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Pluma happily leaped out the water. "Hey, guys, what's up?" She dicho brightly. Kowalski shushed her and pointed down, on to the HQ. Pluma looked down and then up. Private rushed up to her and whispered, "Skipper and Margaret want to be alone right now," Pluma stared at him. What? She mouthed, but she knew what Private meant.

She silently left the pingüino, pingüino de habitat and walked slowly to a small bush. She hide inside it and sobbed quietly. Then, a shadow made it's way toward her. What's wrong? It asked. Pluma looked up. "Oh, hey, Shadow," Pluma looked down again. "It's nothing," Shadow knew better. "Please, just tell me," She begged. Pluma sighed. "Sk-skipper is d-da-d-date-" Pluma sniffed and wiped away a tear. Skipper is dating someone else? Shadow guessed. Pluma nodded.

Suddenly, Shadow changed into a black rose. What's wrong, Shadow? Pluma asked though her mind. Look! Pluma looked and saw Marlene. Quickly, she slid the rose into her feathers. "Oh, hey, Marlene," She struggled to sound happy. Marlene saw right through it. "What's wrong?" She asked, forgetting about being jealous. "Skipper loves someone else now," Pluma answered.

Marlene felt her corazón quicken. Did Skipper amor her now? "Who does he amor now?" She asked eagerly. Pluma looked annoyed at Marlene's eagerness. "Not you," She snapped, sounding pleased that is wasn't Marlene," Marlene looked disappointed, but she wiped it away. She patted Pluma's back.

"I'm sure he still likes you," She dicho reassuringly. Pluma traced a corazón on the ground with her flipper. "I don't think so, Skipper and Margaret are getting pretty serious," She retorted. "What's the likability he'll go back for me?"

Marlene thought for a while. "You know, anything is possible, even Skipper loving tu again," Pluma looked up and cracked a small smile. "You really think so?" She asked. Marlene smiled brightly. "ANYTHING is possible!" Pluma stood up. "Even Skipper seeing that he belongs with me?"

"Sure," Marlene answered, all jealousy and hate washed away. Pluma smiled and laughed. She hugged Marlene. "For some reason, that truly makes me feel better,even though it might not happen," Pluma cried happily. Suddenly, Marlene understood something, she didn't know what, but she understood.

"We could be friends," Marlene suggested. Pluma nodded and laughed. "Of course,"
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Standing Tall

Whoa, sorry for the late updating. I’m not so good at this fan fiction stuff; I’ll try to do better siguiente time. Anyway, this is the final chapter. Not as action packed as the last one, but this is más of a sad, conversation-like chapter. There’s also a lot of medical stuff, but I’m not a doctor nor am I as smart as Kowalski, so there might be some faulty information. Well, it’s probably más realistic than most of the stuff in the show! Enjoy, and thank tu for lectura There is a Reason. I had a lot of fun with it.

The siguiente few minutos were a blur for Skipper. He remembered...
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Skipper yawned and stirred his coffee with his fish. Kowalski was preforming electrical tests on Rico, to see if an idea can really be zapped into someone's mind. Private was dusting in the corner. A typical día at the zoo.

P!nk's voice shook the air from the radio. Skipper went from sleepy to ready. "ALL HANDS!!! INTRUDER ALERT!" He shouted. All penguins dropped what they were doing ,though Kowalski was a little reluctant to stop a science experiment.

The Penguins were ready for action as they stood in fighting form. Skipper narrowed his...
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Chapter One: The Price of Love

Before I begin, I need to offer some explanation for my title. fan fiction, por definition, is a story that stars the characters from the book/movie/TV mostrar etc. without using any plots from it. This story is no exception. But tu can’t just read through my story like many other (often wonderful) fan fictions: tu need to think.
This is the mind frame tu should be in while lectura this fan fiction: There is a reason. There is a reason why Rico regurgitates weapons and tools. There is a reason why he speaks very little and has a large scar on his beak. There...
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~ it needs 2 to amor ~

This is a story about friendship and love.
How would emotions change the penguin's life? Can the corazón be stronger than the psyche?

This here's the story.

Surprise, Surprise.

Marlene was enjoying herself in her bright pool, canto loudly and swimming a few rounds, as suddenly an animal landed with a big splash in the water.
Marlene got frightened, she quickly turned to the animal who couldn't swim.
''Hold on!'', she shouted and swam as fast as an arrow to save the poor animal. It was a rendeer.

She carried it in her habitat and as she looked at the rendeer's face, she smiled...
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I had SOO much fun escritura this chapter! I hope tu have just as much fun lectura it! comentario please!!!!


"Ugh," Kowalski instictively stretched out, before realizing he was no longer in a crate. He lay on a cold powdery substance. Snow? Kowalski put some in his mouth, then spit it out. It was Fake.

Standing up, he brushed of the flakes and looked around.
There was fake ice and snow covering the landscape,
with stone slabs set out in an area of salt water. If the snow wasn't real then...was this a habitat? Kowalski searched the perimeter for his mate,...
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Chapter 9

Rico opened his eye a little and peeked. He then saw a pair of red eyes glaring down into his blue eyes. They turned round and round until it couldn’t find Rico, and then the red blurred out. Rico turned back to see Dru, who was looking at the files delivered por Richard.

“Huh…The North California Zoo.” She chuckled suspiciously. She then turned to Rico and spread the files on the table. It was one perfectly sealed letter coming from the North California Zoo. She ripped the edges slowly and out she popped a letter. Dru read it out loud. “You are invited to my wedding.”...
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    Skipper was lectura the paper and using the bathroom. His eyes were irritated and red from crying that he had shielded from the team, especially Private. He had just been on a fecha with Marlene and he’d found out that she was cheating. She was meeting a guy in a back alley. He’d seen her sneak off when he gone under the pescado bowl and took a glance back and decided to follow her and see what she was doing. She had crept through the sewers and come up in a back alley and met with another nutria and she had been talking for a while...
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The penguins (minus Kowalski, obviously) had just finished the oh so dramatic mission of rescuing a young stray cat from a árbol and were heading back to their habitat. Having finally gotten over Kowalski’s departure from the team, Skipper was now attempting to get used to the fact that he needed to call on Private for options and kept calling out Kowalski’s name por accident. Unfortunantly for the team, Private was not at all used to his new post and had come up with some truly ridiculous options when asked to make them up on the spot, including making Rico throw up everything in his stomach...
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When all the penguins got in the penguins HQ and repar war pingüino, pingüino de he decided to tell them his story when he was in Blowhole ship.When he started his story a flashback came up."I was in Blowhole ship as one of the repareman and when the engen was damage I started at the back of the engen but when I came to the back I saw a lever.Then I pull the lever and a secret door open up.I whent in and when I reach the other side I put my head out and I saw Dr.Blowhole Iput my head in the hallway and I heard him saying that he need to make a machine that can controll the weather I ran back to the engen...
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The siguiente día all of the pingüino, pingüino de is awake inside the zoo hostpitle without the other pingüino, pingüino de and private."Private whare are we?"asked skipper.Koalski replyed " We are at the zoo hospitle."Then skipper freak out and start to look for Rico for some tools to breake the locked window.Back at the flamingos habitat private and the other pingüino, pingüino de woke up and started to leve whent to the penguins HQ.While they are geting to their HQ they get to know each other."I'm Private and my faverate dulces is butterscott winkys." "I'm fun123fun and I have a bow and arrow for a wepon."When they reach the penguins...
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Hello penguins I am war pingüino, pingüino de and I have a lightsaber and I can ues the force.I have some very funny thing I whant to mostrar tu but I want a puple lightsaber but my sister fun123fun make my lightsaber. HI!!!!!! that was my sister. any way i wanted to go here becuse she told me all the stories uyou make and the people so i will enjoy being here!

P.S. tanks fun123fun (my sister like i said) for drawing my icon!!!!!

fun123fun: mwhahah i took his aritcle! mwahahaha ok yes he is my brother (im not so happy with that -_-) the thing he wants to mostrar tu later he thought it was relly funny HE WAS LAGHUING HIS HEAD OFF and he was laugphing when school started.
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Hello wonderfuly misceláneo PoM fans i have some good news about A new start-I have come up for a name of the person who is escritura the story, i cant reveal her name but she is one of my OC's along wiv my other OC's:Lily, Twitter and Seattle (Seattle is on fanfic in one of my stories).
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
A new start chapter 6

I didnt know why he did this but Skipper decided to make up a squad, one por one we joined ~ i joined first! and became segundo in charge ~, Skipper dicho we had to do some training, we started doing some basic moves simple stuff, i was quite good...
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