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Doris please read this!!Anyone can read it too

The scientist's amor has departed
As both of our worlds go by
Every single nanosecond
I think of tu día and night
In my corazón there is no that is second
You'll always be the manzana, apple of my eye

I'll buscar the world
Near and far then high and low
My amor will show
Just to hold tu gently
Don't want to let tu go

I need a moment in my life
To be with you, I'll be true
Without realizing our isolation
With amor and Science
I am deeply torn por desperation

In every experimentation
You're an inspiration
Besides the problems and life collisions
Like Skipper dicho " You're a distraction"
Now we're inter-vented
And separated for good
Up to now my amor has departed
But.. Still "I'm screwed"

We're like fragments that were split
o gas molecules, so far away
Now, I'm broken in tiny bits
But deep inside my heart
Your loving silhouette will stay
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So, what would it be like for the actual Penguins of Madagascar characters to registrarse fanpop? LOL, this is gonna be interesting. I tried to get it as close as I could to the format of an actual perfil page. Please comentario and give feedback! I promise future ones will be funnier. I'm just giving basic profiles for now, later ones will involve más muro posts and such. :D


My Lema is classified. So is everything else about me, so don't ask.

Gender: Male, 31 years old
Country: Classified.
Websites: Why would I need any???
Favorite TV Show: Shirtless Ninja Action Theater...
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posted by peacebaby7
Author's Note: The following are short little short stories—or skits—that I've come up with. They're just small ideas that I've had in my head but don't know what to do with. I hope tu enjoy them and I hope I succeed in making tu laugh. Any título with a Roman numeral in brackets siguiente to it has an skit note associated with it, which will be displayed at the end of the article. I hope to do más things like this in the future.

1) Cloning Crisis [1]

    During a quiet morning, the penguins were in the HQ relaxing. Skipper had just brewed a cup of coffee and added his choice...
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posted by spmana123
it had been three hours since we last saw blowhole inside that small room with rico,and all we were doing was how to get into his lair without him noticing us.

skipper:c,mon, men, we need to think of something to save him?! i dont think rico can take much más of this.

kowalski:i have an idea skipper, but it could be risky.

skipper:im willing to do anything to save him, even sacrifice my own life for him.

kowalski:alright then, heres the plan, i just made this machine called the inviashield.

skipper:sounds good, what does it do?

kowalski: well what it does is when tu put the device on, tu push...
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posted by peacebaby7
"Roy...this isn't what it-"

"What do tu think you're doing?! You're sick!"

"No! Roy! I-I didn't do this! tu have to believe me!"

"How can I believe tu when your standing before me covered in blood!?"

"Roy, if I were you, I wouldn't believe me either, but I did not do this.-"

Leonard stopped abruptly when he saw Alice coming into Roy's habitat. "What in the world?!" She exclaimed at the sight of Leonard's bloodstained body and the small pile of bloodstained bones behind him. Leonard didn't know where to go o what to do. There was certainly no way he could convince Alice that he was innocent,...
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posted by Rico4ever16
Pripper – Chapter 1
Writer’s note: This scene takes place after Skipper tells Private his feelings (humanized), and yes, this is a Pripper fic, so if tu don’t like the couple, then please don’t read this just so tu can post mean comentarios about this couple, it would be like us Pripper fans going to a pic about Skilene, o Marski, o Koju and calling it lame, o stupid!(which they’re not.) So, I hope tu like it! :P

“Heart beats fast, colores and promises, how to be brave, how can I amor when I’m afraid, to fall, but watching tu stand alone, all of my doubt, suddenly goes away...
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Chapter 13: The unknown
Before they left for the great Ga’Hoole tree, Pat had something to say. “Alright, I try to short and sweet. It all started about 10 years ago, and I was searching for my long lost brother.” “Ramon, where are you?” “So what you’re saying is…” Mumble didn’t have time to finish his thought. “You and I are brothers! But how?” “You left a season before I was born, and our parents told me all about you. It took me ten years to find tu and tu are my brother!” “Okay, everybody, I know this is a practical joke, so stop teasing me.” “Ramon,...
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posted by stlouisfan

Skipper was the first one awake the very siguiente morning; followed shortly por Rico and Kowalski. Skipper walked over to his coffee urn and began brewing some coffee.

"Well boys, what's on the agenda today?" Skipper asked as the coffee urn began gurgling.

Kowalski was about to answer when he noticed that Private's bunk was empty.

"Ummm... Skipper it appears that Private isn't here," Kowalski dicho as pointed at Private's bunk.

Skipper looked over and let out a little growl.

"Seriously? What is going on with Private? I don't mind it if it's for the guests, but if it gets in the way of our training...
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Later that night, Private snuck out once again. Private knew it would be risky with the other wolf, but he had to see Skipper.

Private was about to leave the H.Q. when Kowalski noticed it and grasped Private's flipper.
K: "Where do tu think you're going?"
P: "Um, to see Skipper..."
K: "Private, how many times do I have to tell tu that Skipper's gone. You're going to get yourself killed if tu go out there!"
Tears drizzled down Kowalski's cheeks.
P: "If tu don't believe me. I'll proove it to you! Come with me!"
K: "Come on, Rico!"
They waddled out to the park at the area that divided the park from...
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posted by JayJay12
At the penguins' HQ...
King Julien:Hey,beautiful!
Cream:*rolls her eyes*Hey
Kowalski:What is it,Julien?
Rico:Rrrr...*coughs up his flame-thrower*
Private:Calm down,Rico
Rico:Okay*puts away weapon*
King Julien:I just wanted to see Cream,really
Skipper:Just don't bother her,Ringtail
Cream:Don't worry,Skipper.I'll be fine
Skipper:Well,if tu say so *acts of lovey-dovey*
Cream:Tee-hee *acts lovey-dovey*
*Julien leaves*
Cream:Well,I have a meeting with Buck Rockgut.
See tu guys later!
Kowalski:See tu later,Cream
*room becomes silent*
Kowalski:...So you...
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Skipper felt a pounding in his head, he felt the heat attracting every bit of moisture he still had. He opened his eyes, the daylight stung, he was to sore to bother to keep them open. He felt a jerk, he realised, as he slowly opened one eye, that Starlite was carrying him on her back, she had a scarf around her beak and he had a hat on (his cowboy one). She was dusty, her feathers were messed and she was full of bumps, bruises and scratches, her eyes were red. There were traces that she had been crying. But she kept looking forward, as if she had her eyes fixed on a diamond. Skipper moved...
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When the penguins reached the H.Q. no one could sleep o even have conversation. Something changed the youngest pingüino, pingüino de that night. Like a flame of fury and rage burning in his heart. Private yourned for one thing almost más than anything else. Revenge. Like in the story.
P: "Kowalski, I'm going to get revenge on that wolf!"
R: "Yeah!"
K: "No, revenge won't bring Skipper back! It's just más violence."
Their words cut through the silent air like a blunt blade.

The siguiente día passed with their last real discussion the one the evening before about gettin revenge. It was midnight when Rico, the last...
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"(Snore...Snore...) OW!!!" Starlite yelled, something had hit her head while she was sleeping. She rubbed her eyes and then opened them. Her beak dropped. It was a oasis, the césped, hierba was go green tu would say it was plastic, palm trees and frutas trees surrounded a crystal-clear river, the river was fed por a beautiful waterfall. If tu could call it that, the waterfall was only a metre high. "Am i in heaven?" She whispered as she looked at the pescado swimming in the crystal water. "No, because tu don't belong there." She heard a familiar voice say, Skipper came swooping in via a vine, he was dripping....
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