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Name:Son Of Neptune
all the gods and

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters (apart from Rivertry. All th credit goes to amazing writer Rick Riordan.

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hace más de un año rockology101 said…
YAY!! Chapter One
annabeth p.o.v! (point of view)

A couple of months, three at the most. Thats how long Percy Jackson has been missing. My seaweed brain... i miss you so much! How could i let you out of my sight? Stupid Hera! She:trapped Thalia, made her little cows leave `presants` everywhere i go! To top it all of percy disapears out of flipping thin air! all though it seems like all hope is lost, i will hunt for him. He never gave up on me so i can't repay him by giving up! I will never burn his shroud untill i see his body dead right infrount of me!

I miss his soft, sea-green eyes and his messy jet black hair. everyday i feel myself longing for his sarcastic impertanant laugh. i'm in love with my missing friend, Percy Jackson.

Clarisse distracted me from my thinking "Annabeth you have to come quick it's Rachel!" i dashed atfull speed to Rachel. "annabeth!" she panted "Quick i have a prophosy!"
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hace más de un año rockology101 said…
`Go back to where it first began,
find out what made poseidon man,
see a friend on the verge of death,
the kiss of life with ones last breath,
rejoice with one you love the most,
celebrate with a single toast,
a glass of wine,
will be devine,
on this special evening!`

"well," muttered Chirone: "it seems our friend Annabeth here has just been offered a quest!"...


Please comment couse i really sorry if the first bit is super boring but it will get better i swaer if your a nico fan your gonna love chapter two!!!!!!
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hace más de un año rockology101 said…
Chapter two Nicos pov

So here i am! Stuck in the underworld with only the souls, a coulple of hellhounds and a very cute chineese demi-god, Rivertry for company and no offence rivertry isn't being the best companian right now! Dad's gone away to china to study (i don't know how Persphone purswaded him to take her to China?????????????) and has left poor rivertry to teach me about her place from the cumforting palace of Hades!!!!

Having Dad's palace all to my self ,exept from the hellhounds and rivertry, i should be over the moon! Sadly, i am still uncomfortable about percy. He has been missing for three mounths and we're nowhere near finishing the booat in time for the summer solstice! poseidon help us!! i swear as soon as dad returns i willbe shadow traveling everywhere in san fransisco to find my friend even if it kills me!

Suddenly, Rivertry swept into the room her black hair flying behind her. "nico, Nico! There is an Iris message from Annabeth waiting for you in the conference room!" Rivertry yelled at the top of her voice. Usually i detest iris messages but because it was from annabeth i figured it was important. slow as a snail, my dread slowing me down i crept towards the message...
hace más de un año rockology101 said…
chapter three Nicos pov.

There stood Annabeth in full battle amour. It was unbelievable how amazing she looked. It wasn't that she'd tried to impress me but shes just stunningly beautiful! "nico," Annabeth said her voice full of confidence though her eyes showed fear and uncertanty. She snapped me out of my dream... "what?" i asked my voice soundingas inpertanant and arrigent as my fathers *underworld becomes tence* (no offence dad!). "will you come on my quest wth me?" i stood as still as a statue. Had my ears decived me? Was annabeth asking me on a quest? i felt a wave of shear terror ran through my body startlingly i found myself confordently agreing to go on this quest. "Ok1 meet me and my other patner(whom i have no chosen yet) at thalias tree at camp at nine am sharpish!!!!!! any questions?" i decieded to ask something REALLY smart... " who the heck still says `whom`?????" Annabethgrunted and the iris message ended.

I walked over to Rivertry her soft silky hair cascaded past her broad, tanned shoulders. two more things to tell Annabeth one, rivertry was the perfect other partner (she's a child of hermes) she fights like an ares kid and has gotten me in neck point seven times! number two i was falling for this chineese demi-god...
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hace más de un año penguin098 said…
I appluad you for keeping up at this without comments. As a writter myself, i understand how important they are, so I've decied to make your day!

You have three chapters, and there's already a profecy, Thank the gods you didn't bore me to death with a long exposition. I can't wait for the quest to begin, and with it, the action!
Also, question: It seemed to me that Nico was... falling for Annabeth. Am i over-reading the story, or is this true?
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hace más de un año rockology101 said…
i dont really know yet but he is gonna have a little romance with rivertry. btw what do you think of the name rivertry????
hace más de un año rockology101 said…
big smile
@ penguin098- sorry for making this so complecated and sorry for making you wait been studying like heck!!! *yawn* well here ya go!!
hace más de un año rockology101 said…
chapter four Percy pov.

Its been a crazy three months at Urbs. My friend Reyna is out on a quest and we haven't heard from her in six weeks. although lupa said not to worry i have been worrying my flaming socks off (looks down at his feet he is weariing trainers with no socks!!!!). my life has been turned up side down. Altough most of my memory is still missing part are coming back. I can remember a large girl ,clarrise (i think), bullying me and then me kicking her butt at capture the flag!a sayter called grover and a blonde girl she calls me `seaweed brain` (nut job) she thinks shes such a wise girl... wise girl where did i get that from? A large horn blowing i thedistance distracted me from my thinking, i was so glad of it1 my ADHD brain can not cope with deep thhinking! Slowly, I sprinted of to the urbs walls.

sorry its short i am wracking my small brain!!!

hace más de un año PercyJfan100 said…
I REALLY like your story !!! It's SUPER COOL !!!!!!!!
hace más de un año rockology101 said…
chapter five annabeth.

i stood at thalias tree waiting for nico. i had decieded to have jason on this quest as well. i geuss its only a wise choice. If he can figure out the way to urbs whilest searching san fransisco. we could be in for a real treat.`Well...` Jason said `what are wewaiting for and i really dont mean to be rude but why iss this percy guy so important?` i flashed him a extrmely appuled glare. `percy is my boyfriend for a start and he is the most wonderful kind loyal guy i will ever meet. he saveed my life countless times kills every spider that comes in sight and has been the joy and happiness of this camp.` i couldnt belive he even dared to say anything bad about him..
hace más de un año rockology101 said…
six annabeths pov

`percy has been on a quest every summer he has been here and ha sso many friends. he saved me from being streched to death the first summer and retrived zeuss lightening bolt, then went to the sea of mosters to get the golden fleece, also, he saved me and held the weight of the sky then tricked atlas into taking it , he then was my partner through the labourynth, he was also the child of the great prophosy, is this creating any pictures???????` i said to jason a little to arrigently. all jason could say was:` is he a really big headed person then?` thats when i flew at him `shut the hell up now!` and that wen i saw nico running up the hill being chased by...
hace más de un año rockology101 said…
im not posting any more till ten people comment on this startin g from now
hace más de un año lmb111514 said…
This is amazing! Please write the next chapter soon!
hace más de un año bstras said…
Awesome, plus I'm so cool I count for nine people xD
hace más de un año pink-bookworm said…
This fanfic is so cool and I feel for you I usually only get like one comment a chapter
hace más de un año rockology101 said…
this is dedicated to pink-bookworm for making me realise that im luck to have any commente at all so i will continue.
@bstras my fanpop hasnt been working either so i wil post stuff on fanfiction.

chased by a huge hell hound. rivertry stabbed the hellhound thriugh the gut and it disolved in to a pile of ash. "YOU SAVED MY BUTT!" nico scremed well no duh sherlock holmes! i thought . all this time i stared at the blonde haired boy(jason) he seemed so familier... why? then ithit me this was jason grace , my best friends brother.
you see when thalia ran away beore she did see told me her best friend. i met her in the ninty nie p shop we both lunged for the lastbottle of coke and looked at each other. when she ran away i discovered olympus and was made immortal by zeus. i have never toldanyone becuse zeuss would kill me if a mind was going at such a fast hte i couldnt think about every thing at once . "e have to catch the next train to sanfransico.. i know the way to mount tam ...

sorry so short i wanted to make it long butfather wants the laptop see ya soon
hace más de un año rockology101 said…
im gonna see where otherpeople can take my story from npw on so if peopl want to add their own spice they can!!!
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
do what?