park shin hye AS A fan OF PARK SHIN HYE.

looeyalonzo posted on Apr 10, 2013 at 04:37AM
Hi Everyone!

We, as Shin Hye`s fans, are here to support her. That`s our role in Shin Hye`s life and career. I read so many articles telling about her love life. Most of them saying who`s best for Shin Hye. All I can say is, "WE DON`T KNOW WHO`S BEST FOR HER. WHETHER IT IS SUKKIE OR YONG HWA OR WHOEVER IT MAY BE."

We don`t know what`s happening to her offcam. Or maybe some of us knows but not really. We really don`t` know them. But as a fan, we have faith that they`re good persons. Let`s not make any issues that can cause any fan fights.

Let`s focus on supporting Park Shin Hye.

All we can do is SUPPORT!



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hace más de un año Hyori143 said…
i like your forum. This is really helpful for those people who hates park shin hye
hace más de un año looeyalonzo said…
Thank You! :)))