Percy Jackson & The Olympians libros Short Story Character Game

percyandpotter posted on Jan 02, 2011 at 06:18PM
This game is for people who like to make characters and write short stories with them.


Each person posts one sentence at a time. Beginning with the making of the character itself in this format:

Greek Parent:
Mortal Parent:
Choice of weapon:
Current location:

After all this has been filled in, we begin the short story, each user adding one sentence at a time. Users can't add more than one sentence in one reply and cannot go multiple times in a row.

I'll start:

Name: Aurora "Rory" Michaels

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hace más de un año Thaliahunter said…
Age: 14

hace más de un año izappeople said…
Greek Parent: Apollo
hace más de un año samoangirl96 said…
mortal parent: Tasi
hace más de un año percyandpotter said…
Appearance: Medium height, light blond hair, freckles across her nose, golden-butterscotch eyes.
hace más de un año NightmareGirl16 said…
Weapon of choice: Golden bow with ever-filling quiver of sonic arrows
hace más de un año wisegurl said…
Hometown~ Edgar, wisconsin
hace más de un año penguin098 said…
Current Location: Edgar, Wisconsin (still does not know about demigods/gods
hace más de un año percyandpotter said…
Short story: I absolutely hate Edgar, Wisconsin.
hace más de un año percysmile said…
I mean who likes a guy who beats up my best friend it's unfair just beausa be has acne and hair every were dose not mean you can beat him up.
hace más de un año percyandpotter said…
And it's not just the bully, everyone here is absolute crap!
hace más de un año poseidon5567 said…
everyone walks by like theyre soooooooo much better then you.