Penguins pingüino, pingüino de Chat!

lovelife324 posted on Feb 24, 2010 at 02:00PM
For all you penguin lovers out there, this is the perfect place to talk about the latest gossip on penguins! From toys to movies on these funny flightless birds, you'll never get tired about them! So go ahead and write ANYTHING PENGUIN!!!
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hace más de un año LuigiBros999 said…
big smile
I made a song:
Go Go Penguins!!!
Furry Flightless Birdies!!!
Go Go Penguins!!!
There NOT Just Black And Nerdy!!!
Go Go Penguins!!!
Awesome,Cute And Fun!!!
Go Go Penguins!!!
There Afraid Of The Sun!!!
hace más de un año Hubie_Manes said…