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Ok I will really try to keep my mistakes down. I read my third chapter and I found tons of mistakes. I am so sorry about that. I will try harder to keep them down. Sorry sorry sorry. Time for the story!!!

Katniss and I looked at Haymitch. We both had a smile on our faces. We watched Haymitch try to get up but he kept slipping. It was pretty funny. But Effie has a point. He is our life line in the arena. Katniss looked at me. It was nice to see her smile. We picked Haymitch up, out of his mess and I guess tu could say dragged...
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posted by LifesGoodx3
Peeta is my favorito! character from The Hunger Games, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves him so much. In this articulo I'm going to explain why I like Peeta so much.

There are so many great traits that Peeta has, but I'll start with how he is so selfless. In the libros tu can even see that he is selfless long before we get to know him well. We hear the story that when he was 11, he threw Katniss the burnt bread. His mother beat him for it, but he knew Katniss was suffering, so he burnt the pan de molde, pan on purpose. Not many people at age 11 would be so selfless. But that's not the only time...
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Ok here is the story!!!!!!! Hope tu enjoy!!!!!!!

Don't resist, don't resist. My main is stylest Portia. My prep team that's working on me now is Kitty, Marco and Sparks. Kitty, a girl, wares a lima, cal green wig and suite, she had a light rosado, rosa colored skin. Marco and sparks are mails. Marco had dark skin and ware a oro suit. Sparks ware a suit with lights of all colors. These people are nuts! What is with these people? There accents were all most British like. I don't know how to explain it.

"All most done, now. So happy you're...
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This is all in Peetas point of view!! Hope tu like and this belongs to Suzanne Collins.
No. This cant be right! Out of the thousands of names, it just had to be Primrose Everdeen. Why? Then Katniss volunteers. The odds are not in my favor.

"Well, a volunteer! Oh how exciting! Come up here dear." Effie says and prim was yelling Katniss's name. Gale took Prim away off Katniss.

"What's your name, deary?" Effie asks

"Katniss Everdeen."

"I bet my buttons that was your sister, wasn't it?" Effie asks

"Yes." Her expression was hard as stone....
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posted by meredog
Ok so this is just Peetas point of view in the Hunger Games. Hope tu like.

I hate this day. They think its a good day, well there wrong. The Capital always thinks its a good day. There not the ones who have to participate. Its Reaping Day. I know they do this just to remind us who's boss. But one day, someone is going to have to stand up, someday someone it going to have to say enough. If my name is reaped today, that's exactly what I am going to do. Even of it will get me killed. I had enough of the Capitols games, just enough. Ive seen my...
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Written por Simon Beaufoy

Based on the novel por Suzanne Collins

segundo Draft, May 12th, 2012

We focus onto what appears an abandoned battle field.

Streets are littered with broken glass shatters, turned over
dumpsters, trash and other debris of buildings. The aftermath
of a riot.



Even inside, the rioters have done their job. The destroyed
room is framed por smashed in windows, words and other
graffiti soak in on the walls. Small flames of fuego arise
from different areas.

The beginnings of an Uprising.

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Again this belongs to Suzanne Collins!!!!!!!!

Peacekeepers march us into the Justice Building after the anthem is done. I was still shocked. Katniss. I have to keep her alive in the games. How? Maybe Haymitch could help if he ever soders up. Ill make him some how. How am I suppose to keep Katniss alive if I'm not good at this kind of stuff? Ill find a way. I wouldn't be able to stand it if she dies. I amor her.

The peacekeepers put Katniss and I in different rooms. This was the time when friends and family say goodbye. My room was...
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posted by 4everloveer
From being the boy with the pan de molde, pan to an extreme lover, Peeta has his taste of acting. At age 5 he saw the amor of his dream Katniss. He swore that would be the amor of his life and the woman he would marry. Little did he known that he would have to meet up with her again, but in a sad way. This time it was the Reaping. Peeta says that he loves Katniss on an broadcast with Claudius in the Capitol. This is the beginning for a romance story. From this point on, the story becomes dramatic, but also very sad and depressing.

When they go into the Arena for the Games, they already know that there can...
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