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once upon a time
I'm sure many people know I ship CaptainSwan, but I will try to keep this articulo as unbiased as possible and will enter a mental neutral zone.

It's unfortunate, but I see a lot of negative encounters between SwanFire shippers and CaptainSwan shippers. más negative than positive, too. Can this be changed? I think so. How? Respect.

But to clarify on what's respectful and what's disrespectful, here are some examples:


"I think Neal and Emma would make a good couple because they have similar backgrounds and they've been through a lot."

"I don't think Emma and Neal would make a good couple...
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So I've done a girls one, so I think I should do a guys' one now :)

5. John Darling/Billy (Tied)
I think they are both really underrated in the sexiness department and character. I know they were only in a few episodes but OMFG! Hot stuff! As soon as I saw John sitting on his car bonnet staring off into the distance my jaw just dropped. And Billy was the same for me :D He would've been perfect for Ruby if "he who shall not be named" didn't kill him.

4. Jefferson
This guy not only has swag and humour but he's also really sexy! I mean, c'mon guys! Just look at him! His smile is the best part of...
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once upon a time
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