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This is basically the background of how the animal’s secret government is set up. The actual story doesn’t start until the siguiente chapter. Brief summary of each OC is included. (Skilene and Private/OC pairings)

There are Five Boroughs, as everyone is well aware, that coexist in New York. The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. In each Borough, there exists a single zoo. Five boroughs, five zoos. The head of the boroughs, o “General” lives in the Staten Island borough. There is a higher authority than him, however. The court Mariners of Philadelphia decide what is fair in the five zoos, and what to do with wrong doers.


The system was set up when the first zoo opened in 1860 in Central Park, Manhattan. Back then, it was headed por a disabled civil war veteran. The first members of the zoo with a mission to protect it were three bald eagles, two yellow-tufted cockatoos and a raccoon. There were few other members of the zoo at the time. The Central Park Zoo is also the oldest zoo in the U.S. It was remodeled to have the main HQ fitted for specifically penguins in 1988, covered up por remodeling the entire zoo.

In 1896, 36 years after the first zoo was announced a success, the New York Aquarium and Prospect Park Zoo’s opened. Prospect Park Zoo is located in Brooklyn, New York. The New York Aquarium set up in Brooklyn as well. It is commonly referred to as the “Hoboken Aquarium”, mainly for its relative closeness to the Camden area of New Jersey.

The Bronx zoo was the siguiente to open in 1898, followed por the Queens Zoo in 1968. The Queens Zoo opened over a hundred years later from the last one, and on the grounds of the 1964-65 World’s Fair.


Only characters already having a role, such as Manfretti and Johnson, John Smith, Buck Rockgut are dado information on. Other characters will just have to be dado a history throughout the course of the story.

John Smith
    – Stationed in Staten Island. Was briefly held captive on an overseas mission. Some say he went mad, but he remains fully functional and true to the Zoo Credo. His real name is currently classified, as John Smith is a Pseudonym. Although he has orders coming from above him in Philadelphia, he has main control over all operations in the New York Boroughs.

Joey Wheeler
    – stationed in the Queens zoo. He is currently MIA. He was working his way up the ranks, gaining leadership over the Queens branch, when he mysteriously vanished. His team has no idea where he is. Suspicions are confirmed that they do, in fact, know where he is. They just aren’t telling. The team has not been court marshaled because they are under Wheeler’s authority. Wheeler has yet to be found, after several years of his vanishment.

Manfretti and Johnson
     – No current station. Formerly a part of the Central Park Zoo, under leadership of Buck Rockgut. M & J found a higher calling in the name of science, leaving their friends at the Central Park Zoo behind to study better in Staten Island. There they stayed for a while, before moving on to helping out all the boroughs. Their multiple death myths are just that - myths and cover-ups for past missions.

Buck Rockgut
    – The Original leader of the Central Park Zoo team, he committed his life to catching the Red ardilla after TRS took his family. He trapped himself in a bunker for forty seven years, coming out only when ‘the Red ardilla was back’. He trained the men who trained Skipper, Kowalski and Rico to what they are today. Skipper, Kowalski and Rico were constantly reminded of the greatness that was Buck Rockgut. Private, their newest addition to the team, had never heard of him, and successfully sent him off to find an imaginary country. Buck has gotten over his 47 – año stay in the bunker that caused him to go mad. He now is coming back from Denmark to receive orders from John Smith.

Hans Feizi
    – Current villain to Skipper’s team, along with Dr. Blowhole. Speculations of a pairing have aroused, but no word yet confirms it. Neither side, Skipper nor Hans, will talk about their past incident in Denmark. Perhaps for the better.


The Philadelphia court of Democracy has files on every animal that ever became a member of the boroughs. These files have been collecting since circa 1850. The seven leaders of the court decide what is fair, and what is not. They give permission to the leader of the Boroughs, stationed in Staten Island. Most often, if the leader, o General, as it were, is dado permission to do what he wills, if it be for the good of the cause. However, there has been a few times where the Court denied the claims of the General, and other times where the permitted claims were used for bad.

The Court also controls the court marshaling and court system, giving all villains a fair trial. The General in Staten Island controls what ‘bad guys’ to go after, and who has the most leeway. He also has power over the Colonels of the Boroughs. For example, The Court rules over the General, who rules over the Colonels, who train the men in combat, and leads them against sworn enemies.

This is my outline for the entire premise of the series WHICH WILL NOT BE AS LONG AS MY LAST ONE. If anything, I'll try to keep it to one story. There are a few characters that aren’t mentioned that will come up later in the story, and have remained disclosed for a purpose. Please comentario and let me know if tu would like to read it. (Please note, a lot of this information, particularly the part on the Boroughs, is factually correct. I got the information from CentralParkZoo.com and its affiliated sites. Just thought I’d let that out there)
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Hi,I Added This Video & I Hope That tu Guys Will amor It,Because I amor It To...
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> Now nothing could stop us to follow the truth until the red light seen, we're had enough clues to indicate that the 'Soul Project'; the forbidden project that lead por Fidelis itself; still exist and still developed. Perhaps this was the message of Sergeant... went to the north and continued to the east. well, we have done it all... But our steps closer to the truth would bring everyone who helped us until we're arrived at this point in terrible danger. And no-one helped us with that, except the greats and the Turkey Fidelis. Russian... Fuhrer... Yusuf... Even they will leaved us with just...
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The penguins were far on their way. The morning turned to a sweltering afternoon. Later, that shifted to a chilling night. The waves rocked mellowly.
Private glided through the water with Celeste on his left and Skipper on his right. Everything felt right. Even though the water was freezing due to nightfall, none of them were the least bit cold. They all had swam through much worse.
As time passed on, they weren't even close to the destination they had hoped for. All of them, began to tire sooner o later.The energy to keep going was scarce in all of them. The sky above the ocean was pitch...
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Hey, guys. When I get bored, recently, I find myself escritura songs based on stuff that I enjoy, such as the Penguins of Madagascar. While not totally related, it's pretty obvious it can be related somehow if you're a fanguin; they can tell who can be thought of while lectura this.

This is segundo rough draft to this. If anyone has any ideas to make this better (better rhymes for certain phrases, o simply a better way to phrase a line), feel free to let me know. I normally never really wrote songs, so this is new.

And since I have no clue how to get instruments for songs (I don't do any instruments,...
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Damion's eyes were as wide as his jaw that had dropped in terror. His tight gripp loosened until Private fell to the icy ground.
D: "Dad! Dad!"
Damion fled like a coward, but Private couldn't blame him. Jeff raced up and they both ran for their lives.
A: "Private, are tu okay?!"
She pushed through the paniced crowd to Private, but she still couldn't reach him. All she could do was watch in terror as he laid on the ground getting trampled por the absentminded, frightened crowd.
S: "Private?! Private?!"
Private got on his flippers, but struggled to get to his feet. Then he heard her angelic voice,...
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