I don't tell her that but I do say that she look it up. she still doesn't get it :[
posted by Percysclique
"Put your gorra, cap back on,"I said. "Get out!"
"What?" Annabeth shrieked. "No! I'm not leaving you."
"I've got a plan. I'll distract them. tu can use the metal spider- maybe it will lead tu back to Hephaestus. tu have to tell him what's going on."
"But you'll be killed!"
"I'll be fine. Besides, we've got no chioce."
Annabeth glared at me like she was going to puñetazo, ponche me. And then she did something that surprised me even more. She kissed me.
"Be careful, seaweed brain." She put on her hat and vanished.
I probably would've sat for the rest of the day, staring at the lava and trying to remember what my name was, but the sea demons jarred me back into reality.
When we got to the gym, Coach Nunley was sitting at his little escritorio lectura Sports Illustrated. Nunley was about a million years old, with bifocals and no teeth and a greasy wave of grey hair. He reminded me of the Oracle at Camp Half-Blood – which was a shrivelled-up mummy – except Coach Nunley moved a lot less and he never billowed green smoke. Well, at least no that I’d observed.

Matt Sloan said, ‘Coach, can I be captain?’

‘Eh?’ Coach Nunley looked up from his magazine. ‘Yeah,’ he mumbled. ‘Mm-hmm.’

Sloan grinned and took charge of picking. He made me the other team’s...
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posted by cubsfanjoe13
Prane was good at disguises. Walking down Fifth Avenue, he was wearing mortal clothes and walking like a mortal. Quickly. To the Empire State Building. Olympus. He zoned out, looking at peoples auras that tell what they are. He saw two people with a little bit of one of the gods blood in them. Maybe their ancestors were demigods. Then he saw the demigod, who was maybe in his early twenties. He realized that they were brothers at that moment. They were both children of Ares, although Prane was a full god. He turned to him and whispered the Ares cabina at Camp Half-Blood’s secret password...
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posted by Lovejoy10
tu know it amazing what NORMAL humans don't see. I am not a normal human, I can see through the Mist. My name is Rachel Elizabeth Dare, and I am the Oracle of Delphi. Yeah, its can creep other demigods out but, Hey, I get this AWSOME room and I can hang out whit my BFF's. Another plus is that I can stay away from my father ... ugh, I hate him, such a nature hater.

Well, It started out when I bumped into Percy Jackson at the aspiradora, hoover Dam and saw the monsters chasing him. After he left I studied Greek monsters and mythology. Later on I started having dreams of a bright light like the sun saying...
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posted by GRA3CUS
So I am planning on making a parody of don't stop believing por Journey about Percy and Annnabeth but I'm stuck so Pls give me some suggestion, feedback, o topics that i could include to help me out I would really appreciate it once I am done I will make a new page and try to give credit to everyone who's ideas I used

What to include in suggestions

What book to concentrate on (until decided)

What events to include

How I'm doing

And any suggestions for changes to lyrics

pls do NOT give any lyrics changes unless they have the same amount of syllables as the original lyrics ty

Btw I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Journey, o the heroes of Olympus and I got the original lyrics off of link

This is my first articulo I have made so sry if it isn't professional
‘There they are.’ Grover nodded towards a couple of younger kids arguing in the bleachers. ‘Bianca and Nico di Angelo.’

The girl wore a floppy green cap, like she was trying to hide her face. The boy was obviously her little brother. They both had dark silky hair and aceituna, oliva skin, and they used their hands a lot as they talked. The boy was shuffling some kind of trading cards. His sister seemed to be scolding him about something. She kept looking around like she sensed something was wrong.

Annabeth said, ‘Do they . . . I mean, have tu told them?’

Grover shook his head. ‘You know...
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posted by groversgirl2000
"grover ready for our camping trip?""cant wait""yea me neither""race ya".aaaaaaaaaaah.what
a great was sunny but windy.the best.we were going 2 a big worrys,just us,the tents,picnic baskets,and the woods.the unfortunetly forgoten about my told grover about it and hed been actuación weird ever since.but today he was a mix of nervous and when hes about to say something hes been holding in for a long time.i thought this thing has been bothering him since my dream,i was half right.really since we met,it just got worse when my dream happend.we...
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posted by groversgirl2000
im the newest camper at camp a daughter of hectate.well im 17years old and my best freinds are:percyp,annabeth,charlie,grover,the hermes twins,piper,leo,jason,hazel,frank.(charlie never died).well percy piper jason leo frank and hazel just need 2 más halfbloods.and 1 is me.everyone was super suprised a daughter of a minor godes like hectate would be major but youve got:water,war,death,fire,lightning,charm,now u need magic eh?well i have straight dark brown hair,round maching eyes,alot of frecles,and a mischevious smile.we were all sent with a army of satyrs to find this last kid.whoever she/he was.eventualy we met a girl in canada.8 years old black curly hair sticked up insted of going down,big brown eyes like me.poof.i wake up.yup im the kid with curly hair.dang. who were those guys.i didnt no i didnt know it was halfblood,or i was seeing my futer,or that id be in for the wildest time of my life when i saw my best freind grover at school today.o & im 17.not 8.
I don't know where to begin....all I know is that Rick Riordan wrote about my real-life...My name is Jason Pabon ( firstname: Jason...lastname: means Peacock of Hera, o Bird of Hera--coincidence?)...I grew up in to the Olympic Theater (Olympus?).....coincidence mother's name is Maia (noticed same name as Hermes' mother lesser goddess)....My whole life I've had weird dreams about the greek gods before I even knew who they were! Later Arcadia Circle, ...visitied Crete, IL...I made a painting of Hermes; messenger of the gods in high school....I was the fastest long distance runner...
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posted by futeranabeth
aaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhh!!!!!damn my arm hurts!!why did i challange clarisse to a battle!stupid stupid stupid oops shouldnt be telling tu this!duh that is not how my story starts this is how it stats:anabeth and i were walking,talking lazy morning when grover ran up to us shouting "i found a half-blood!!!!!!!" we jumped on the spot."great!"said annabeth"cool!" i dicho "come see her"said grover we ran over to find a beutiful girl our age.she had carrot red hair that fell to her hips.clear blue eyes and a crooked smile."hi im duffy"she dicho her voice wa booming."im percy andthis is annabeth"i said."nice...
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posted by iluvgreekgods
Percy's p.o.v.
I hope tu like it
it was a normal day.. I mean I guess since tu know I was on a fecha with Annabeth the most beautiful girl in the world. Yup right about the time we got our meals blackjack had come in the restaraunt and dicho to me hola boss not much time to talk tu really got get back to camp! por that time Annabeth and I knew our fecha was pretty much over. So we rode on black jack to the camp to find the whole camp was fighting. There was Demeter kids growing poison ivy and thorns while the Ares cabina was fighting the Apollo cabin. The Athena cabina was fighting the Hermes cabina why of course the poseidon cabina was doing nothing and the Zues cabina wasn't doing much too. I ran to Chiron where I was hoping to find some respuestas while Annabeth went to pull apart some people fighting. When I found Chiron he was grabbing to boys and pulling then away. That's when Chirons looked at me and his eyes widened so big that tu would think his eye pupil was the size of an apple.
The good news: the left tunnel was straight with no side exits, twists o turns. The bad news: it was a dead end. After sprinting a hundred metres, we ran into an enormous boulder that completely blocked our path. Behind us, the sounds of dragging footsteps and heavy breathing echoed down the corridor. Something – definitely not human – was on our tail.

'Tyson,' I said, 'can tu –'

'Yes!' He slammed his shoulder against the rock so hard the whole tunnel shook. Dust trickled from the stone ceiling.

'Hurry!' Grover said. 'Don't bring the roof down, but hurry!'

The boulder finally gave way with...
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posted by Kat-chan
hola PJO FANS!!!! So, it’s that special time of the year, tu all know what I mean. What tu don’t? Well then I’ll tell you. It’s all of our favourite author’s B-day!!! ...Or at least it was when I started escritura this...HAPPY BILATED BIRTHDAY RICK!!! So in his honour, I decided to post a fanfic after so many years. That’s why I’m currently sitting in front of computer in a CH-B T-shirt, jeans and sneakers drinking blue limonada (Go comida colouring ^.^). This story (hopefully only this chapter) is co-authored with my friend skinneyjeans112. Please read her stories! Anyways, ENJOY!!!!!...
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