Percy Jackson & The Olympians libros Percy jackson trys to kill me, what else is new?

Grrrrr posted on Jul 19, 2011 at 10:17PM
Okay, so this will be a story, I will be including Percy Jackson, not my character (though you knew) Ok, so thanks for reading (if you do) and commenting (if you do)


I do not own: Percy Jackson, Thalia Grace, Grover Underwood, Anabeth Chase :)
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hace más de un año Grrrrr said…
Chapter 1:

It all started when Ms. Dodds decided to attack Percy. But, he would have had to know he was a demi-god anyway, and Chiron and I would have had to tell him. Ever since then, Percy and I have been friends. We found a lightning bolt for zeus and made our name publicly known. We went on one adventure, though, that a fellow camper named Rick Riordan didn't write down. Rick was Hermes's kid, and published our stories without asking. Percy was mad at Rick for that, but, he let it go eventually.
"Grover, come on, Dinosyous is going to be mad" Percy said.

"Coming!" I yelled and ran, well more like galloping in a satyr way, over to Percy. My hooves got stuck over one another, and before I knew it, I was munching on the ground.
"Grover, you okay?" Percy asked, a hint of annoyance. I bleeted at him and got up.
"Fine Perce, lets go" Percy sighed at me but walked to the big house. Dinosyous and Chiron were playing cards.
"Grover, Person, sit down" Dinosyous grunted.
"PerCY," PErcy said, clearly annoyed.
"Whatever Parker" Percy rolled his eyes.
"I'm sure you want to know why we called you here today" Chiron said.
"As long as it's not dangerous" I bleeted. Chiron said nothing, which made me nervous.
"Percy, Grover, there's no easy way to say this bu-"
"Annabeth's been turned into a spear and has been kidnapped by Ares" Dinosyous interupted. I bleeted, and fell over in my chair.
hace más de un año Grrrrr said…
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That was relally good!
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Same as JJ!
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what everyone else is saing
hace más de un año Grrrrr said…
hahah, I thought this was gonna be bad, soo I will post soon :)
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seriously, post!