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 Please excuse me while I laugh at this...
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Zayn breathed in,"I'm sorry. Mona,you know I'd never hurt tu like this. I'm sober now. Please,forgive me."

I nodded,"Okay,I believe you"

"LET'S GET GOING!!" Liam screamed upstairs

The boys wanted to go to Hollister. Well...Louis,Zayn,and I wanted to go. It's funny. Harry was doing his weird pouting. Haha. Just because he didn't want to go. That lazy bum. I hopped downstairs as Zayn followed me,trying not to get in my way of hopping. I was literally hopping. Hehe. I'm weird at times.

"Let's go to the beach" Louis sang

"We're going to the beach?"Harry sat up from his slouch

I raised my eyebrows,"Babe,I'm...
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