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This is dedicated to one person. Song totally fits :D
Minato - God of Sun.

Shikaku - God of intelligence, smartness and brilliancy.

Shikamaru - God of wisdom, strategy and passionate sex.

Kiba - God of wildness and hot animal sex.

Naruto - God of light, will of fire, determination and loving sex.

Itachi - God of pride and brotherhood.

Neji - God of peace and calmness.

Asuma and kakashi - Gods of war.

Sasuke – God of swords, fuego and lightning.

Jiraya – God of frogs, perverts and drinks.

Gaara – God of killing and sand.

Kushina - Goddess of love, motherhood, women, hyperactivity and Mother Earth.

Yoshino - Goddess of strictness, home...
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The lista of characters we would be :D. I didn't need Evil's help for explaining this time xD. But she did help me to pick who is who.

1. Naruto
Fair – Tsunade, Godaime Hokage
Evil – Temari
Hina – Hinata
Shel – Tenten
Aya – Sakura
Nara – Anko
mermelada – Itachi
Sudh - *Pick one and tell me who tu want to be*

2. disney Princesses
Fair – Ariel
Evil – Cinderella
Hina – Aurora
Shel – Snowwhite
Aya – Jasmine
Nara – Pocahontas
mermelada – Belle
Sudh – Mulan

3. disney – none princesses
Fair – Peter Pan
Evil – Robin Hood
Hina – Lady
Shel – Dutch
Aya – Perdita
Nara – Simba
mermelada – Bambi
Sudh – Mowgli
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Hi, there is a lot of things about love.

Love isn't just like "oh wow! he's cute! I'll get married with him! hahahaha"



Usally amor is really hard to find.

As tu can see a lot of Girls breaking up with there Boyfriends o the Boy,ya tu know. Well yeah, it really hurts when they brake up with you, because they use to care about tu and loved tu so much but now that is all torn off. It feels awful. tu don't want that to happen to you, do you?

Well just to make sure you'll be smart and never feel that way-

#1- Always look for a guy, that is so kind to tu and will always see...
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 Asuka- Kinaru's Friend
Asuka- Kinaru's Friend
Glad tu guys liked the other one. I thought I was gonna get the same comments. “You need to change that.” And tu guys go blah dabi blah. But this one was different comments. I’m glad. Well anyways I will do the story about us but when I finish this story I will do it. tu see aw! Never mind I’ll tell tu in the siguiente chapter o in the ending.

Part 2
Training was done and she was getting better and better. She got a drink of water and rest for a bit. Somehow the shadow came again. It was sitting on the mesa, tabla and watching her rest. She got off of the mesa, tabla and wanted to meet Kinaru....
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This is a story of my own. I’m not going to make it when I grown up but hope tu will like it o amor it. amor your friend Shelly.
This Story only contains 2 o 3 parts
Once on a Village named Dawn Life there was a girl who had many goals to help people. The first one was to save the world forests. That was the one that she wanted. Her name was Kinaru Mishima.

She was the granddaughter of the Legendary Karate. Her grandpa was ill and hurt badly from a battle. In the hospital they say that he might die o stay ill. So she had a choice. She needed to reach her goal and save...
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